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** 9 out of 10 millionaires in America didn’t become millionaires through inheritance. 79% of American millionaires inherited 0 (nothing). Another ten percent inherited very small amounts. The odds of winning a million dollars in a state lottery are 1/300,000,000. Yes, it could happen. Maybe RCC will have a big announcement from down under?

** Tucker Carlson on finding sobriety.

** Riverside County Sheriff Bianco, “Let’s put a felon in the White House!”

** An analysis of the California exodus.

** (left) Most of us read Playboy for the articles… (below) the pin-up girls require the entire center fold these days…shade in the summer and food in the winter.

** It’s a weird trap…and nobody is unique.

** Love at first sight. It happens. Has the thunderbolt ever struck you like that? Tell us…be brief.

** Musk!

** From – With so many states passing new restrictive gun legislation, it’s challenging to keep up with the worst states for gun owners. Fortunately, we’re doing our best to keep up with the changes in laws in every state – not an easy task, let me tell you! – and our latest article highlights this year’s most anti-2A states. For those in a hurry, here are the highlights:

  • Hawaii is the worst state for gun owners. The state has defied the Supreme Court, neglected the Constitution, and enacted strict legislation hindering Second Amendment rights.
  • California is the second worst state for gun owners due to its strict gun control laws, bans, and proposed legislation.
  • New York, Illinois, and New Jersey are among the worst states due to their strict purchase and carry laws.

Check out all twenty-five states that comprise the worst states for gun owners here:

** (Bee) BIRMINGHAM, AL — Despite the attention drawn on social media regarding the plus-sized winner of the Miss Alabama competition, at this point, the state was reportedly just happy the pageant winner was a woman. The crowning of Sara Milliken as National Miss Alabama 2024 caused quite a stir online, with some praising the win as a significant step forward in body positivity and others simply expressing relief that at least this pageant winner wasn’t a male.

Why choose a 110-pound woman when you can get a 440-pound woman for the same price? It’s a bargain at 4x value per pound so long as the pageant doesn’t have to pay for yards of extra material for dresses.

** You go, girl!

** Some of you may argue to the contrary, but we, the people who served, based that service on the notion of a modicum of integrity in government. It turns out that everything was/is a lie.

** Study, get a good job, and work hard, and your government will re-distribute your earnings to someone who didn’t.

** Flying in 2024 – this contributor is correct – you’d best arrive a day early just to be sure. Bill the client accordingly. (“LL – what’s this bill for $$$$ for your (extra) time, an extra hotel day @ $$$, and meals? You didn’t have to be here until this afternoon.” – here you go. – “If you don’t like it, bill the airline.”) HogsbreathSS has a flying story from yesterday. Maybe he will share with the group.


Scenes from Films



Identify the Japanese Greater East Asia War 

(大東亜戦争, Dai Tō-A Sensō) Aircraft




Yes, from the Soryu




Parting Shot


61 thoughts on “Beyond Ordinary

  1. One looks Nakajima J5N1 Tenrai fighter proposed to stop the US air raids. Only a few built if I’m correct.

    1. The Ki45 (below—Surly) Came along too late to do much to the B-29s. As the war progressed, the Japanese aircraft industry had difficulty machining standardized parts, and the few advanced aircraft they produced were all custom-made. If one did return from a mission, it often required an engine overhaul with newly machined and hand-fitted parts. The B-29s flew missions at up to 32,000 ft and Japanese fighters struggled to reach them. Once there, the B-29s were able to defend themselves. The B-29s pressurized compartments made it more comfortable for the crew to fly at high altitudes, as they could regulate the pressure and temperature in their work areas. The Ki-45 and Ki-84 could reach the B-29s service altitudes but found it difficult to maneuver and get a gun solution near their service ceiling. It’s also worth mentioning that late in WW2, the bombing campaign over Japan switched from high-altitude day raids to low-altitude night firebombing, which put them in the range of more interceptors. So B-29s did take some combat losses, but a much lower percentage compared to the B-17. What’s also interesting is that the biggest cause of losses for B-29s was not AAA or fighters but accidents, mechanical failures, and engine fires.

  2. Identify the Japanese Greater East Asia War Aircraft:
    1. Kawasaki Ki-45 Nick
    2. Nakajima C6N Myrt
    3. Mitsubishi A5M Claude
    4. Not a Mitsubishi J2M Jack or a P-40. Will defer to HogsBreathSS.
    5. Mitsubishi G3M Nell

    1. That’s going to put a lot of pressure on HogsbreathSS (who is attending his daughter’s HS graduation today – congrats, young Miss Hogsbreath)

  3. Kansas used to be a top 5 or 10 state in the gun rights. Now, thanks solely to our current governor, selected by the urban counties, we barely made #23. She recently vetoed a bill to teach firearms safety in schools. She’s also on board with Bloomberg’s mommies. I wish we had a state electoral college.

