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War Hammers, Tomahawks, then and Now

A naval boarding ax stamped on 5″ blade “U.S., NYW, JT”. Made during the War of 1812.

The “NYW” denotes manufacture at the Navy Yard Washington.

“JT” stands for the inspector, Captain Joseph Tarbell (1780-1815), who inspected naval weapons at the Navy Yard during the War of 1812.

I carried an Eagle Talon made by RJM Forge. I still have it and keep it next to me on the desk next to where I write the blog. I also have a Kukri on the desk.

The RMJ tomahawks were inspired by 18th Century French and Indian War tomahawks, likely in the same way that the boarding ax above was.

Ötzi, also called the Iceman, is the natural mummy of a man who lived sometime between 3350 and 3105 BC, discovered in September 1991 in the Ötztal Alps. He was found to be carrying a copper-headed ax.


Movie Review – Prey

(Trailer) I’m enough of a fan of the Predator film franchise that I’ve watched them all.  And then they make one where an eighteen-year-old Commanche girl goes toe-to-toe with the Predator and kicks some Predator ass in the year 1719 with a French trading tomahawk. Apparently, the metal head had come off and she repaired it with the sinue from a bison. (keeping up with the ax theme).

Really?  How much does one need to suspend reality in science fiction?

Adding insult to injury, the budget didn’t support characters fighting CGI animals like bears, snakes, and wolves, none of which pass for the real thing.

Amber Midthunder (25) is not to blame. The acting is not to blame. It’s the same woke scripting that ultimately keeps people from the theater. It is a Disney, female empowerment, diversity conscious, low gun exposure, monster movie. With a predictable triumph of the little girl over the Predator. Given that, you can decide whether you want to spend your time watching the straight-to-streaming (used to be straight-to-video) release. It won’t be in the theater.

To further ensure authenticity and inclusivity, “Prey” will make history as the first film with a full dub in the Comanche language. That may appeal to you or maybe it won’t.  It’s just what the filmmakers did.


The exercises are scheduled to continue through the week. I’m sure that it will culminate with a grand finale of more missiles fired as near misses at Nationalist China by the communists.


Bullet Points

* I fully expect that the Brandon regime will arrest and incarcerate President Trump in the run-up to the 2024 elections in an effort to control the outcome. It’s simply what we’ve become as a nation and it’s disturbing, to say the least. (Gateway Pundit) Would they assassinate him? Is that beyond what they’re capable of – yeah, right. Bernard B. Kerik, 40th Police Commissioner of the New York City Police Department, and NY Times bestselling author would seem to agree with me. I think that could be true of any Republican candidate for President. They hate Trump, but they’d hate any candidate that opposed their rule just as much.

* Don’t take criticism from people who you would never go to for advice.

* China is in a financial bind. Many of its massive building projects are unoccupied because the buildings are not safe — too much sand in the concrete and bamboo rebar instead of steel. The people who paid deposits, and mortgages, have watched abandoned unsafe buildings that they paid for, for years. The banks froze buyers’ accounts. In other situations, purchasers see no actual building on the units they paid for, and stopped making mortgage payments. China may go into war, to divert attention from the Chinese Communist Party’s failure and so that Xi can save his job.


Slot Canyon in Arizona

Not the best place to stand when there is rain in the forecast – but cool all the same.


Black Guns Matter

Continuing the celebration of gun pride.

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  1. The Chinese real estate market was the only place that the lesser Chinese could invest their savings.
    And they did. The buildings were never intended to be occupied it seems.
    Just to vacuum savings accounts.

    1. The scam worked as intended. There was also a large private pension plan in PR China that took in somewhere around $5 billion in a ponzie that folded with CHICOM officials getting the money. You don’t hear about these things in the media here. The prime mover in these scams is the CCP, which means that those responsible won’t ever be held to account.

      1. Ayup. One way or another, the senior leadership of the CCP wins. Who owns the companies that scammed the people? Who owned the factories that provided the cement? The ‘rebar’? The banks and funds that lent the money?

        The senior leadership has been a giant ponzi scam since Mao was walking around avoiding the Imperial Japanese and the National Chinese.

