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Sometimes funds are tight, times are hard, but you still want to get into the Christmas spirit.

Thoughts on 2020

The Donkeys are scrambling for a champion. Devil Patrick, newly minted entrant into the circus hosted an event and then canceled it when only two people showed up. He is said by his party to be the “New Obama,” possibly because he’s black. Obama was only half black and his dad was essentially a sperm donor, but it may be racist to mention that.
Bloomberg wasn’t invited to the Democrat debate, and neither was Devil. What’s going on? They invited Spartacus, polling at >1%. I think that they need to be the “big tent” that they tell everyone that they are and get them all up there on the stage. Meanwhile the Buttguy seems to be surging in Iowa. I have no idea what his appeal is. Maybe it’s because he’s white, but mentioning that may be racist. Harris is polling at #5 in California but she still made it to the debate. Maybe that’s because she’s an Indian and female, but it may be racist to discuss that. I liked Marianne Williamson not because she’s a witch, but because she’s entertaining. But the Donkey’s shut her down, which is sexist.
Bernie and Liz, the two communists, seem to lack a certain luster to the rich East Coast elites, who are waking up to the fact that the commies are proposing to tax them at 115%. Thus, Bloomberg, the “new Trump” and his appeal to people who are not living in fly-over country.

18 thoughts on “Checking In

  1. Don't forget Harris is black also. That is three pluses for her.

    The party of "We hate rich white people". What a laugh.

  2. Really enjoyed the photo at the top of the post. Donkeys, what would we do without them? I don't know, but I sure would like to find out.

    Thanks for the post.
    Paul L. Quandt

  3. Devil doesn't seem to be inspiring the young black voter. When he couldn't even get a handful of black youth to show up to his rally at an all black college in Atlanta, he must be thinking that he needs another game plan.

  4. She's 1/2 Indian, 1/4 white and 1/4 negro. I guess you could say that she's black, but is she black enough? She can't even get out of 5th place in California, where she is said to be beloved. And she doesn't like to share the stage with Gabbard, who has twice the guts that she has.

  5. Let's face it, the Donkey shenanigans make for interesting blogging. The current crop are like mutants in a SciFi drama. They're a parody of themselves. Bernie needs to take his shoe off and beat the podium the way that Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev did, though if he really wants to complete the whole image. (Would Che have worn a Bernie shirt?) Yes, they are dangerous among a population of lemmings, but I laugh at them when I see them on TV.

  6. Politics, and presidential politics specifically, involve candidates that look and sound good. Bloomberg has neither of those qualities; he looks like Yoda and sounds like the teacher in "Ferris Buehler's Day Off" croaking "…Buehler,…Buehler…Buehler…"

    He may be able to buy dumb New York City votes, but the rest of the country is not going to elect Yoda, no way, regardless of how many billions he spends on ads.

  7. The Dem's…How not to win friends and influence people. All a bunch of gambit ridden grifters.

    Why is Warren so angry? Every time this woman opens her mouth she's yelling about someone or some thing, or flat out lying. How to make oneself even less attractive.

    Mr. B.S. (aka "The Bern–it down") does nothing but foment class warfare like the good Socialist he is, pandering to the lazy and entitled while making large deposits into his bank account. No wonder The Crazy-Eyed Big-Mouthed Bartender likes the guy.

    Patrick…geez, talk about a do nothing…purely for entertainment value.

    And Bloomberg..well…what can one say about a person who thinks 32 oz soda's are a threat to humanity and the environment.

    It is obvious that Satan has the Dem's right where he wants them, thinking they are "all that and a bag of chips" while not seeing they are complete morons, heading towards the cliff while gleefully mashing the accelerator. (I include the Impeach players as well…I mean, come one, look at Schiff, what can you do with a mentally deranged seat-o-power liar like that?)

    By all accounts this is the best the Dem's can do, and none of them seem to get how idiotic they look. Good for us.

  8. He won't play well outside of New York, and he may not play well there, but he will spend money on his vanity project and maybe a few people will be better off for the work. (how's that for a glass-half-full approach?)

  9. Is there any such thing as a donkey with its act together? If they did, they likely wouldn't be a donkey.

    Republicans do some goofy stuff too – Mitt aka Pierre Delicto, as a trivial example.

  10. Kle, they claim to despise people who have money, but they're all millionaires. It goes with their desire to spend "other people's money".

  11. What a great Nativity set, Meth Shack style. And with you, I'd have thought Satan would've raised up a more compelling slate of candidates. Will he endow his namesake with infernal power? I don't see that happening, somehow.

  12. I think that Devil is a rather typical donkey from Mass. A bit more conservative than Warren, but no charisma to speak of. The pundits say that he's the second coming of Obama but Obama came and went.

    And don't meth addicts deserve to have a holiday season?

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