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The Chicago Way = The Obama Way

Chicago is one of the world’s great eating cities. It’s a great place to visit and I have friends who live in the City. I enjoy visiting them, I enjoy the city and I have nothing against Chicago’s people, but it’s corrupt, it’s been corrupt and it will likely always be corrupt. There is no sign of a turn-around on the horizon.

Barack Hussein Obama’s (Dear Leader’s) career was molded in and by Chicago Politics. It’s that very machine that propelled him to his present position as President of the United States. When he took office, the position was also “leader of the free world”. Last week in the United Nations, he informed us, that wasn’t his job anymore. Many Americans didn’t notice, the man on the street didn’t care — because there was nobody to tell him. The mainstream media didn’t cover it in the same way they don’t cover much of anything that can be construed as negative toward Dear Leader anymore.

This is one example of The New York Times killing a story (with considerable evidence) about corrupt behavior involving Dear Leader and ACORN:

William Ayers, Tony Rezko, Stuart Levine, Edward Vrdolyak, Dr. Robert Weinstein, Ali Alta, Joseph Cari, Jeremiah Wright, Jessie Jackson, P. Nicholas Hurtgen, Jacob Kiferbaum, Steven Loren and William Daley are not the only cronies from Chicago, but they are examples of the SYSTEM that built Dear Leader.

If you want to understand Dear Leader, you need to look at what created him, what molded him and not at the guy wearing expensive suits with a well studied line of blandishments.

**The Obama Campaign for the US Senate was funded largely by Tony Rezko. According to a number of sources including Evelyn Pringle and Jerome Corsi, Rezko’s funds tracked back to the “Islamic money mogul who was the bag man to Saddam Hussein at the height of his Oil-for-Food Scam”. Rezko is a convicted money launderer.

From CBS News: “A federal jury has found a prominent political fundraiser for Sen. Barack Obama and Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich guilty of 16 of 24 counts in his Illinois corruption trial. Antoin “Tony” Rezko was accused of scheming to get bribes from businesses seeking state contracts. According DuPage County State’s Attorney Joe Birkett, “The conviction of Tony Rezko represents a deep stain on the Democratic Party in Illinois. Democrats from top to bottom, including Barack Obama, stood idly by — and in some instances directly benefited — while the massive Blagojevich corruption scheme flourished. They rode into office promising to clean up after the George Ryan scandals and they have taken corruption in Illinois to a new low. They ought to be held accountable at the polls starting this November.”

**ACORN – The blatant graphic evidence that it is a racketter influenced and corrupt organization is not in dispute. The election fraud portion of the ACORN trial begins this week. Other criminal charges are pending. ACORN is Obama. Obama is ACORN. The loan fraud perpetrated by ACORN was in part, responsible for the mortgage melt-down that the US experienced last year, carrying over to the present. Mortgage fraud with tens of thousands of mortgages that failed because the recipients were unqualified can be laid directly at the feet of ACORN (and Dear Leader).

** Circa 2006, the FBI investigated corruption that included Illinois State Senator Barack Hussein Obama and the Illinois Teacher Retirement System. For a LONG list of investigative reports by Evelyn Pringle on this subject (CLICK HERE)

Check out this “transcript” from the official wire tap!!!

With a H/T to streetwise pundit, I pulled this according to — U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald says there is “nothing in the complaint” that implicates President-elect Obama but the affidavit suggests someone from the Obama camp was in touch with Blagojevich or his aides, if only to tell the Governor that Obama would not offer anything but “appreciation” in exchange for the Senate appointment.

I don’t know if the transcript of a recorded telephone conversation is correct or not. So I pulled it.

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