        And… we can see the same thing happening here. “Too big to fail.” Barney Frank and his involvement with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and exactly how did he get so damned rich off of a government salary? And how do most of our elected asses come out far richer by doing less in a shorter timespan than most tech millionaires who, you know, actually had to work hard for their bank?

        1. Some of it is by exploitation at home but far more is by exploitation abroad. It’s been going on for a long time. Does anyone recall the United Fruit Company’s efforts in Central America? The Banana Wars – government intervention followed by corporate monopolies. It’s history.

    1. They can’t do much until we’re all disarmed.

      And every time something like the raid on Pres. Trump’s house happens, America buys firearms and millions of rounds of ammunition. ATF is now getting customer lists from holster makers in order to better track firearms owners.

      SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED – They took an oath to support and defend the Constitution and I think that the Bill of Rights wasn’t something that they took into account.

      1. Pestering holster companies for customer lists really sounds useless to me. Maybe for someplace selling them retail online, but aren’t most holsters sold wholesale to stores or resellers? It’s not like there’s a 4473 for them to illegally photograph.

        If you buy a holster from a guy with a table at the gun show, especially if you use cash, they can’t track a thing.

        I just can’t imagine there’s any useful information there.

        1. It will keep the more incompetent agents busy – make work. But the arrogance behind it is staggering.

        2. It’s useful to the GS-9 who gives her Antifaesque boyfriend a copy of the list so he and his buddies have a good idea whose house to case in hope of getting at the guns when the homeowners are gone. It’s apparently been happening off and on in Australia for a some time.

          1. There are areas where Antifa and BLM go and there are areas where they don’t go. If you live in an Antifa or BLM zone, best take precautions. I won’t say what, but claymore mines come to mind. Sure, it will make a mess of your house, but screw it. It will leave the woke in shreds of bloody sushi.

          2. If you can’t get your hands on any claymores of the explody kind (an actual claymore sword is only useful in open areas) maybe making some fougasses using those nice Mexican terracotta jugs you can buy at lawn centers (or some big old turkey frying pots) and some black powder, Estes rocket primers and some electric cable and a convenient Estes rocket launch control pad, a really nice vacuum sealer, old motor or cooking oil and some kerosene or gas or diesel, assorted leftover nails and screws and chunks of glass, and a thin wooden cover.

            “Hey, they’re on the NW section of lawn!” “Press 2! PRESS 2!!!” (BLAM-FWOOOOOOOSH) ( the sound of screaming and skin crisping…)

            Pure speculation, not an actual plan, of course, just word salading here Mr. Fibbie…

      2. “They can’t do much until we’re all disarmed.”
        I’m afraid of most gun owners being compliant when told to turn in their guns.
        At gunpoint.

        1. I reply: ‘To every man upon this earth
          Death cometh soon or late.
          And how can man die better
          Than facing fearful odds,
          For the ashes of his fathers,
          And the temples of his Gods’

          1. Imagine being sent on a mission to disarm me and meeting me with a smile on my face? There is that line from Gladiator – “death smiles at us all and the best that we can do is smile back.” I don’t court death but it is coming one day and who wants to die with their boots off?

            Imagine meeting a hundred thousand just like me?

            I expect that you might ask yourself how woke you really are and how much you love Old Joe and Ho.

          2. I like the meme that says:
            “When the ATF shows up to no-knock your ass because you haven’t turned in your AR15 and all they find is an 18 pound field gun loaded with forks, spoons, ball bearings and 5 lbs of gunpowder in a shed manned by somebody playing bagpipes with $20,000 worth of night vision on a $30 helmet and a Hawaiian shirt with no pants.”

            All I need now is an 18-lb field gun and to learn how to play the bagpipes.

          3. Claymore mines do in a pinch. You can download Scotland the Brave onto your ITunes playlist. Do you own a Hawaiian shirt?

          4. I have a couple of “Hawaiian style” shirts. One is inauthentically cotton and covered with cartoonish climbing gear (IIRC it’s a Black Diamond brand). The other is genuine rayon. Don’t wear either. Not my style, and I have no idea why I own two Hawaiian shirts.

            Personally I prefer the Uilleann pipes, but for this purpose the a’ phìob mhòr seems more appropriate. Lambeg drums would be a nice added touch, but great pipes and lambeg drum in a shed would leave a person deaf even without firing the field gun.