    1. I over-use the line. Every time I am introduced to somebody’s dog for the first time, I ask, “Does your dog bite?” in my best Peter Sellers bad French accent. About 1/3 of the people get it.

    1. Hygiene is critical. Have you ever met a beautiful woman and the inside of her car is a garbage dump? You take my point.

        1. Dating Red Flag…yet we males have to give a certain leeway here — we (well, me, before living on gravel/dirt roads) males like to keep our vehicles clean inside and out…God installed something in the DNA for a majority of us. Gals, often not so much. But a dirty outside doesn’t mean the backseat is a purse extension with God knows what buried in there. MrsPaulM doesn’t wash her vehicle, I do. But she’s also not a interior slob….so I married her.

  4. i was hoping that video would settle the butt naked/buck naked controversy once and for all, but alas…i know of a general butt naked, now turned evangelist to save his hide. i wonder if they forgave him his trespasses….yes, it has all been a lie. yet i find it hard to convince my former comrades of the fact. maybe you need to be out of the green machine ten or twelve years to see it. breaks my heart.

    1. The “naked” answer is simple. Both terms are long in the language, and there isn’t any strong
      evidence that either is derived from the other. Parallel evolution. I have always use them both,
      as different terms.
      – Kle.

  5. My parents used a lot of those coloquialisms growing up, so we learned them all, correctly…except for “illusions/delusions of grandeur”, could never keept that one straight.
    Miss ALABAMEE- “Holy smokes…what in the wide wide extra wide world is that!?”- Uh huh, so she effectively took up 3 spots on stage that other contestants could have used…all for “equity”. These people are mental. Some guys like ’em large, good for them. But seriously, this is not healthy. We’ve certainly have gone far astray from the 80’s/90’s fitness craze. Jon Pinette would have a few words to say if he were still here with us.
    Mattress Update (because I know you all are breathlessly waiting (snark) for my 1-night Review)- Need at least another night, but tonight without the suggested “protective pad” (vs. a cover pad)…don’t buy one of those unless you are in true need fro one, held the heat and was crinkly like a cheap motel. Other than that the actual mattress was terrific, different “feel” than our old MemFoam but no aches or stiff neck this morning which is a win for me, a side sleeper. So far, excellent. My “My Pillow” was deployed as well (gotta love Mike Lindell fighting for America).

  6. “Egg-corns”. I’m not as pleased with them as the various linguists seem to be, as I
    am not really a fan of unintentional creativity in language.
    They have certainly always existed, but their ubiquity in the modern US is definitely
    partially a result of declining American literacy, and also the internet/etc. People used
    to learn these correctly because people used to spend a lot more time reading books
    and newspapers – books and newspapers printed by serious publishing companies
    with serious, professional proofreading and editing departments. These things basically
    no longer exist, general literacy in America is down to about what would have been
    a 4th grade level when I was a kid thanks to what’s left of the education system and
    the fact that (a) it doesn’t care (or actively promoted illiteracy) and (b) the teachers
    are functionally illiterate too. and most things that people read are on the internet and
    usually written in clumsy, terrible vernacular which reinforces all of the errors and fails
    to teach and correct.
    Standardized English was great, but it’s dead now, and we are back to (at best) a 19th
    Century level and probably declining.
    Yes, I’m a stuffy grammar and language Nazi.
    – Kle.

  7. I’m all for Elon Musk as Sec. of Defense (under The Donald, natch!)
    1. See the prob
    2. Apply the simplest, effective remedy immediately

    1. Now I’d pay good devalued American money to see THAT happen. The Swamp would try to kill Musk…but they’re going to be in kill-everyone mode after President Trump becomes Trump 47.

  8. Gun owner friendly. My state (Washington) is doing its best to try and become the least friendly state for gun owners in the nation. Remarkably violent crime is still going up. Hmm wonder why that happens. I have on occasion traveled to my neighboring state, just 60 miles away or so, to meet someone I am purchasing a gun from just to avoid the FFL transfer. I know I could just ignore it but I also get a trip to much better sporting goods stores and much lower sales taxes.

    Miss Alabama. Don’t know what to say other than I wish her well, especially when she has to start taking insulin.

    Flying. The whole experience is just a pain in the butt. My drive vs. fly radius is up to 1500 miles. Longer than that AND time sensitive and I will fly. Less than that and I will drive.

