Let’s face it,  the Communist Chinese aren’t protesting the political prisoners that are held by the US Government either.


Chinese Economics

China has become a lot less clear about its economy since Xi took power a decade ago.  The invasion of Siberia looks to be more of a necessity to PRC planners.


The World

Everything that people were citing as a possible end of American hegemony was walloped in 2022. China? In a property bubble quagmire; currently right on track to follow Japan into a Lost Decade. Russia? Is never going to recover– economically or reputationally– from the catastrophic Ukraine invasion; will barely even be a regional power, never mind global. Europe? Will take a decade to dig itself out of this energy hole. Cryptocurrency? Right-buy more worthless crypto, and let the Ponzi roll. The techno-future dominated by Silicon Valley companies — can’t do that much if they’re laying everybody off.


Black Pipes Matter


Bullet Points:

* It’s the duty of each and every one of you to lie to your local astrology enthusiast about your birthday so that they’ll start self-assuredly parsing your personality and behavior through whatever star sign you lied about. It’s dishonest work and we’ve all got to do it.

* The Air War in Ukraine – h/t Claudio – the Strategypage piece referenced gives a good general overview of the air war to date. The Russians have had air superiority for brief periods earlier in the war but don’t commit fixed-wing aircraft or rotors anymore because the attrition rate has been very high and they can’t replace the aircraft that are shot down (primarily because of a lack of IC chips). Drones are less expensive and can be purchased in bulk from places like Iran but they don’t provide air superiority and are largely artillery spotters. Now that Ukraine uses exceptionally accurate HIMARS and tube artillery (NATO) since their Soviet-made tubes are largely shot out, the drones have limited value. The Ukrainians can use satellite targeting in real-time thanks to support from their allies. Ukrainian air defense artillery is distributed and effective.

* Is Kevin McCarthy a Republican or a democrat? It’s difficult to tell, but he’s clearly a member of the uniparty and the administrative state that runs the nation.  The GOP doesn’t have an identity crisis, they’re doing what they are expected to do.

* Operation Mockingbird was an alleged large-scale program of the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) that began in the early years of the Cold War and manipulated domestic American news media organizations for propaganda purposes. According to author Deborah Davis, Operation Mockingbird recruited leading American journalists into a propaganda network and influenced the operations of front groups. CIA support of front groups was exposed when an April 1967 Ramparts article reported that the National Student Association received funding from the CIA. In 1975, Church Committee Congressional investigations revealed Agency connections with journalists and civic groups. But that was a long time ago. Everything is cool now, right?

* The FTX Tar Baby – Does anybody really think that there will be a free, fair, and transparent investigation? If you do I have some forestland carbon credits to trade you for Krugerrands.

* Q: “Why aren’t you going to Georgia to help Sen. Warnock?”BIDEN: “I’m going to Georgia today to help Sen. Warren! Not to Georgia, I’m gonna help Sen. Warren (unintelligible).”— RNC Research (@RNCResearch) December 2, 2022 Biden says he’s going to Georgia today, confuses Raphael Warnock with Elizabeth Warren, then trails off mumbling incoherently.


Yeah, it’s true.


  1. With FTX adding another brick to the ever growing pile of exposed Dem seditious activity, and Musk flanking them by broadcasting actual 1A interference, which will be worked hard to be ignored by the scumbag MSM, their wobbly wagon wheels are beginning to oscillate even worse than ever while they pronounce even more restrictions on peoples lives. Heck, Sloppy Joe thought he was going to Georgia for a coastal lobster dinner.

    I want them to crash and burn so badly they never recover, send them back to Satan for him to sort out..

    That last meme, while true, is nothing, I grew up in Philly where they boo’d Santa at the Eagles game. Heh

    • The MSM will prop up the old pedophile and the whore because that’s what their masters want them to do, irrespective of evidence/truth. So will the FBI/Secret Police.

      • Funny how The Daily Mail is one news shop we can trust more than our own…a major switcheroo where The Brits overshadow The Colonies own. Our MSM is so bought they are in the Short Bus league but think they are playing ball in The Show. Can’t wait for the crash-n-Burn to happen.

        • The difference there is that the British media are bought and paid for by the British establishment, and are this beholden only to those American establishment interests in line with the desires and directives of their own masters.
          Which frequently have little to do with the interests of the American establishment, and can change on a whim, depending on what the British establishment judges to be to their own benefit
          I wouldn’t trust them to report the weather in Dorchester, but they are more likely to report on American establishment perfidies as a result.