          5. A good replacement for a field piece is some good high pressure steel pipe, welding a thick plug on the back. For better results you can sweat an outer sleeve over that high pressure steel pipe. It makes your own hoop bombard or howitzer. And all the leftover bits and pieces of metal that you have lying around, nails, screws, nuts and bolts, washers, ballbearings, random chunks of cuttoffs, glass shards, pottery shards, pennies, costume jewelry and bone chunks (to really throw off coroners…)

    1. Because I wrote this blog, I did some more research. Disney has green-lighted Prey 2, wherein the same young Commanche teenage girl takes on 3 Predators who return to get some payback – and I’m sure that she cuts their heads off too. There is a part where the Predators attack French trappers and take the pistol that ends up being tossed to Danny Glover in Predator 2.

      1. Gah, blargh. Yeah, a creature that kicked Arnie’s steroided arse can lose against a guuuurrll.
        Seriously. A 1700’s Commanche girl? Allowed near weapons and to join in hunting and war? Yeah, that one passes the history truth test.

        At least make it somewhat potentially realistic. Fighting in defense of the village as the Predator wastes everyone and guuurl gets a lucky shot against a creature wearing armor? And how’s that going to work? Should be a nice visual of having her skull and spine yanked right out of her body as the Predator moves along.

        A creature that successfully hunts Alien zenomorphs and other very deadly creatures, getting capped by basically a street hood babe? Yeah… Nooooo…

        1. In the sequel, she takes out three – possibly before they can bring energy weapons to bear.

          1. Ah, yeah, okay. Right.

            Okay, how would a fully-equipped SEAL, with modern night vision, modern sensors, modern weapons, fare against a bimbo in face paint. Yeah… That whole ‘Rule the Night’ thing that we have going for us is the same thing that the Predators have going for them, but even more. Combination of infrared/night vision with motion sensors and targeting systems. Yeah.


      1. Also gives a good grip for pulling oneself up on board.

        Our navy would not be ill-served to have boarding axes, pikes and swords as close combat weapons. Though shotguns and pistols are a better choice.

        1. Boarding axes have many uses. They’re tools. What fireman’s kit is complete without an ax?

          1. It’s like a roofer’s hatchet/shingle hatchet. Blade, hammer head, nail pryer, easily honed to a knife edge. Makes a fine non-tomahawk tomahawk for those who live in areas where actual tomahawks are considered verboten.

            Eswing makes a really nice one that’s all metal with a rubber handle. After all, both sweat and blood can make a regular handle slippery.

          2. I have one of those Eswing units. You need to take a grinder and sharpen the beard. I may be picking at things but the back swing of the sharp beard with the near hook that it forms is every bit as important than the forward striking edge. In fact, you strike beyond your target and pull the beard back into the tendons of the upper shoulder and it tends to rip all that out even if the target is wearing most ballistic armor.

          3. Hah. I have the late Weaponsman’s roofing hatchet in my basement, and yes, it’s an Estwing. Also have his ice axe, come to think of it. We’re about the same height, so it’s sized just right for me. Though my bashing about on winter ice days are probably over.

          4. Keep them sharp. They need to be sharp enough to penetrate kevlar or a heavy winter coat.

          5. Come to think of it I still have my old ice axe…sharpen a few areas and it’d make a good long handle weapon, especially the pointy parts.

  2. Thanks for the heads up? Don’t mind strong female heroines, and understandably most of those movies are made for 12 year-old boys (most of us males are still 12 inside…which explains a lot), but this one pegs the improbability/stupidity meter. Maybe when Hollywood produces more films like Ford v Ferrari and Maverick they’ll finally get the hint that we don’t want to be preached to about their thinly veiled SJW idiocy. Box office revenues are the metric.

    re: FBI Fishing Expedition/Evidence Planting Aftermath- imagine yourself in that position, watching scumbag agents going thru the Former First Lady’s underwear drawer, then having to clean it all back up only to think on it when walking into your office or closet in the following days? I’d be a raving lunatic…signed warrant or not. Talk about being violated, like a cavity search on national tv.

    I’d place good money that Trump has a team working 24/7 to undermine the Regime’s lawless attack on him and his family. Bet on it that he has a plan. They catapulted him to the forefront thinking their action would demoralize his base. It has had the opposite affect. This will backfire on them, and may be – God willing – their undoing.

