Coming down to the wire!

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The mid-term elections are close, the predictions for Democrats are dire, and the political claims being thrown out by the ‘party of transparency’ are tantamount to asking the Republicans if they’ve stopped beating their wives yet. Rhetoric designed to distort and obfuscate is not new in America and it’s dejure in politics, but it’s getting nasty.
Democratic candidates, loath to identify themselves with Zero are paying the Clinton Machine to swing through town, blurt out epithets and unbridled support for the one paying for it and then the Machine moves on to the next whistle stop.
Politics as usual? Yeah. Nothing is new here, or is it?
The Democrats being fed back their own socialist rants and votes for the past two years stings. BUT the mainstream Republicans – those who survived the primary process – are reassessing their positions and perhaps their futures in light of a large number of born-again conservatives who actually demand that they DO something.
Doing something according to the spontaneous wave of political action across the country means that politicians will be HELD ACCOUNTABLE by the electorate. What a concept? Can Washington DC survive?
The public demands:
  • No more un-funded legislation. If you can’t pay for it without raising taxes, you shouldn’t vote for it.
  • A repeal of ObamaCare and a revisitation of healthcare reform that doesn’t include socialized medicine.
  • A reduction in discretionary spending.
  • A responsible reduction in entitlement spending focused heavily on Medicaid/Medicare. And changes in Social Security that will keep the system solvent.
  • Support for America’s allies, wherever they are. Firm and unwavering opposition to our enemies – and the wisdom to decide who is who.
  • Closing America’s southern border with Mexico to illegal immigration/narcotics/human trafficking/organized crime, etc. And a guest worker program that makes sense. Elimination of the “anchor baby” program and deportation of Illegal aliens (if they’re not guest workers).

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  2. Held accountable? It's not the American way. Congress is the biggest house of prostitution on the planet.

  3. Libertarian Advocate – TC Shore wasn't me.

    WoFat – the only difference between hookers and legislators is that hookers usually do it laying down and legislators do it — in more positions.

  4. I'd make the reduction in discretionary spending language quite a bit stronger. Otherwise, Bravo!

  5. Good list.

    As far as election day, I'm thinking there are one hell of a lot of pissed off non-democrats that will turn out to vote.

    That's my prediction anyway.

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