    And thanks to Paul M for the mattress review. My +20 year old sleep number bed is gradually giving up the ghost and I foresee a new mattress in my not to distant future. Along with a new washer and dryer and a new dishwasher…sigh. Oh well, everything is limping along for now so I will count my blessings.

    1. For a washer and dryer, check out SpeedQueen. The ‘civilian’ model is basically a commercial unit that doesn’t have the change machine on top. Excellent, metal gears, good warranty, can’t buy them at a big box store.

      1. Thank you for the tip. I have a 23 year old Maytag Neptune which has been great but the reviews ( and me going and looking at them) for current models seem to indicate the quality has fallen off a cliff. By the way, you almost sold me just on the “can’t buy them in big box stores”.

        1. Our W/D experience as mentioned before: ad 5yo LG front loaders to replace our all-in-one stacked Kenmore…still buy it for $1400 and ours lasted 15 years with only minor maintenance. But we wanted front loaders, got the LG’s. Crap. Great machines, lots of tech…except like what the Gov’t did to fuel cans and toilets they did to washers under the auspices of water saving. It’s a friggin’ washer, you need water. Sort of basic principle. But we stacked ours and it was a pain to un-stack, pull the washer lid and adjust the water fill valve (YouTube is your friend here).

          MrsPaulM (aka 1 strike and yer out in this instance) hated the LG units…too stupidly complicated. Last year HEB suggested Speed Queen…and he’s 100% correct, they build their own machines and told The Ninny’s they knew more about doing wash than they did, never complied…and the machines are the best. But I wasn’t about to re-spend another $3k for the pair despite being the best.

          Costco (my new favorite shop next to Menard’s) had a special on the new for 2024 Electrolux F/L Tower unit (they also carry the highly rated LG F/L tower)…but…Mrs-1Strike-PaulM. On special, 600 series unit, great price with delivery and haul away, and install if you want (I did it myself, had them place it tho, kinda unwieldy). Turns out our neighbors wanted our “old” LG set, he’ll do the water fill mod. MrsPaulM loves the Electrolux (we have their range, been great)…simple to use, perfectly washes clothes, not affected by altitude (the dryer sense can be)…and $1815 delivered cost (including the Dem Enviro Delivery tax of .28 per UPS/Truck). Only the government could screw up washing machines and toilets and gas cans…among 1000 other things. But the good manufacturers are doing work-arounds.

          1. Research indicates that people have reverted to top-loader washers…and they work as expected (as in, getting clothes clean). Again, Speed Queen is still the best.

            One note about the modern front load washers, cycles on the LG were like 2-3 hours (energy use v. water use, enviro-regs are hypocritical). Cycles on the Electrolux are 45 minutes to an hour depending (same for top loaders). Cycle time might be the main indicator between a machine that works and one that’s been messed with by “regulators” and won’t actually clean clothes.
            (PS- No tag to yank on the new mattress, imagine my disappointment.)

          2. There was a shop here in FoCo that sold rebuilt Speed Queen washers and dryers. I was going to buy them when we moved here, but he didn’t a pair ready-to-go when SLW needed them NOW…..sigh….

  9. Miss Alabama… I like chunky women, want them to be zaftig or plump or pleasantly padded. A woman with extra on her, able to survive a small famine. But that thing? As wide as she’s tall? GAAAHHHH!!!!

    And, yes, love at first sight. Or at least love at first backrub, as that’s how I fell in love with my future wife, giving her a backrub at the gaming table. Took a while for me to acknowledge it as I was in a relationship at the time, but once I ditched the bitch I was free to feel the feelings…

      1. The FBI monitors this blog. I’m sure they’ll take action now that you brought it to their attention.

    1. Ample is one thing. I feel sorry tor the beauty queen because everyone who sees her will know that it’s a woke joke at her expense.
      Some State laws would require a “wide load” banner across her back if she walked down the highway.

      1. If you can’t fly coach in a single seat, that might be an indicator that pageant’s are your thing.

  10. Love at First Sight – Me with MrsPaulM? Instantly….but took an evening with friends and another proper date together to definitively make that determination. Married 53 days later (had to ask her…she’s the keeper of such datapoints).

    Okay, for those who have seen the Helo Pic LL posted – not a stretch…but I’ve known/dated really attractive woman who got less so the more they talked, and…to be careful here…normal decent looking woman who have gotten MORE attractive the more we chatted. MrsPaulM checked all the boxes for me (the “for me” is the kicker…so, yeah, Instantly fell in love at 39…with age also having something to do with it, knew more of what I was looking for at that stage of my life. Got seriously lucky.