    Despite his age in 2024 I would make an exception of electing an octogenarian as President just to see him demolish the DC Club of Special Interests and its scumbag membership. It would make Epstein’s Missing Black Book of Cretin Island Hoppers look like a frat party. Maybe that’s “the Heavenly smiting meteor” we could hope for?

    1. just to see him demolish the DC Club of Special Interests and its scumbag membership

      He didn’t the first time, and that was obvious in January when he picked cabinet positions from the same constituencies that held them before. Why do you believe he would drain anything this time? He’s a TV game show host, and it’s a self-promotional reality show.

      Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

      President of the Imperial Galactic Government

      The President is very much a figurehead – he wields no real power whatsoever. He is apparently chosen by the government, but the qualities he is required to display are not those of leadership but those of finely judged outrage. For this reason the President is always a controversial choice, always an infuriating but fascinating character. His job is not to wield power but to draw attention away from it.

      1. Because this would be round two with a new focus coupled with his prior experience. Different rules employed in the aftermath of tyranny. His swansong in a well done life.

        Btw, characterizing him as a gameshow host is intellectually dishonest and purely meant to diminish his other work. It’s not becoming.

          1. The libertarians who come by the blog might take this opportunity to explain it to us.

        1. EL – You really do not want to debate me on this…maybe some further thoughts will offer some rationale:

          The guy – a highly successful billionaire, WHICH 98% OF US ARE NOT, who has spent his career lifting people up and helping others, and moreover had no reason to want the office except that he loves this country but figured he’d give back to HELP the rest of us (gee, what a concept). So he shows up and tries his best, with America and American’s as THE priority. Who else has ever done that? Few. The rest use our government as their private investment bank (while he lost money).

          The fact is he did better than ANYONE else has ever done before. The ‘After’ Moron Implanted into the Oval Office – a 50 year Congressional never held a job or wrote a paycheck Empty Suit – is proof enough of the massive differential we now get to live under (aka- tyranny and oppression).

          That “thing” he was up against few knew the scope or depth. It is now know that the reprehensible cheatery and evil-doing of what presents itself as our Federal Government that took a friggin’ oath to uphold OUR CONSTITUTION but aren’t. Trump’s challenge going in was like eating an elephant all at once while EVERYTHING is working to hamstring and stop you, including damnable felonious activities that should have people hung in the public square.

          That’s an IMPOSSIBLE task FOR ONE MAN…despite his working 16 hour days while others partied and tried to find ways to trip him up or get him impeached.

          But champions and leaders never give up when the goal is righteous. He did…in spades and on steroids. And the State of Our Union WAS proof of his success. We benefited. A lot.

          So they bring out the Covid Bomb cooked up by their own people in their pals Chinesium lab, destroying everything in its path while the perpetrators all lied about their involvement. Except Trump.

          Who could evade such treachery all the time? No one. Even now, as a private citizen he is being hounded that would cripple and crumble most mortal men. But he fights back…every time. That’s a warrior. And I support that.

          I’d bet a C-note he’s going to give it another go…because that’s what Gladiator’s do, even if it means their demise…and right about now we need a Maximus Donaldus Trumpis to takeout these people wrecking our country in any manner under the law.

          Refute anything of the above. Dare ya.

          Nuf said on that…gives me brain damage dealing with the intellectually dishonest and willfully ignorant who are trying to be a fly in the discussion ointment.

          Sorry LL, couldn’t let it pass.

          1. If the Republicans falter this time, it’s the end of the GOP. They can fold themselves in with the Democrat Swamp Party.

            I don’t know what will emerge. Maybe the American Party. Maybe Libertarians will carve a piece of that platform?

            A lot of people like me are Independent voters. No party affiliation. Trump is a populist with an America First agenda. In the first two years he fought traitors like Bohener and Ryan. In the second, Dems and scum like Mitt Romney and Lindsay Graham.

            I think he learned his lesson in appointing curs like Wray at FBI. He was new to all this — then. No more

          2. I wouldn’t be too sad if the R’s and D’s disappeared altogether, start over with people not on China’s payroll. MrsPaulM and I are also I’s, per your post a few moons ago. The RNC calls all the time. Desperation is not a good look. But they need to feel the heat. Doubtful they’ll get the hint…they’re par of the Club.

