Bullet Points

* Politico reports – Politico published a piece early Thursday morning, admitting the fact that Democrats are potentially headed for a “November wipeout” come the midterm elections, and highlighted how much money liberals are willing to spend to mitigate the potential red wave on the horizon — which is seemingly headed straight for them.

* Plague Vaxes are troubling – The documents contain test results of reproductive toxicology tests conducted on rodents. The test results confirm Moderna’s gene-editing shots cause skeletal disfigurement in the offspring of rats that were injected with doses of mRNA-1273 or Spikevax mRNA.

* “It is hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions than by putting those decisions in the hands of people who pay no price for being wrong.” — Thomas Sowell

* Bankers & Domestic Terrorists – Perhaps ABA has spent too much time reading the FBI’s leaked  ‘domestic terrorism symbols guide’ on ‘militia violent extremists.’

* Activists in southern France have filled golf course holes with cement to protest against the exemption of golf greens from water bans amid the country’s severe drought. The group targeted sites near the city of Toulouse, calling golf the “leisure industry of the most privileged”. The exemption of golf greens has sparked controversy as 100 French villages are short of drinking water.

Golf officials say greens would die in three days without water.


Russian Radar Sites – taking a beating

The Pentagon has now confirmed sending AGM-88 missiles to Ukraine and that they have been integrated onto the country’s MiG-29s.


Books about Clandestine Services

Blowing My Cover: My Life as a CIA Spy,  Lindsay Moran

A well-written first-person account of a lady who joined the outfit went through training and served as an inside officer.

The Human Factor: Inside the CIA’s Dysfunctional Intelligence Culture, Ishmael Jones

A well-written first-person account of a man who joined the outfit went through training and served as an outside officer (NOC).

The Volunteer: The Incredible True Story. of an Israeli Spy on the Trail of International Terrorists, Michael Ross

When Michael Ross decided to go backpacking across Europe, he had no inkling that his vacation would lead to a life tracking down the world’s most dangerous terrorists. In Israel, out of money and alone, Ross began working on a Kibbutz—and fell in love with both the country and an Israeli woman. After converting to Judaism, Ross was recruited by the country’s secret service—the Mossad.


Each of these accounts gives interesting insights. They tell their story honestly and candidly.



The Old Corps

Sergeant Major Dan Daly was one of two US Marines to receive the Medal of Honor twice. It would have been a third time, but it was stopped due to it being deemed unacceptable for one man to receive the Medal of Honor three times.

Daly earned his first Medal of Honor after he single-handedly defended the US Embassy during the Boxer Rebellion. One night while completely alone, he manned a squad machine gun to hold off a force of invading Boxers. The next morning Daly was found alive with 200 enemy combatants dead around him.

His second Medal of Honor was given to him during the occupation of Haiti. His group of about 40 Marines was ambushed by 400 Haitian rebels. While pushing the enemy back so they could set up a defensive position, the Marines lost one of their machine guns in a river. That night, Dan Daly left his position and dove into the river to retrieve the lost machine gun. Once the gun was up and operational the Marines were able to successfully put down the Haitians that ambushed them.

The third almost Medal of Honor came during the famous battle of Belleau Wood. The Marines laid flat under German gunfire, waiting for the moment when they could advance into the woods. Their only concealment was a wheat field which was only about waist high. The second there was a break in the enemy fire, Dan Daly jumped up, exposed himself to the enemy fire, and personally led the charge screaming, “Come on, you sons of bitches. Do you want to live forever?” 


  1. I find it quite concerning there’s now talk the RNA tech will be used in all the seasonal flu vaccines, given how poorly understood the technology is. With what’s been coming out that was known before they were released, I don’t want that crap anywhere near me.

  2. Your post from 7+ years ago popped up “For Hobbiest” It looked so good I went to look further and the “hobby drone aircraft” had flown away

  3. There has been the of the dems holding the senate.
    I asked Dick Morris about that and he says we take it.
    Gretchen Whitmer should be toast, yet here in Michigan, I see activists deserting the R party and moving to the Brandenburg camp because they can’t abide Tudor having DeVos backing.
    as if DeVos is the evil enemy.
    What is with people?

    • Refer to the statement above the map of Pennsylvania to see how that might play out to enable the Dems to keep the senate.

      • It’s important that we return to in-person voting with a government-issued ID being necessary to receive a ballot. And if it comes to that, dipping the voter’s finger in fluorescing ink to mark the fact that they have voted so that they can’t do that twice. It would likely change the American landscape, which is precisely why the Swamp would oppose it.

        • “dipping the voter’s finger in fluorescing ink”

          It’s just like slavery all over again! JUST like it.
          Or it’s like tattooing prisoners. And we all know where that leads to. Is that what you want? Shame!

        • LL- Funny how most of the civilized world votes the way you state, except where fraud is desired to control outcomes. Okay “here”, but they scream for other other pointless elections elsewhere. PA is only one example of a fraud state machine in operation…and it’s always for the same party who never seem to find the inside of a jail cell regardless of obvious theft. Yet we’re the kooks for saying it out loud.

