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(CAPTION: Will throwing money at the Chinese Plague cure it?)




Let me Summarize what the Mainstream Media says in 2020

(1) If you’re white, you’re a racist, unless you’re liberal.

(2) If you’re black, you’re black unless you support Trump, then you’re an Oreo.

(3) Black Americans are the only people who have had a rough go at life. All black people are victims.

(4) If you’re looting and rioting, you’re immune from the Chinese Plague.

(5) If you attend a Trump rally, you’re a white supremacist who wants to spread disease.



1000 BC  —  An old friend called me from the days when I was in the US Navy living in the UK (mid 1970’s) and we were discussing his family, who I knew. His grandmother spoke Gaelic, his grandfather did not. It’s interesting that people still remember me from those days. It’s been a long time.



New England, but just the towns whose names aren’t used by another New England state.


In Congressional News

Army of Northern Virginia Battle Flag

More than two dozen House Democrats are demanding the reinstatement of LGBTQ Pride and Sovereign Native Nations flags on military installations — and an explicit ban on the Confederate Flag.

In a letter sent Friday to Department of Defense Secretary Mark Esper, 34 lawmakers argued that a new policy he issued last month — which was intended to target the Confederate battle flag, but ultimately also banned Pride and Native Nations flags — undermines efforts of inclusion in the military.

I don’t fly the Confederate flag, but there are members of the military who do, back home. Why not include them in the “big tent” where the Democrats say that everyone has a place?

Would the Democrat lobby support a flag for queer Confederates? In the interest of inclusion?


Worried about Global Warming? 

January – July 2020, temperature departure from 1981-2010 normal.

As you can see from the map, some places its warming. Some places it’s cooling, and Hawaii is always the same.


Creepy, senile, corrupt old Joe

The old sod is fading fast.





And in rural Arizona…

It’s monsoon and if you didn’t watch media, you wouldn’t have any idea that 2020 sucks.

26 thoughts on “Just a View

  1. Chicago’s Magnificent Mile was hit last night for the third (or more) time this Summer. This is the (at least) third time Bloomingdales was looted. Once on Saturday May 30-31 after the George Floyd Riots, on July 17-18 after Antifa attacked the Chicago Police at the Christopher Columbus Statue in Grants Park, and last night.


    July 17-18: https://www.nbcchicago.com/news/local/department-store-looted-on-mag-mile-police/2307307/

    I wonder what their insurance company thinks? I wonder what their employees think?
    I know what the shoppers are thinking, “NO FREAKING WAY!” Chicago is dying.

    1. My sister, who lives in the Beverly area of ChIraq (ChiCongo? Shitcago?), sent me some info today about the looting. She’s far enough away from The Loop to be out of danger, but she said you can see the smoke in various parts of the city.

      1. That’s that the people in St. Louis thought. Advise her to arrange for her own defense.

        1. I have, and we’ve discussed a few things. Her husband has a botched surgery on one of his hands, and the other hand is due to be operated on very soon, so he can’t shoot anything.

          I’ve advised a revolver for her, or perhaps a 20ga semi-auto shotgun, as she’s small of stature, and not very strong.

          “We’re thinking about it” has been her answer. Even if she clandestinely received a firearm and required support equipment, I don’t know where she’d get training, as she has no experience with firearms.

          They’d truly like to move, but are frozen there economically for the time being.

  2. Read this, and read it very carefully!
    If Joe Biden chose Kamala Harris as his Vice President, and may God forbid it, but if he wins.. .and if crazy Joe cannot serve his full term, amd that’s the way that it looks right now. Them Kamala Harris cannot by constitutional law become President. She is an anchor baby, mother is from India, father is Jamaican, and neither were american citizens at time of her birth.
    That means the Presidency would fall in the direction of the Speaker of the house. Nancy Pelosi, who would be next in line to become President. THAT in itself is reason to vote HER OUT in November, and NOT to vote for Joe Binden for President. .
    Democrats have worked the whole scenario out and I believe that is why they chose Kamala Harris. Voter fraud is in the works to get Nancy Pelosi as President.
    Cast your votes carefully in November, VOTE for Donald TRUMP as our President, or USA will become a third world !

    1. Saw that scenario for a couple of candidates (Like the former President, “Naturalized” is not the same as, nor as specific as, “Natural Born”…a detail lost on most ignorant Americans). Would not put it past the Dem’s to make this their strategy because evil does what evil always does.

        1. Not eligible for Veep either, but when have the Donks ever followed the law.

          But this may be the reason Susan Rice’s name is coming up a lot lately.

          And then there’s always Michelle and Oprah (who seems to be divesting herself of some of her media empire (which is required by law to be eligible.)

          Makes you wonder.

          Essentially Biden is a placeholder only. The real power will be the Veep, who will become the President rather quickly. Almost like it’s by design to give us another diversity president after the last diversity president’s failures.

