The Points:

**. Since it’s Black History Month – A black lunch lady was arrested for stealing $1.5 million worth of chicken wings from “low-income” Illinois schools during the height of the Covid pandemic.

According to court records, Vera Liddell, 66, began stealing the chicken wings while students were forced to stay home and take classes remotely.

She’s not as ugly as Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, who is also said to enjoy chicken wings. Will the stolen wings end up on the menu of the Barack Hussein Obama Presidential Library? I can’t say either way.

** Our celebration of Black Diversity continues with this Michelle (Big Mike) Obama door knocker… It might be like smearing lamb’s blood around your door at passover. If you buy the door knocker, BLM will know you’re on their side.

** SHARP – (American Thinker) …Perhaps the biggest flaw in the Army’s investigation process is that at no point is the accused given the opportunity to face the accuser. They are generally separated and given no-contact orders. Accused soldiers are told there has been a complaint filed against them, but not what the complaint was, or who the accuser was. The accused are flagged and kept in the dark.

** To everyone complaining about Texas Roadhouse allowing that dog who was deployed twice, to eat a steak in the restaurant on Veterans Day, I’d rather sit next to him than rowdy, bratty kids all day long. I can guarantee that the dog is cleaner and quieter. He isn’t allowed to run around.

** You can’t make it up – A new report indicates that a shortage of paper at multiple Harris County, Texas polling places on Election Day was more severe than initially indicated.

According to KHOU-TV, 121 polling places did not initially receive enough paper to cover the voter turnout at their polling places.

** Berlin – The news of non-covid related mortality in Germany at 36% above normal, and birth rates 10% below normal, becomes too hard to hide. The never-before-wrong, multiple-degreed health expert and German health minister Karl Lauterbach admits that “mistakes were made.”

** War with China! – China does not want a war with the USA. Why then are American politicians and military leaders predicting imminent war with China? It’s the same game that the US played with Soviet Russia to induce them to overspend and overreach with their military – bankrupting them. Consider the rhetoric to be thinly disguised propaganda.



Identify the Ship


Therapy Sword

If it bleeds – we can kill it…


  1. I do not know what that hydrofoil is, it’s none of the ones I know. A quick search for my own edification also failed.

    WTF do you do with $1.5 million in chicken wings?


  2. Way back before the world went crazy, one of the cooks at the middle school had us separate the left over edible food, which wasn’t much because it was good, and would take it home and feed it to her feeder pigs. Win win lowered the schools trash output, and the hogs really loved it. Of course that’s not the green that’s allowed. The powers to be made her stop.

    • When I went to high school, the moms cooked school lunches and the waste went to pigs. I realize that none of that is woke, but even the picky, cynical teenagers ate the delicious lunches. Moms wouldn’t feed them and the neighbor’s kids food that wasn’t wholesome. I can only imagine the woke horror if they did that across the country. The schools paid moms, and it wasn’t affiliated with any union meal program. That sounds racist, doesn’t it?

  3. Aaah-nold juxtaposed with a girl elf…below the “hanging” door knocker …NO OTHER blog gives such prescient and complete content. Well played.

    The genius lunch lady’s mistake was buying bone-in wings, school kids eat boneless wings.

    • I am convinced we are living on The Bad Fantasy Island, somewhere off the coast of Virginia…I can here AOC pointing through the roof of her [now much hated] Tesla and shouting all animated while pounding on the dash, “The Balloon!, The Balloon.”

      Should have used that bag of Chinesium hot air as target practice using The Hateful Somali (redundant?) as the projectile.

  4. Well the “state” is truly her religion and it shows…a lot. Maybe the person behind her could jump up and scream “preach it sister”.


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