Bundle of Joy

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The best thing about being a grandfather, is grandchildren! This has been an especially good month because I’ve had two grandsons. You met Luke last Thursday. Today, meet his cousin, Riggins.  Both boys are healthy and are doing well. 
My daughter, Amanda, asked me to smuggle “real food” to her later this afternoon since she couldn’t eat before the baby was delivered (by c-section). Since this is her third son, she knows the hospital drill all too well and put in her order with me before she went under the knife.

17 thoughts on “Bundle of Joy

  1. What a great name! Haven't heard that one, and I like it.
    But why isn't he obeying? Daddy told him to say hi, and he didn't. tsk.
    Get that boy a gun and some English skills ASAP. (then send him to Texas before California ruins him.)

    VERY cute. Congrats!

  2. He's a quiet boy right now. But as you know with your little boy, once they start to talk, things get VERY interesting.

  3. Congrats! Enjoy the grandkids.
    The 1911 is such a great idea. Always start the young'uns off on the right foot by introducing them to the classics at an early age.

  4. Good luck with that tale…. Ya can't fool Littles, they can see right through the tough guy to the big heart.

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