            Never in my life would I have figured I’d be neck deep in political oversight and commentary. I have little tolerance for liars and cheats and fools trying to sell me their latest snake-oil while telling me it’s gold. So did Jesus.

          3. Jesus had a love of the truth and it’s not to be found very often in the beltway – whited sepulchers.

          4. On the Rep/Dem thing – when the US was first being developed, the two parties were Tories and Whigs. Though a small version of the Whigs is still out there, neither are viable players in the US today.
            So, when I hear someone say that you can only have two parties and you have to support one or the other I think “Tory, or Whig?”.

          5. Troll or not, the guy ticked me off. Truth cannot sit idly by while half-truths and lies taint the conversation. Discourse requires honesty.

            We – those who visit here and read and comment, especially LL – are all Warriors, all Maximus’s in our own way…I just know it. It falls to us. And God knows who we are and will provide.

            In the meantime I’m praying for God’s providence over him and his family for strength and fortitude, and to protect them from the evil-doers who think they are untouchable. They are not.

          6. Back when I still played in the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA,) there was a ‘king’ who took the throne (by fighting for it) because he was tired of the recent spate of kings (6 months reign) not taking care of ‘crown’ things, like giving awards and being the focus of the pagentry and such.

            He was an outsider, so he found ‘insiders’ to help him with his reign. Yeah, that went well, as the insiders stabbed him in the back openly and crowed about it. And unfortunately, me and mine were basically Cassandra around him as he trusted the insiders. Until it was too late, and the insiders almost invalidated his actions.

            His second and following reigns, well, hoooweeee, did he get even with some of the insiders, those stupid enough to poke their heads out.

            That’s Trump. He was the outsider. He had no huge organization to support him so he trusted people who he should not have.

            If Trump manages to stay alive and out of prison, and he runs and wins again, hooooweeeee, it’s going to be fun to watch him gut the organizations that are under the Executive Branch’s control. Be fun to watch him chase the intelligensia around. Be fun to watch lefttard heads explode

          7. Beans, there is a significant “if”. The Swamp is facing a different President Trump and a different electorate standing behind him.

    2. Not being booze-befuddled and riddled with STDs like many of our senior politicians, Trump seems remarkably aware and cognitive functional, unlike many of our senior politicians.

      And there’s something to be said for having the ultrahot and ultrasmart Melania back as First Lady, instead of the booze-befuddled and not-so-smart Dr. Jill.

      1. Jill is there to help poor old demented Joe put his sweater on and to show him where to shuffle. What a life.

  3. Rain in the forecast? We got a pile (that’s how they measure it I think) of rain yesterday. Things on the wet side in your vicinity I would assume.

    1. Same as you. It’s been raining every day during the summer up here, though we get the same weather bands and the Prescott area has been getting some very hard flash floods. Some of my family that lives up 89 on the East Bench in Prescott Valley got 2.5 inches in an hour and a half and despite preparations, they had a big flood in their yard that didn’t make its way into their house.

      1. We were hit with a 3″ flash flood that overwhelmed my upgraded flood preparations and new culverts, but not so much that it caused significant damage. What I really want for Christmas is a decent-sized excavator and a backhoe such that I can do everything that I need to do on the property. Much bigger than a Bobcat. I have some really large rocks and because I built on bedrock, I need to be able to use a hammer system to be able to break them up and dig here and there. It’s an ongoing thing with this property, not a one-time hire a guy thing.

        1. Check out “Outdoors with the Morgans” (YT)…great guy (Erie, PA neck of the woods). He has a Mini-Ex that is his go to. If I could find a used one in good condition (with grapple) I’d buy it in a heartbeat.

        2. Mini ex? Yes, every man should have one. Especially on a property as you describe yours. I have a backhoe attachment for my tractor, but it does not do what an excavator can.

          1. I have a friend/neighbor who lives in my area and has a LOT of exceptionally cool toys. Lumber mill, tandem axel dump trailer, tractor, etc. He brought his tractor over a few times and while it is helpful – very helpful at times, it’s not an excavator quality machine and there is a world of things that it won’t do. I have a friend looking for an old dump truck for me. The bed has to tip and it has to run, but it doesn’t need to be pretty.