          • Everyone ridicules Mexico, but they have a very good way of controlling voting fraud. Everyone has a national identity card. At the bottom, it’s punched when you vote in person. If you don’t vote for four or five election cycles, they don’t renew your national identity card.

            National identity cards are difficult to obtain illegally. I know how, of course – or rather I know which Mexican Cartel people to go to for a genuine (but unlawful) card. You need the card to get a Mexican passport and to establish an identity in Mexico.

            My point here is that the voting must be done in person and the physical card must be punched.

  4. The Pennsylvania map is why I worry about the November elections.
    But since I and my one vote can only do what I can, I need to leave it in God’s hands and not worry.
    You all be safe and God bless.

  5. Concrete in the holes is the mildest form of protest. And the golf course people should take that gentle message to heart. Roundup is easily obtainable, and would be next. We won’t get into booby traps. (Though a cartoonish “bear trap” for wrists when one goes to retrieve the bill from the hole would be hilarious. Especially with a “boing!” sound effect. You could make it a toothless one with low force — again more symbolic than harmful.)

    Then there’s the DFENS approach.


    • That is one of my favorite scenes in all of moviedom. And it reflects my general attitude toward golfers. My favorite golfing experience shared here on this blog before, sometime, was at a course on the Colorado River. I joined some rough characters I worked with at the time for a bachelor party. I bought a bucket of range balls and a driver and I went out with the guys, who were genuinely interested in playing golf. The course marshall directed me to the driving range and I said that I was headed out to play a round. I asked him where the first tee was and what the course record was.

      I played the entire time by hitting balls with the driver at passing boats. When I ran out of range balls, I picked up balls that the people behind us (we were moving too slowly for them) hit. I teed up and fired them off at boats. The other golfers caught up with us and were smart enough not to act like the guy in Falling Down. They were respectful. The golf cart was essentially a bar on wheels.

      Great fun.

    • Some people have never been punched in the nose and it shows on the national level. Make nose punching great again.

  6. I’m still a Pureblood (no prince). NO WAY am I getting any jabs the government suggests/demands/ coerces. Any person trusting THEIR newfangled “science” – that we know is harmful to ones system or life – is being a fool. Imagine the lawsuits from all those who lost businesses, jobs, or loved ones now the truth is out? Yet who’s liable? No one…Big Pharma was given a ‘no liability under EUA” (still is) by the usual grifter suspects. Now masks are being outlawed because…robbery allows criminals to cover their faces. Self appointed ‘geniuses’ at the helm means we run into the rocks.

    Sowell- His comment also applies to Building Inspectors – no liability but you must trust their descisions. I was expanding/rebuilding an elevated deck built in a 90’s PUD subdivision (aka ‘neighborhood’). During demo discovered the ledger was ONLY ‘nailed’ to the pressboard lap siding & OSB sheathing, backed by a hollow I-joist (web unfilled) rim board. This deck had been hanging off the siding/OSB by 16p nails. Worse, no flashing, so the connection was rotted thru in places. Amazing it didn’t fail. Proper construction knew better…BUT IT PASSED inspection. Who’d be liable for the deck failure? The homeowner. When money buys laziness and ineptitude We The People pay the price.

    Concreting green holes- Yank the filled cup and cut a new one a few feet over, use the plug to fill the old hole. Ten minutes tops x 18 holes= 3 hrs. Back in business…and water those greens. The Brown-Out Bad Deal is at the root, no more green lawns or mowers or water use. Next it’ll be no TP allowed (Judge Dredd, 3 shells). All about controlling the little people.

    The Header Picture…imagine seeing that in your rear-view? Intimidatingly awesome! (which is the point)

  7. Turtle Mitch is attempting to single handedly mitigate, Mitchigate?, the tsunami headed toward the lefties. He is so obviously a huge part of the swamp problem in DC yet, there he is, top of the administration for the GOPe in the Senate.

  8. If the Republicans don’t win the election, they’ll win the war. Regardless of what politicians, bureaucrats, and media darlings think, the anger is beyond furious. One stolen election won’t allow another.

  9. LL- Might want to hold onto that case of The Fowch-Mengele Prayer Candles, they’ll likely become very valuable for the Christmas gift giving season by His loyal worshipers.

    • I might buy one of those Saint Fauci prayer candles to give as a white elephant gift at a Christmas gift exchange. Howls of laughter and people motivated to pass it on, right?

    • Though it’s not possible, I’d have paid good money to have watched PPV as Chesty Puller shoved a vax up Austin’s large ass.

      • Was on a conference call with a group of ‘career transition’ folks talking about job hunting and networking when some fool had to bring up the vaxx. Heard the ‘CDC prayer’ and one member talk about ‘science’, etc. I went along, all the time wondering how a pharmacist ever manages to get laid off, especially while being a POC.

  10. Cute trick with the header photo and title.

    November Wipeout….we can hope and pray. I wonder how bad the fraud will be.

    Never thought I’d see the day when a US missile got hung on a Russian warplane. Interesting times, indeed.

    So Pennsylvania got back a million three more than they sent out….Fraud? What fraud. Nothing to see here, move along….

    • Early episode of Firefly had one member pull a mini AA drone out of a pocket/belt carrier ?? and use it to down an incoming something-something targeting them.


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