          1. Oprah has a lot of skeletons in her closet, and Michelle Obama might be a dude, for all I know. Susan Rice is evil (which is normal for Donkeys) as are the rest of the black females that they favor.

        2. “Thus, to serve as vice president, an individual must: be a natural-born U.S. citizen; be at least 35 years old; be a resident in the U.S. for at least 14 years.”

          Same requirements as for President, therefore Ms. Harris is disallowed the office because she is not a Natural Born citizen. Wonder how the media will couch this glaring error.

  3. I’m convinced the general public are more unwise and immoral than previously suspected. How – at this point – anybody could believe anything the inane media pukes out to distract from truth, that Biden is fit for the Oval office, or it was acceptable the tyrannical Dem’s ruined the livelihoods of millions of small business owners and families, and stealing by edict; weddings, funerals, graduations, b-day parties, etc. from all of America…because they said so. 14 days is now 140. Do they not see this?

    Then we have mask wearers running around scared of getting a respiratory viral infection in the middle of Summer yet do zero research on their effectiveness. I waited for the media “experts” to push that COVID doesn’t follow normal seasonal viral time frames, and lo and behold that was the same verbiage lead on a couple of “news” reports this morning. The next “report” (hardly intelligible by an idiot reporter wearing a mask) was the looting of stores on Michigan Avenue, mainly because of that completely hideous fool of a mayor, yet Chicagoan’s will re-elect her.

    At some point even Jesus called the leadership of his day “Brood of Vipers”, which in essence was a curse word. I defer to his example in these matters.

    Time for the reckoning to begin.

    1. Brood of Vipers is a very kind way to refer to the Democrats. Very generous. Pelosi has the face of a basilisk so she’s on her way.

      Maybe just leave Chicago to the negro mob to loot. Write the place off. voters have spoken.

      1. Good point, both in the face and character.

        Eventually rats in a cage start eating each other…the rest of us can move on with our lives. Reverse apocalyptic movie, rural areas stay decent while cities are rubble. Works for me.

        1. Past time to lay in supplies. For some strange reason, hurricane supplies and ‘world’s gone ape-shit’ supplies are the same.

          I have my normal stock of supplies, and have plans to build up slowly (thanks to limited income and my stash being hit hard during the early days of the Covidiocracy) to three times on basic stock as it becomes available.

          Got enough freedom seeds, more than I can shoot. No need to stock up on those.

          Do have a question for you big brains out there. Lots of #8, #7 1/2, #7 birdshot out there for sale. How effective is BS at close range from an 18″ 12 gauge? Yes, I know it’s suboptimal, and I’ve got a metric buttload of Buck and Slug, but is BS worth supplementing my stock for close range?

          1. At close range bird can be deadly and if you aren’t at close range why are you using a shotgun? There are endless circular arguments on the net discussing this topic, but look at it this way. Use buck if you have it.
            When you run out of it, bird is better than nothing. Oddly enough, you can even use bird to shoot… bird! A handy attribute after you’ve killed all the zombies.

          2. My shotgun instructor said if you have to use it, it *can* work, but if you have a choice, or some local restrictions against buck and slug, to use #4 or larger.

          3. Don’t use birdshot for anything other than a contact shot. Lots of failure to stop, historically. If you have to resort to it’s use, you could employ the “cut” method of shell prep. Essentially turns it into a slug, but it makes the hull delicate, and shouldn’t be used in autos or shuckers from the magazine. Hand fed into the chamber only, as the problem of it coming apart inside the mag or receiver could be a disaster timewise.

            Hmm, I’m thinking it might be feasible to open the case mouth and pour some epoxy into the shot column to attempt to create a giant “Glaser Safety Slug”. Light birdshot doesn’t always work on birds and small animals, why would you want to bet your life on it working on humans? Think of it this way: would you go deer hunting with that load? They are comparable in size to humans.

  4. As to temperatures, well, I am having an issue with the posted new highest temps ever.

    When I moved to the Democratic People’s Republic of Alachuacountystan, capital city of Gainesgrad, it was spring of 1985. Temps in the summer (June and July) hovered around 93-95, and August was more 97-103 (as measured on my back porch.) (That was in a burb to the west, just outside city limits with lots of trees backstopping the property.)

    Now that I am in the ‘Grad proper, this summer’s temps are averaging about 2-5 degrees cooler than they were in the tree-shrouded burb in 1985.

    Haven’t seen temps over 100, yet every year the weather weenies tell me ‘it’s the hottest summer evah!!!!!’

    Anyone else noticing that the weather twerps are lying?

    1. There goes your lying eyes, looking at that thermometer.

      It’s climate change, now. Not global warming or cooling, so you have to pay the tax if you want it to stop. You must hate crippled black children if you’re a climate denier.

      Check your privilege, Beans…

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