Casting the Chicken Bones

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Now that the fix is in and that Biden will be anointed to run against President Trump in November, the only real question remaining is who the Democrats will run as Biden’s Vice President. THAT is the person we know that the elites will want. I know that many of you have your money on Michelle Obama, and others have their money on Hillary Clinton. Clearly the Butt Guy and Amy Who? are hoping that will be their reward for dropping out (that and a big bag of cash). But I don’t think it will be any of those. They don’t need to put a traditional hack in as president. It’s not necessary. 
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The elites are not concerned with race or gender at this point. They’ll want somebody who can take orders. Hillary and Michelle don’t fit in that box. Look for a politician who won’t make waves (sort of like Gerald Ford, a Rockefeller man – historically, stepped in) and is thoroughly owned to take the reins when Joe Biden dies.
This whole Trump phenomenon upset the applecart. Things didn’t go to plan. And angry American voters, who didn’t like the direction that Obama (and friends) had been taking things. Efforts to remove the president were – embarrassing. The levers of power, such as they are, will be connected to the Democrat VP selection. AOC and Sanders are just as bad for business as President Trump was. All of those factions need to be controlled and the new VEEP won’t represent any of those. Look for a more moderate and reasoned choice to slide in as Biden’s #2. It will be someone who won’t make waves after Biden’s unfortunate demise. Look, Joe need not die, but the diagnosis of altzheimers or severe dementia will be significant to shuffle him off to the home.
You can comment below and enter your thoughts on who Biden’s VEEP will be. You won’t win a prize if you’re right, but you’ll have serious bragging rights.

28 thoughts on “Casting the Chicken Bones

  1. Is there a demonrat besides Biden who can be controlled?
    Jeb! ? Romney? I am clueless, but look forward to the responses.

  2. It's clear that The Butt Guy has the inside lane for Veep. He was called by The Man before Super Tuesday, and told to bow out so that he didn't water down Joe's totals. He did. He clearly took one for the team, is a team player, he's in. Of course so did Amy. She's a maybe. Pochahontas did not. She's toast.

  3. Joe's pretty keen on the Rainbow ticket so maybe the Butt guy's a fit, but Eric Holder's fast, furious and a POC.

  4. One mark for the rump ranger. Ok, I don't think so but so long as you don't pox him, it might be Sweet Pete.

  5. Eric Holder as president to step in when Joe dies in office? Not a bad forecast. He has all of the liberal credentials, he's the right color, and he takes orders from the Man. And when Joe is gone he can bring in Weiner for the Weiner Holder dream team?

  6. I don't think that The Party will anoint Mitt. I don't think that he's easily enough controlled. Jeb!, yes, but he's been a raging alcoholic since he lost to Trump, so he may not sober up long enough to take the campaign trail.

  7. Always hard to discern the true agenda of sneaky bastards.

    VEEP pick may depend on where Barr & Durham are in their investigations, they could tank any number of potential prospects. Michelle likes her "I'm a rock star" hobnobbing life rattling around in the Vineyard cottage by the sea. HRC is creaking almost as bad as RBG so may not have the juice. Jarrett maybe…while Obama was watching ESPN she was running the WH anyway.

    Then…maybe a stretch…but what if Obama wants back into the fray and this is his avenue, doing the ultimate quid pro No Joe quo that'll stop the corruption investigations in their tracks?

    My money is on Obama.

    More here that meets the eye as you suggest.

  8. I'm officially poxing him. A pox on Mayor Pete, I don't want this pinko calling the shots when Plugs goes down with an annuerism.

    Of course, Plugs has to best The Donald, no easy feat.

  9. I don't know if Obamo can do that. Iffn' Biden steps down or dies, I would think Obamo would be term limited as he was President for two terms. But, this is the democraps we are talking here.

  10. Kamila Harris. Right gender, right race, left coast and she has already proven she knows how to respond to people in power.

  11. I think that it's unlikely that Slow Joe will best The Donald. But feel free to pox Sweet Pete and Slow Joe.

  12. It's cheating to predict that a butthole will be buttonholed to be VP under Biden. Of course, you'll be correct no matter who they select.

  13. The Slut? Ok, not a bad pick. She has practical talents for any and all comers. And based on reviews from politicians, those talents are not inconsiderable. One can hope that she wouldn't bring a social disease to the White House. It could be embarrassing.

  14. Not on picking the VP. I think that if the Democrats cheat enough to get Biden elected (because that is the only way they will win), the Democrats will 25th Amendment him shortly after taking office for being mentally incompetent. That would be a 25th for real cause and not this BS that they have been trying to pull on Trump.

    I'll give a second to A SImple Man's choice of Camal-toe Hairy-butt.

  15. Michael Bennett, Senator (CO). Early candidate for President. Probable hope for the V.P. slot. East Coast carpetbagger, Yale Law, brother is editor at the New York Times. Father was an entrenched "elite". President of Wesleyan University for many years and a minor league diplomat. One sticking point, born in New Delhi, India while his father worked there.

    He is perhaps the blandest senator in Washington and always votes the way he is told to vote. Was the DNC head for a couple of years. An insiders insider.

  16. It couldn't be Barack, but it could be his wife, the Mooch. Barack would be the First Lady, which is fitting after a fashion.

  17. I was going from this: "neither the Constitution's eligibility provisions nor the Twenty-second Amendment's presidential term limit explicitly disqualify a twice-elected president from serving as vice president."

    Could get interesting as the Dem's are grasping at any straw they can gin up.

  18. All things that make her easily controlled by the deep staters and the visuals of gender, race and left coast make her palatable to the progressives.

  19. I understand, but I frankly doubt that Barack would want to step in as VEEP before Biden's untimely end.

  20. There's always Nancy. She's got decades of experience being a marionette.

    Of course, she's older than God… IDK if she can make it through the time required.

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