        • It’s been that way for at least 20 years. We get better news from The Daily Mail and other out-country sources. Brits get better news from our newsies.

  2. English (learning the language) has been de-emphasized in K-12 education in the PRC (well, in Beijing that I know of). The time “saved” has been re-allocated to President Xi Thought. No little red books though. At least not yet.

  3. “China has become a lot less clear about its economy since Xi took power a decade ago. The invasion of Siberia looks to be more of a necessity to PRC planners”.

    The Ukraine invasion has exposed the hollowness of the Russian military from decades of corruption. Might the same be true of the PLA? Just the logistics alone is an obstacle if your equipment isn’t up to the task. We’ve seen pictures of Chinese made tires on Russian military vehicles that come apart with use, as an example.

    Add to that the Siberians, not Russian, who are a tough and tenacious people. Think of the Finns when Russia invaded their country.

    Of course, China has an endless supply of bodies to throw into an invasion. Today those bodies are no longer ignorant illiterate farmers and laborers. They have access to information that may be beyond the total control of their government. They may decide not to participate, much like what is happening in Russia right now.

    Just my thoughts. You, and others like you, are far more tuned in to the situation.

    • Siberia is and has been Russia for a very long time, and the Siberian Army was the first into Ukraine. Right now there is a hollow holding force on the Russian-Chinese border. The question of how much the Russians could throw at the Chinese is an interesting question. Clearly, even if the Chinese Army = the Russian Army, the Russians will lose on the basis of numbers. The Russians have nuclear weapons. The Chinese can afford to lose 300 million people and be a viable nation. The total Russian population is 144 million. And so forth.

      • “Siberia is and has been Russia…”
        Siberia is also a source of unreasonably hot girls (hot/Siberia: yes yes, the irony does not escape me) who look more Scandinavian than anything else (except occasionally with a bit of “Altaic” eye shape difficult to reconcile with the eye color).

        Some years ago this girl from Novosibirsk popped up in my outpatient clinic. About 5’9”, much of it leg, 125 lbs, big blue eyes (NOT slanty) and pale blonde hair to mid back. Could have easily been the cousin of The Swedish Disaster. When I walked into the exam room and saw Siberian Girl I started to look around for a hidden camera (as in Candid Camera) because I thought I was being pranked. SG was wearing the usual patient gown up top, but retained her skintight jeans and thigh-high leather boots. “Do I need to take off my boots? I can do that if you want, but it’s going to take a few minutes. They’re pretty tight … I might need some help.”

        Arrgh! Now I was really looking for that camera. But no. That wasn’t flirtation at all. The TL;DR was that she’d been out with friends “oh you know, uh, having some drinks…” and had some palpitations which made her very worried. Exam was normal, EKG stone-cold normal. Because she was so distraught I ordered a Holter (24/48h record of heart rhythm, you perverts; NOT a skimpy top), advised her to moderate drinking and to “not do cocaine or other drugs”. And sent her on her way. Hilariously, as she made her way to check out, I saw several colleagues pop their heads out of their offices and gawk, like prairie dogs popping out of holes. Unprofessional to be sure, but you don’t often see model-quality girls (or boys) in Cardiology clinic (unless it’s models for a body-positivity catalog).

        Later I asked a Russian friend about this. “I thought Siberians would be built like Eskimos.” He burst out laughing. “Oh hell no! Lots of top models come from Siberia. Of course they all claim to be from Moscow, or maybe Saint Petersburg, because that’s where ‘cultured’ people come from. But hell no ‘like Eskimos’! Hahaha!”

        • Not that I would know – but – Yekaterinburg named after the Russian emperor Peter the Great’s wife, who after his death became Catherine I, Yekaterina, is ground zero for beautiful Russian women. They make their way to Moscow or St. Petersburg because that’s where the money is.

          The airlines of former Soviet Republics and Aeroflot are populated with world-class models working as flight attendants. If you fly first class, they give you a lot of attention because you MUST be rich…

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  4. It’s a very good thing that Mockingbird’s a thing of the past. But well done Elon for hanging out some dirty laundry, wonder how long that’ll be allowed to continue.

    Nice little pistol.

  5. I saw a video recently of two young hood denizens talking about all the birdshit on their cars. I couldn’t understand a single word they were saying. It was another language. Ghetto Ebonics I suppose.


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