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President Trump spoke to the Polish people about the need to save Western Culture from the clash of civilizations that we in the West are now experiencing. Actually it’s the leading (bleeding) edge. CDR Salamander did a good job identifying the problem on his blog and I encourage you to read it here. I couldn’t do a better job than he did explaining the situation in a few words.
I’ve posted the gum ball video before but a revisit is never a bad idea.
As you’d expect, progressive heads exploded when President Trump spoke of a threat to Western Culture. CNN called his comments racist, homophobic, islamaphobic, and xenophobic. Then again, CNN is the apex of the corrupt, smug, elite, lying, filthy mainstream media and finding the truth is best defined by taking what they say and turning it 180 degrees.
The solution to the vast throngs of unwashed from the Third World, breeding like flies, is to educate them and to change them into people who are capable to cope with the reality of the 21st Century. Liberals don’t think of it that way. They think of hand-outs to the ignorant who will be dependent and will vote for them.

Congressional Support for a Wall (LINK)

Building a wall is a good first step, but fixing the problem requires that societies based on ignorance (many of which are Islamic) need to be re-made. Culture is the most enduring thing in the human lexicon. It is the piece of us that defines us, and the wretched of the Earth are defined by a culture that is not compatible with Western Civilization. 
Missionary work to those blighted parts of the planet, bringing the capacity to be self-sufficient and to pull themselves out of poverty will never be well received. And if we can’t do it with the velvet glove, we will have to do it with the mailed fist. Because their welfare and our survival is at stake.
While we’re thinking about exploding liberal heads, this is my parting shot to CNN:

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  1. 'smug, elite, lying, filthy mainstream media’ You missed out corrupt, Larry. I know this because I have learnt this sentence of yours verbatim.
    I like gumball man. I love a visual, especially candy. He’s right. People have to be helped where they are. How that happens , I don’t know. I know engineers who have worked in some of these countries building wells and structures and such only to have them torn apart for their materials so the poor can sell them for food. Can’t blame them if they’re starving. But for the grace of God… It's a terrible thing and I'm not sure how it can be managed or what the answer is.

  2. A good video which I copied to my Facebook page, than you very much. As for the wall, if may slow down illegal immigration, but I don't think it will put a hardship on the drug cartels doing their business. Too many payoffs to let that happen.

  3. fixing the problem requires that societies based on ignorance (many of which are Islamic) need to be re-made

    This. Fixing their cultures is the key, and another way of saying culture is "the most enduring thing" is to say it's the slowest and hardest thing to change. The world is full of stories of "reformers" who try to change a culture and create a backlash that destroys the reformers. Only Western culture's enduring self-hatred, primed by the Gramscian long march through the institutions, seems to be the exception, but I have hope that people may see Western Civilization dying, see the alternative, and fight back.

    Lots of Westerners say Islam needs a reform movement, and there is one, but it has to be from the inside to have a chance of taking hold and working.

  4. In boot camp, the military breaks people of their old culture and forges them anew. Sure, it's brain washing of a sort. That has to happen here and it has to happen one country at a time and there is nothing politically correct about it.

    Nobody will do that. It's not about building a well or erecting signs of a black guy with his penis out chasing a woman and saying "don't rape women" (those signs are all over Africa). It's not about building them new huts.

    What I propose is NOT racist in the slightest. It's about CONTENT OF CHARACTER.

  5. I move on the white hat side of the drug cartel world, and I disagree, it would put a hurt on them.

  6. Islam is but a part of the problem. It's a significant part, but fighting back is politically incorrect now. The current mood (pre-Trump) was to embrace the savages and their savage culture.

  7. LL,

    As a poke in the eye to the POS media (shortened version of your plethora of descriptors), IVANKA for POTUS is fine. But she is a lefty, so, no thanks. Unfortunately, it will probably be another leftist/statist Nikki Haley

  8. Truth be told, Ivanka would fit in with the Progs far more comfortably than she would with Constitutionalists. However, just her appearance makes the progs howl in agony. That's good enough for me.

  9. Emmanuel Macron has been criticised for claiming “civilisational” problems and women having "seven or eight children" are hampering development in African nations.

    I guess from the rhetoric they use that the left and the Islamist's will join forces as time goes to secure their goal via supporting mass migration. If you do not support the migration caused by the West due to past politics you are a legal target for their actions.

    From what some sources starts to reporting the small people in Europe now starts to prepare for their own actions to stop the exodus from Africa and the Middle East. Something that will become a big problem is just in the beginning and it will be as ugly as past European conflicts when people felt their existence was threatened.

  10. I don't know if Europe has the capacity to save itself from the Islamic hoards. Clearly there has been nothing demonstrated to date on any sort of scale. Norway and Finland don't seem to embrace the hoard. Neither does Eastern Europe. But the rest have the "more Africans are better" approach.

  11. It do not seem to stop. The US should be serious about what to do to stop the immigration flow and the consequences.

    "On the basis of his hundreds of interactions with these young men in his professional capacity over the past several years, he believes to have discovered that they are motivated by a deep and abiding contempt for Western civilization. To them, Europeans are the enemy, and their women are legitimate spoils, as are all the other things one can take from them: housing, money, passports. Their laws don’t matter, their culture is uninteresting and, ultimately, their civilization is going to fall anyway to the horde of which one is the spearhead."

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