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Russo-Ukrainian War

A new video of a UK-made Challenger 2 tank**, which was destroyed by Russia last week shows the exact moment when Kornet anti-tank missile struck the British tank. The UK has admitted to the loss of one among the 14 tanks sent to Ukraine and has indicated that London has no intention to replace the tank. All six Ukrainian servicemen operating the tank survived. The 9M133 Kornet is a Russian man-portable anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) intended for use against main battle tanks and entered service around 2000.

**The UK can’t afford to keep giving Challenger 2 tanks to Ukraine, it currently pays. £42 million per week for asylum seekers to stay in hotels in Old Blighty and that’s roughly the price of 9 tanks.

One of the problems with Russian armored doctrine, that of Ukraine, and the Turkish armor in use against the Syrian Kurds is that operating armor at the kinetic point of engagement without infantry support (including infantry that can dismount from AFVs) means that the anti-tank missiles get free shots, often close range shots at that armor.

Infantry often has little appetite for operating in this environment because there will be significant losses, but failure to do it means that you will lose tanks, no matter how good they are. The Russians demonstrated that early in the war with Ukraine when they sent their armored spearheads against Ukrainian ATGMs unsupported and lost the whole spearhead.

The Russian helicopter losses (their best rotor-aviation) were massive. Often rotor aviation can be used to support an armored thrust on the ground in much the same way as infantry might if the environment is tough because they can stand off, maneuver around, and strike the ATGM crews (think of the use of US Little Birds as well as Apaches). That doesn’t work when the MANPAD threat is high or in the case of Ukraine when they lack the rotors.


Bullet Points:

**. Jules asks whether or not fish have tongues.

** The war on education – As Adam Coleman opines at the NY Post this week, Portland is setting up its students to fail and succumbing to the soft bigotry of low expectations when it comes to minority students.

** If all you wield are government solutions, everything looks like a private-sector nail in desperate need of a hammering.

** Pedo Joe heading to bed – President Biden called for a nap during a rambling, 26-minute international press conference in Vietnam on Sunday that capped off his whirlwind trip to Asia.  “I tell you what, I don’t know about you, but I’m going to go to bed,” Biden, 80, joking during a riff in response to a question about why he hasn’t spoken to Chinese leader Xi Jinping. Somebody needs to increase the dosage on Pedo Joe’s meds.

** The movie goes like this: The biggest drug cartels in the world get together and buy up all the media and all the politicians and force all the people in the world to stay locked up in their homes, and people can only come out if they take the cartel’s drugs, and keep taking them, over and over…

** Global Digital IDs, managed by the UN? What a great idea! (When your sarcasm is on point but they think that you’re being serious.)



There are people who are willing to tolerate progressive beliefs in others, provided those beliefs are kept within limits, for example, limited to the political realm, not shoved down the throats of customers seeking to play a game or read a story.

Such people do exist. They are naive.

By its very nature, progressivism must transgress all norms. This includes the norm of not shoving your belief down my throat when not wanted. They will never stop corrupting stories and games, because they will never stop overstepping any boundaries or limits or rules of logic.

The whole point of their philosophy, its heart and core, is a deep hypocrisy devoted to rebellion against reality itself.

To them, a chain of logic is a chain to be broken.

All bounds of morality to them are walls to tear down. Do you think the bounds of courtesy, of social convention, or of consumer goodwill will halt their rage and strange hunger? Not a chance.


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Decivilizing America – The Death Spiral


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36 thoughts on “Crossing the Line

  1. (1) Mi-28, not sure which specific version.
    (2) IDK, I would have to research it. Pre-1920s are not really my forte.
    (3) Ibid.
    (4) Dornier Wal, probably an Admunsen polar machine.


  2. “[The UK] currently pays £42 million per week for asylum seekers to stay in hotels”

    The Commonwealth of Massachusetts is paying $45 million per month to house and otherwise care for “migrants”. Maura Healey, the gun-grabbing lesbian Harvard grad governor of Massachusetts, is asking private citizens to take in migrants in their own homes. Asking. For now. (When push comes to putsch, they’ll say it’s not a Third Amendment issue, because we won’t be forced to give quarter to MILITARY personnel. At least that’s how it will be argued.)

