14 thoughts on “Covering His Footprints

  1. I doubt if anything will happen because…..OBAMA!

    Anything at all would be WAAAAACIST!!!!

  2. If the Brits roll on Barack it may be racist, but most Americans prefer honorable fair play despite the freaks, crooks, and nere-do-wells that populate the corrupt, elite, smug, pugnacious, flithy mainstream media.

    There will be a measure to be paid and I think that it will demolish Barack's treasured "legacy" as the first half-black American president and may injure that $60 million book deal that he signed.

  3. I've noticed that the aggressively degenerate, venal mainstream media haven't been covering this important story. BUt they wouldn't, would they. They're too busy peddling fake news to the proles they despise.

  4. Nice dream. I would love to see obola get whatever punishment he deserves for his sins, but I don't think it will happen Just because he's black, he's got more teflon on his hide than Bill Clinton did and that makes him impervious to attack especially by our spineless GOP.

  5. I think many liberals prefer the people who can break the law and get away with the most.
    But I would love to see obama finally go to jail for something.

    It irritates me no end to listen to all the whiney liberals talk about President Trump should be impeached; when obama should have been impeached at least a half-dozen times over.

    And tried for treason!

    I hope the security people can find some of the people in the intelligence fields who are committing treason right now. Someone needs to go to jail.

  6. I doubt anything will happen. The Administration will accuse and Obama will deny and the world will believe Obama.

  7. MSNBC released President Trump's 2005 tax return (in violation of law) that shows he paid $35 million in taxes – and really nothing else – in the hopes of shouting down the story out of the UK. The tax return story has no legs. The UK spying connection does and now the Congress has a tiger by the tail…hold on or let go?

  8. It's who he is – how he was raised – and the cows look like they're ready to come home.

  9. People need to go to prison. Treason is a capital case. I wouldn't shed tears if they stood them up against a pockmarked wall and shot them. But I think that they're required to be hung.

  10. We'll see. I'm not sure how all of this will fall out. It depends. What if the Dems in the legislature sign off on a report confirming this?

  11. This still had to be documented. This was an orchestrated effort between two governments; electronic communications most likely was used as trans-Atlantic carrier pigeons are extinct … unless they're smart enough to have used couriers. Even then someone knows what happened and has the goods.

  12. Somebody knows. Follow the bread crumbs. Hold people accountable with evidence. Teach a lesson.

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