        3. It would cost you, but I know a guy here that is in the excavation business. I’m sure you know or could find someone closer but let me know if you want to check into this. Cheaper than buying the equipment but I’m thinking you like toys.

          I only got an inch yesterday but some other locations must have gotten plenty more.

          1. I still haven’t given up on the idea of putting in things like an in-ground indoor swimming pool and jacuzzi. Those would require significant excavation and I’d like to do it myself. I’m not financially prepared to do that in the present environment and may never be if things keep being crazy.

          2. Forget the Mini-Ex, go for the big one…dig the swimming hole and fix the drainage concern. Heck, dig the bunker while you’re at it. Then sell it for more money than you paid.

            Neighbor needed a dumptruck, last weekends auction bought a decent ’77…was prepared to pay $4k…got it for $900. When he’s finished with it he’ll sell it for 3x.

          3. Friends with heavy equipment are a plus, and usually if not taken advantage are happy to lend a hand.

        4. Only problem with that is you’ll need an equipment shed. Of course, with having a small but not mini-excavator and all the attachments (wide shovel, narrow shovel, grapple, hydraulic hammer, etc) and a bulldoze blade on the front of the excavator you can make a space for the equipment shed.

          And the track excavator will be nice to have during really bad snow storms. To both plow and clear your driveway and to pull vehicles out of bad places.

          Check out Andrew Camarata on Youtube to see the fun he has playing with his stuff. Might inspire you (and I can see you making a nice shed and workshop out of some shipping containers or one of those metal polebarn thingies.)

  4. I thought you had the RMJ “Jenny Wren” on your desk.
    Me, I make do with the (much cheaper) CRKT “Rune” ‘hawk.

  5. President Eisenhower warned us in 1960 about the “military industrial complex” (he was going to add “congressional” to that but was talked out of it).

    President Kennedy (who was not a businessman, had done nothing besides politics, WW2 & party) did not invade Cuba after Castro & the Communists took over. He did not allow Naval air to support The Bay of Pigs invasion and he was looking at Viet Nam as possibly just a civil war when a lone gunman killed him n 1963.

    LBJ was a businessman and a politician who didn’t have those problems with getting the US involved and hit the ground running as the next President of the US. Viet Nam was on and the big bucks were flowing & never stopped.

    Since then there have been big public disagreements between the parties (distractions) but no more of that “just a civil war” talk. The Uniparty was in charge and the big bucks kept going to where they were supposed to.
    There were very public arguments, heated debates and demonstrations but the big bucks were flowing to the same places in the background.

    Obamacare is an example. Before Obamacare the American Health Care Industry was #1 in cost & #47 in quality, after Obamacare it was still #1 in cost & #47 in quality (no change) but a lot of people didn’t notice anything besides the discussion (distraction).

    Then Trump showed up, the Republicans screwed up and let him in. He was not part of the Uniparty, he tried to take down what had been set in place since late 1963 but it was too big a job when they owned the media.
    Trump was/is a threat to the Uniparty & they are still in charge.

      1. x3 The MIC has morphed, yesterday Prager called our current State of the Union as “The Government Industrial Complex”.

  6. How many people speak Comanche?

    I just read an article on the Beeb about an idiotic language in Nepal that sounds like it was made up as a prank to troll linguists, with only one living speaker. I guess that’s the next one due for a full movie dub.

    Then they can move on to extinct languages, and then to extinct untranslated languages…


    1. Extinct and untranslated languages — Minion (haha)

      The Commanche language dub is a typical woke thing. I’m surprised that they didn’t have somebody in a corner signing the way that politicians do. It’s not that I’m opposed to sign language and people signing, but it’s such a virtue signal that I find it annoying.

      1. I seem to remember reading an entry from a Comanche music professor at an Oklahoma college(he has since passed away). The entry was about a Karen in the class, totally gobsmacked that the professor didn’t side with her, who then went on a hyperventilating screed that was mostly talking points without thought. After the class was over, a vet taking the class approached the professor and said he was glad that she wasn’t on our side.

