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Has the world gone mad? No, but the elites of Europe and America seem to think so and their new watch word is Xenophobia. Xenophobia, of course, comes from the Greek for “stranger” and “fear.” The idea here is that the British—in particular, the older, more rural and working-class voters—rejected an enlightened arrangement with Europe because they are either too stupid or too blinded by their own ignorance and prejudice to understand how good of a deal this is for them.  Being ruled by unelected Bureaucrats in Brussels with a New World Order in mind apparently didn’t appeal to them despite billions being spent on advertising designed to enlighten and keep the UK in the European Union.
Slow Joe Biden tried to find what was wrong with the world in a speech in Ireland last Friday in which he “reactionary politicians and demagogues peddling xenophobia, nationalism, and isolationism.” It’s “un-American,” Mr. Biden said, of the British BREXIT vote, which of course by definition is un-American.

There is a fear of people living in “fly-over country” who cling to God and guns. Speaking to his wealthy California patrons at a fundraiser in uber-chic Marin County, in 2008, Barack  characterized the people in “fly-over country” as folks who “get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them.” What could be more xenophobic? 

Clearly, xenophobia can only be exhibited by conservatives and constitutionalists. What you may mistake for xenophobia on the part of progs like Barack, Hillary and poor old senile Joe Biden, isn’t really xenophobia at all even if it looks, sounds and feels that way. (“War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength”)
Progs feel that Trump is xenophobic for wanting a wall along the border with Mexico. At present a wall exists along portions of the border but people pour over it to get to the US where they take jobs that could be filled by Americans. It may be xenophobic, or Islamophobic, homophobic, and possibly hispanophobic. Even though Trump is not a Texan, author, David Webber blames hispanophobia on Texas (currently considering a TEXIT).

“In essence, the Texas rebellion had been little more than a struggle for political and economic power, but early Texan historians elevated the revolt against Mexico to a ‘sublime collision of moral influences’, a ‘moral struggle,’ and ‘a war for principles’. … Hispanophobia, with its particularly vitriolic anti-Mexican variant, also served as a convenient rationale to keep Mexicans ‘in their place.'” – David Webber

When all the dust settles in Istanbul, I’m confident that they will find that it was more white, American, middle class, Anglicans who bombed the place. Just ask the mainstream media. That’s the default spin. Or some sand monkey did it because white, American, middle class, Anglicans didn’t show him enough love. Maybe they didn’t breast feed the ISIS terrorists when they were babies?

Make of all this what you will.


John (Swiftboat) Kerry, who has been wrong about everything since the Viet Nam War explains his theory.

I don’t know if there is a bigger tool in politics than Barack (Slow Joe is senile so he gets a pass) but I was going to say it’s John Kerry – but no, it’s Hillary. The progs consist of one big tool chest.

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  1. Mad? The world seems to be getting madder by the minute. I've arrived home to anti – racism demonstrations, young sprogs kicking off because the older generation have "ruined their future" by voting out when 68% of them couldn't be arsed to go out and vote – (probably because it was two for one on pints of Guinness student night and they had £20 from mum and dad's hard working toil in their pocket) and a possible new referendum being considered. You can't go on FB without everyone acting like it's the House of Commons and God help you if you voted out because that must mean you're an all- phobic, narrow-minded racist. Unless you embrace everything in some hippified, hand holding, delusional, fuck wit induced acceptance then you're a bigoted arsehole. Apparently…

  2. I think the time has come when most people who work for a living no longer believe what the politicians say. They are now catching on that it matters more watching what politicians do, and they are voting in droves against these scallawags and their One World Order nonsense.

    Sure, call it xenophobia, we are all xenophobes now.

  3. Proud to be a xenophobe!

    A couple of days ago hubby was stopped at a light by our new overpass (which brazenly flies not one, but two, American flags on the top.) Next to him was a skinny black kid on a bicycle. This kid appeared to be about 15 years old. He was screeching foul language and shooting the middle finger at the people in cars.

    Now this kid doesn't look like me, and frankly doesn't look much like anyone around here. What's he doing here? Dragged in by our government, no doubt. Yep, I'm a xenophobe 'cause I want that skinny black kid to go away, along with all the other strange people I'm seeing around here lately.

  4. Back in Britania – and people are as crazy an Alabama Snake Church.

    It's not racist to be concerned about Muslim terrorists because they are not a race. But as you mention, children who are spoiled by their indulgent parents are not constrained by having worked and sweated for a living.

    But I like your style.

  5. There was a time in America when dishonest politicians were tarred, feathered and ridden out of town on a rail – cautioned never to return. Is that practice politically incorrect or is it merely politicophobia? Maybe putting tar and feathers on politicians is also racist and homophobic. Still, the practice could be revived.

  6. An angry black child, likely not breast fed by a white woman – but likely without a father in his home, if statistics hold true. Thus he wasn't taken to the wood shed and taught manners by the grandma who was forced to raise him in her dotage.

    You would love living in SoCal, near a mosque as I do… for now, not for long.

  7. Since when did having borders and national sovereignty count as fascism? The progs are now full tilt insane — and remember in the '90s when conservatives warned against a secular rightleft NWO global superstate? They were dismissed as conspiracy theory cranks. Well, the camo netting's come off the wagon and there it is for all to see.

  8. John (Swiftboat) Kerry pronounced just a couple of months ago that the world our children would grow up in would be a New World Order, free of boundaries or borders. I guess the people who voted for BREXIT weren't listening to him. It's not a theory, just a conspiracy – and readily apparent.

    If there is a TEXIT, will it be opposed by UN troops?

    One thing is apparent, if there is a TEXIT, North Idaho will take all of the undesirables who want to leave Texas…

  9. I think the whole world is going crazy. Not just America.

    I Still hope that Louisiana will follow Texas…

  10. Just the Clinton and Bush Dynasties are enough to create the "As the Stomach Turns" series.

  11. Lots of practices merit consideration when it comes to dishonest politicians: keel hauling, horse whipping, drawing and quartering, stoning, hanging, electrocuting, lethal injecting, standing up against a wall and executing, impaling, crucifying, Iron Maidens, racks, dungeons, tossing to hungry lions, …

    I could go on, but I won't.

  12. It would be nice to have a COMPLETE list so that we could be able to choose if the matter was put to us. I realize that the firing squad seems too simple, but we are able to PARTICIPATE more fully rather than giving you a headsman's axe and letting you hack away at the wicked prog.

  13. Aren't you just the ray of Sunshine LSP. Ah, the young DLC levy arrives for training today. That explains it ;^)

  14. Can electroshock cure it? We need to fill my swimming pool with electric eels, then invite progs over for a fund raiser to help bring more terrorists to America.

  15. It's all for the best for,John Kerry, et all – if they had their way, would retract to t US border and wait for the world to end. Saying it was for the best.

  16. They clearly take NO RESPONSIBILITY for their actions. To do so wouldn't be progressive.

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