    I want to see how many homes in Brookline, Newton, Wellesley and their ilk (all very wealthy and lefty towns or cities full of loud mouthed and aggressive do-gooders) are voluntarily opened up to our New Americans.

    Well, if PDX is expecting the heavily melaninated to do worse academically than Ice People, at least it’s probably realistic. I don’t expect Chinamen to be winning the 100m dash nor strongman contests at international competitions either. Am I being anti-Sinotic? Or is that a logical extrapolation from masses of objective data?

    1. I think that moving an African immigrant family into EVERY HOME in Massachusetts is a splendid idea, including a few families into the spare bedrooms in the larger mansions.

      However, we saw the horror on Martha’s Vinyard when a few Mexicans arrived.

  3. Education: “Give me just one generation of youth, and I’ll transform the whole world.” ― Vladimir Lenin

    Nah, couldn’t be the agenda. Too late…when presented with a test [some of] the people bought a garage full of TP to combat a cold virus.

    Global ID’s- Will these IDs be required to vote here or is that still racist? Speaking of that, got an actual response by our county election czar regarding my suggestion to revert back to simple 1-Day in-person elections. Wants to discuss my points. Not holding my breath.

      1. The term has no meaning…which is part of the Left’s unintentional consequence of dumbing down everything they target.

        I alluded to sending an email to our County Election czar. Unbelievably got a response last night. Wants to chat. Sent her my cell. This ought to be interesting…will it be a foray into the world of excuses or will it be actual reason? We shall see.

  4. IDA
    1. Mi-28N
    2. Albatros EE / HE / FT Taube
    3. Albatros Militar-Doppeldecker
    4. Dornier J Wal N24

  5. UPDATE: As predicted, when the citizens get fed up with authorities ineptitude and take matters into their own hands results happen…after two weeks of non-capture, yesterday armed people went out in droves all day and night to flush this illegal murderer…just caught on a bridge in Phoenixville wearing an Eagles hoodie.

    Now let’s see what happens to him, it will tell us how the new lawfare model works…will the boys in sunglasses wisk him away or will local law enforcement maintain custody?

    1. Geez, spoke too soon…boots on the ground texting pictures showing the “all of a sudden” 30 or so military garbed boys surrounding him in a semi circle with the media taking pictures and them taking selfies.p, then loading him into the local police MRAP. Seriously? This guy looks nothing like the Ring cam picture from two days ago, clean-shaven short-haired little guy. This one is sporting dreads, taller, more fit looking. Now saying he was apprehended in an Equipment Dealers shed off Rte 100, not a bridge. Already morphing the story…local Fox news cover story saying it “was a lack of resources”. Unreal. They think we’re stupid.

      Cousins comment: “What an eff’g clown show.”

      The Keystone Cop and Shapiro in full whitewash spokesperson mode says he’s ok with the selfies as “they worked hard to keep the community safe”. Bums.

      What the ‘bleep’…are we being played by yet another distraction to keep the focus off The Brain Dead Oval Office Sitter?

      1. Update (assuming anyone cares)…seems it is the same guy. Funny how the stories are changing every hour, Ring cam picture was a bad tip, maybe (as my cynical self goes) someone wanting Instagram likes.

  6. Well, the UK can afford it because they just take it off us! And it’s a political play to make us look like the bulldog ally in the arena. In the meantime, everyone here suffers. Haha! It’s such fun. The interest rate has gone up 14 times and expected to go up again soon. I think the Bank of England have gone mad. This is supposed to help with our inflation which is not currently a home grown problem. We just have misery being piled upon misery. My mortgage has got from £500 a month to 2K and I’m about to start crowdfunding. Many are about to lose their homes. Those coming out of fixed deals are getting hammered. Our gas and electricity bills have tripled. And cucumbers have gone up at least 23%. I rather object to that when they’re basically water.

    Anyway, none of that matters when it comes to fish having tongues.

    1. Little different than here in the Colonies, Jules…designed to keep the citizenry in check and scrambling while the Bums in Charge run open loop then acting all merciful like they are God’s gift to humanity, when in fact, they are scum, some with really bad hair. Where’s the Iron Lady when you need her? Same place as Superman, and Reagan.