        1. The Indian nations had little choice but to surrender once the Europeans killed the bison/buffalo. The unfamiliar diseases that ravaged them, and alcohol that destroyed what was left isn’t a proud moment in history. But an 18-year-old girl going toe to toe with the Predator is silly and woke as only Disney can make it.

          1. This professor said that the white man took away our land, and gave us God. We got the better of the exchange.
            You can see why Karen didn’t have a winning message.

        1. The signer at Nelson Mandella’s funeral was a one-off type who invented his own sign language. It was nearly a comedy routine. He was called out for doing a language of his own devising but the damage and humor was done by then.

          1. Funny, Tampa had an official signer. Who also was full of cow feces and using a made up ‘language.’ And… was black. And got away with it for a while.

            Tampa. Says it all.

        2. Seems like the deaf & illiterate population is probably small enough to not bother pandering to. The deaf & literate population is better served by closed captioning.

          Unfortunately, the unemployable brother-in-law population is high on politicians’ priority list.


  7. Hmmmm…How’s about a Hawaiian shirt with camo shorts? Could I be a “Domestic Terrorist on Vacation”?

    So, what edge do we sharpen our ‘Hawks to? The “utility” edge, or the “Kitchen Knife” edge?
    What about the spike on the back?

    I took my angle grinder and shrpened all the “garden implements” we have. The ones you get at the store these days have really poor edges on them. Dad always taught me to take care of my tools, so putting a decent edge on them was just part of my growing up. I could shave if I had to with my entrenching tool….that’s why it’s kept in a scabbard.

    Rain…had some last week, but nothing until until the weekend…maybe. Had flash flood warnings in the burn areas, and the scanner had a lot of fire department activity with the crews out looking for flooding in the Usual Places. Still, this has been the weetest Spring/Summer that we’ve had since moving here. Maybe this year we’ll get enough snow to give the Ariens a good workout.

    1. Leave the striking edge at the utility grind, the beard of the tomahawk is the fighting edge and you should be able easily to shave the hair on your arm with it. The Jenny Wren has three striking edges and mine is actually razor sharp. Everyone but me (I’m accustomed) who has picked it up ends up with a cut. You could circumcise Putin with it.

    2. It’s a good look Drjim if you can pull it off, sort of “Don’t mess with me while I think I’m on vacation.” You’d need a MAGA hat for the Domestic Terrorist part of the ensemble.

      1. I’d have to wear one of my “Magnum, P.I.” Hawaiian shirtd to go with the red MAGA hat. My other ones are all to baggy and comfortable to look good with a MAGA hat….

        1. Now you’re talking. An even better ensemble.

          By the by, filed under The Left Destroys Everything it Touches, even Robins Nest wasn’t safe from The O’s and his Foundation director pal, Nesbitt, who bought the property, raised the house, then started developing the property for three homes, really ticking off the neighbors. Adding insult to injury O/Nesbitt then demanded the old sea wall remain despite the beach eroding to nothing. O was always a narcissist bum, and still is.

  8. They used to have a couple of those boarding axes in the museum in Anacostia along with a rack of enlisted cutlasses… I couldn’t afford the nice ones like a Talon, but I settled for a CRKT.

    1. As Doug M says on “Forged in Fire”, it will cut. I used the RJM Talon in the field in Mexico as a breaching tool and it worked well.

        1. “It will cut” when doing cutting things.

          “It will kill” when hacking into carcasses or ballistic dummies and chopping things off.

          Doug M., by the way, may be a fantastic small knife martial artiste, but he sucks moose dong when using anything larger than a dirk. His wrists are floppy and he doesn’t lock them when in strike. J. Nielson and Dave Baker and Abbott all have far better stances when using long blades or axes.

          My lovely wife yells at the TV when Doug limpwrists his way across the screen. No wonder Doug had to have some serious wrist surgery.

  9. If history is a guide, totalitarian regimes facing civil unrest and loss of power always gin up a war to distract and force the population to embrace “Nationalism.” I’ve read that there is a power struggle going on in the CCP against Xi.

    1. He really struck a multi-faceted chord, thought provoking to say the least. Pretty sure I used up my word allowance for the month.

  10. I love this post because of the awesomely quiet AR and yes, WAR AXES.

    Don’t some people keep one handy in or around the front seat of their rigs?

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