  11. I would be very pleased to hire that pink haired harridan were I still at a construction company and in position to put her on a concrete crew. For the entertainment value, of course, and the viral video that would get posted to some form of internet. I would install bleachers and sell tickets and invite all of y’all for free. She has no idea. It would be epic.

    1. Most women (there are exceptions, but exceptionally few) have no concept of what hard physical labor is. It’s not a workout in pink tights at the gym. The “Dirty Jobs” (Rowe) series did everyone a favor in describing the work that was done every day to keep the world we live in working. I am not saying that women don’t work. They’re almost never able to do the demanding physical jobs that men do daily. If men vanished, would women be able to keep the infrastructure going? No. Can most women hump a 105-pound military pack/load out day after day? No. They can perform other useful tasks. Many men suffer in later years (hear me whine) from our physical exertions in our youth. Pink hair girl has no clue…about anything.
      In training situations, I’ve had women volunteer to “take me out” in the pit. So long as I’m defensive or pull punches, they look good. Once you put 180 pounds behind a fist to the jaw, the bone breaks, the hinge shatters, and they need surgical intervention. I’m not saying that it’s sweet for men, but women’s bones are not as heavy nor are their muscles as robust.

      1. PS – Women in martial arts crumble faster. They train with mock punches, kicks and people who are concerned with art form. They’re shocked when you break their noses (and they have a hard time seeing) then before they know it they’re on a mat, arms pinned by a bigger and heavier man, being straddled in a “rape position”. I’ve seen that in training situations. It ain’t pretty. Women need to kill their attackers with firearms. God made man. Samuel Colt made them equal.

        1. PSS – I was in a training situation, about three years ago, so I’d be 64-5, right before COVID. Woman, 35, very fit, 5-2, 110 pounds, lesbian, all sorts of belts, was lecturing a mixed group of women and men. She chose me as the target dummy likely because I have white hair, and I’m a few pounds over my ideal weight and looked old (still 6′, and still fast despite being old). She told me to hit her, and “before she was ready,” hard right jab to her nose where I ‘punched through her’, broke her nose and smashed it against her face. End of demo. As I get older, I’m less tolerant. I’m 68 years old and even now, I’m not easy to kill. (age and treachery overcome youth and zeal)

      2. Neighbor rancher, not old, strong like bull, needed back surgery from years of riding horseback and excavation work. Got a blood clot, fell over on the couch in front of his wife. She rough too. Cousin, also a rancher, same age, says when I asked him how she was doing, “I think she is realizing how much on the ranch he did everyday.” We are compliments in marriage, but the really hard type work – in general – is better suited to us males, and honestly, we prefer it that way, desiring to make our spouses lives just a little easier.

      3. I tried my damndest to keep up with the men in blue-collar jobs when I was in my 20’s, knowing I couldn’t, and too stiff-necked to back down and accept the cubicle jobs. That explains a lot of the damage I have now, and why I can’t even keep up with some of the other women my age, and why I had to accept working smarter, not harder. The men I was working with back then are still working now.
        When it comes to fighting, I was a strong believer in not being there, and raised to use a knife if I got cornered. Now that I can’t run, I am a strong believer in concealed carry. I have no illusions of invincibility: I do NOT want to be on the receiving end of a man’s punch.
        Love at first sight? Unsure, but given his first sight of me was when I ID’ed his face, grabbed his luggage, and said, “Nice to meet you; get in the car!”, and then proceeded to *almost* outrun a volcanic ash cloud… He’s still here, 14 years later. If that ain’t a miracle, I don’t know what is.

  12. I look at the opening graphic and hear Lovin’ Spoonful doing “Summer In The City”. And I have a strong feeling of having spent a part of my life in places just like it.

  13. It was ‘interest at first sight’ and love at first conversation. Intelligent, funny, and beautiful. But I was 41, livin’ my adventure and working nights, she was 39 with a 4 1/2 yr old daughter, also working hard. Took us a year to get dating, another to get serious, another to get more serious, and yet another to marry. That was 30 years ago and I love her more each day. I feel blessed.
    SP RN

  14. Love at first sight. Not in Alabama, but yes, it does happen.

    Speaking of which, sin is an offence against caritas.

  15. My better half and I were blessed with love at first sight, or rather on our first dance (Argentine Tango). I would’ve married her on the spot. Such blessings are not bestowed on everyone.

        1. Yes, absolutely. You haven’t met my four daughters and ten grandchildren. It’s like herding cats, but they’re a hoot.

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