      Curious what The Greatest Living Englishman has to say, might need to check out his current column. Rebuilds a farm despite asinine British regulations that guarantee zero profit, builds a store and restaurant to help locals, to acclaim, only to have the few ninny’s complain and get him shut down. Special place behind the woodshed for them.

      Yeah, getting stupider by the day here and there…at some point the people will revolt. At least you have wolves at The Marmalade Farmette.

      1. The Greatest Living Englishman

        Clarkson? Still haven’t watched his series, other than “Top Gear”. Clarkson, May, and Hammond were stunningly good!

        1. You really need to watch his farm show. You’ll get a new hatred for politicians local and national. Yes, it’s in England, but you see the exact same thing here in the States.

          1. I’ve seen clips and outtakes where he rails on about the regulations, and the dim wits who enforce them. I’ll have to see how to get it here. Netflix, was it?

    2. Do chickens have lips, Jules?

      Jules, where’s that plucky English spirit that helped you defeat the Hun twice last century? I’m sure that if EVERYONE dug deep, you could house and feed a lot more refugees.

      As an aside, the sheriff here ran a van full of wetbacks/illegal aliens here on the mountain to ground (again), the aliens bailed out into the forest and the call went out to form a vigilance committee to assist law enforcement in finding them. It helped because it’s archery-deer season here and the camo army of bowhunters joined in the throng of alien stalkers. One illegal alien was skewered with an arrow when he was flushed and ran.

      I realize that in England it might not have happened quite like that, but in the course of an afternoon of hunting illegal aliens, they were rounded out and handed off to the sheriff.

      Being the “Sheriff of Nottingham” in the modern world must be very cool, though.

      1. PS – Vigilance Committees have a long history in Northern Arizona and at one point North American Aviation honored the practice by naming the A3J/A-5 aircraft the Vigilante. In rural areas without much law enforcement, the sheriff’s departments benefit from these force multipliers who show up with their own kit including advanced night vision, tracking dogs, “light armor” vehicles, and so forth. Please don’t call it a militia and don’t call it a mob. It’s not really even a posse because they’re not sworn in to uphold the law officially. They’re concerned citizens of the sort PaulM. Mentioned, who augment constituted authorities to restore order and bring the guilty to justice.

        1. In rural Colorado counties Sheriff Posses are the norm. Mainly those who can afford horses and nice uniforms for riding in parades, they do have limited police powers while operating under the Sheriff’s direction. Yes, I’m cynical.

          For real results, call the local volunteer search and rescue people.

      2. “ that plucky English spirit that helped you defeat the Hun twice”
        Or maybe the Anglo-SAXONS should have extended the hand of mercy and reconciliation to their cousins (the people, not the govt) after the first one, instead of being accessories in The Plan to humiliate and crush, both spiritually and materially, said Hun. But hey, as an American who am I to criticize? My nation is doing the same, only to other “enemies” who maybe did not need to be enemies.

        “ Many are about to lose their homes”
        @Jules: Be of good cheer. I’m sure the Brit equivalent of Black Rock (or maybe Black Rock itself) are poised to scoop up those homes for pence on the pound. I for one am grateful that wiser, kinder, and more enlightened persons than subhuman scum such myself will own everything. I will rent what I am allowed to, and be grateful for the opportunity to fulfill my divinely-ordained role by loyally serving my betters.

        1. You’ll own nothing and be happy. You’ll drink your Soylent Green until you become Soylent Green for others, and you’ll come to love Pedo Joe as he loves you.

    1. The good news is: the much maligned nuclear bomb is still preventing a general war in Europe, 75 year on.

      Probably a world record.


  7. “The whole point of their philosophy, its heart and core, is a deep hypocrisy devoted to rebellion against reality itself.”

    Excellent sermon. well said.

    They might want to consider nihilism = nothingism and its champion is Satan.

  8. Yes, fish have tongues. One particularly nasty parasitic isopod is known to lodge in a fishes mouth and eat and replace the tongue, a nasty lifestyle Used by. the villains in one of Charles Stross’ Laundry novels

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