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Brothers in Arms

Brothers in Arms by Dire Straits, arranged by Capt Phil Trudgeon RM and performed at the Mountbatten Festival of Music 2022 in the Royal Albert Hall, London.


Bullet Points:

** Obama pushed trans surgery from a boutique medical care into a multi-billion-dollar annual enterprise in 2015 when he ordered insurance companies to cover the surgery and the pills. Dozens of children’s hospitals and the like began exploiting kids confused by puberty. New York Times reported, “Ohio lawmakers on Wednesday overrode Gov. Mike DeWine’s veto of a bill that would bar transgender minors from receiving puberty blockers, hormone therapy or gender transition surgery.

“The move by the Republican-controlled state legislature comes less than four weeks after the Republican governor’s veto. The state House voted on Jan. 10 to override Mr. DeWine’s veto, and the Senate has now cleared the way for the law to go into effect in 90 days.”

** Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) ZeroHedge

** You will only be criticized by somebody doing less than you.

** I don’t mean to brag, but cashiers always check me out.

** If you admit that you’re chubby, but you identify as skinny – are you transslender?

** Financial Times: “Chinese authorities are tightening limits on capital outflows by restricting access to funds that invest in offshore securities as the country battles a brutal market rout.

About a third of Chinese funds that invest in foreign securities under a scheme that bypasses strict capital controls have announced in stock exchange notices they have suspended or capped sales to retail investors “to maintain stable operations and protect investors’ interests.”

The Beijing-based manager of one fund focusing on US stocks said they had received informal instructions from the Shanghai Stock Exchange to reduce sales of such products targeting overseas markets after demand went “through the roof.” “

** Texas vs the USA – It’s about more than just razor wire.

** Big Volcano – “It is over 21.9 km (13.6 mi or 72,000 ft) high as measured by the Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter (MOLA), and is about two and a half times Mount Everest’s height above sea level.”

** BREAKING – FEAR OF TUCKER CARLSON IN CANADA: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (@JustinTrudeau) climate czar Steven Guilbeault accuses @TuckerCarlson of inciting violence in Canada last night with his speech and putting a target on his back.


The Wonders of Photoshop


Identify the Movie


Identify the Aircraft



48 thoughts on “Sorting Things Out

  1. Almost – Book is Six days of the Condor and Movie is Three Days of the Condor.

    From what I remember it was a cost cutting measure to save on time to pay the actors.

  2. Ie Jamaal Bowman. We had a pulled fire alarm in the auditorium of our primary school while a kindergarten class was leaving. Their teacher lined them up and went down the line and suddenly pointed at one young lad and pronounced YOU! He melted into a puddle of tears and admitted guilt. I asked his teacher later how she knew, and she assured me, “oh I knew before the lineup due to past performance!” So I guess the only difference between some kindergarten class and congress would be owning up to the deed?

    1. You’re anti-employee, anti-labor, an enemy to the little man. You’re doing for free what the checkers are paid to do. In essence, you’re a scab…

      1. I’m in a union, but I’m not really a “union guy”… it just came with the job.

        I agree with your jest though, LL – if the supermarket wants me to help them fire employees for higher profits, they’d damned well better give me a slice of the vig before I’ll co-operate.

        If I wanted to work for my food, I’d damn well grow it myself.

        – Kle.

        1. … and you only have to count half the pounds!

          I have always wondered why all the stores decided to install shoplift-facilitating technology, after all those years of sticking cameras everywhere.

          – Kle.

      1. Where I go, they’ve re-instituted baggers, along with the cashier.
        And they are always friendly. Brings back memories.
        I always choose those lines as I’m not a scab :)
        Or narcissistic.

  3. That 17k foot tall volcano on Mars… Earth mountions are measured against from sea level, I’m guessing that Mars volcano is measured against the plains at the foot of the what looks to be very eroded base of the mountain.
    I wonder what caused the erosion, it’s not like they have rain to do it?

    Maybe it’s where the ocean used to be.. what ocean you ask? I watched “John Carter of Mars” the other night, in that movie the bad aliens had already gotten rid on Mar’s oceans in their process to feed off the destruction of living planets…

          1. Truly enjoyed John Carter, but Taylor Kitsch was badly miscast. No gravitas at all. John Carter was the Warlord of Mars. Kitsch was fine as a lieutenant in Battleship, released that same year.

          2. FWIW I rather liked the John Carter movie. And I concur about Taylor Kitsch. I’m sure I’ve bitched and moaned about this before, here in fact, but there’s something physically repellent about TK. He might personally be a great human being, but something is off.

  4. I don’t know the mineral composition of Olympus Mons. As far as I know, none of the Mars Landers have gone there to scrape the volcano’s wall. The general guess is basaltic or basaltic andesite in composition, but that is based on volcanos on Earth, and it might be different on Mars. There was a big hot spot (gusher) when Mars’ core was hotter. Olympus Mons would have put a LOT of material into Mars’s atmosphere when it was active and may have put enough out to help keep liquid water on the surface. There’s no way for me to know. I’m guessing because I’m not a Martian geologist or ecologist.

    1. The rovers have found lots of evidence for rivers and lakes if not oceans. There appears to be a lot of ice under the surface. The question of the scarp is a good one, There isn’t anything like it here on our volcanoes. Uplift or subsidence, erosion seems unlikely.

      1. This is relying on my memory of stuff I read a long, long time ago. So, very well could be wrong.

        IIRC, there was a gigantic, nearly planet-breaking impact on Mars, way back in the day. Like half the planet is dented in, and the opposite half is bulged out. I think Olympus Mons is on the bulge side, and was enhanced by all that thermal load, and that the scarps are from when the bulge subsided partway back and the volcano was still growing.

        – Kle.

  5. DeWine is scum, he’ll have to answer for that one…tomorrow isn’t soon enough. At least the Ohio Legislature had the cajones to wrest control. Next should be the AMA and any Doctor Mengela wannabes to lose their medical license, pay restitution to those they’ve harmed, and maybe even jail time.

    Texas is fighting the enemy from within which turns out to be Washington DC. Unreal how far TPTB’s have fallen in order to protect their little ill-gotten fiefdoms. Time to clean house…not sure what that looks like but certainly a few ideas immediately come to mind.

    Enjoyed today’s and yesterday’s musical selections…how can you not love Zimmer/Gladiator…the gal did a great job mimicking Gerrard’s vocals which is a tough job. A good piece is always a good piece regardless (the axiom also happens to apply to firearms…funny that).

      1. Only partially. He signed an executive order that prohibits physicians from performing sex change surgeries on minors, that was in the original bill, but he didn’t touch the other two parts of that bill, bans on physicians from facilitating sex changes for minors (puberty blockers and such) and preventing transgenders from competing on female school sports teams.

        1. Just fact we have to deal with this insanity shows how far society has gone off the rails. No one would have predicted that “sex” (male, female) and “gender” (literary reference) would become interchangeable then expanded to mean anything…by the mentally ill who want us to make it all “normal”.

    1. The only thing I’ve heard of that seems like it has a shadow of a hope of working is to cut all benefits to zero. ALL benefits. Massively fine anybody found hiring them or any NGO found to be contributing. There are obvious problems with that – NGOs that swear they’re following commandments of their faith (cough – Catholic Charities or the DNC – cough) but just do a minute or so with the numbers like 30 million illegals and about 150 per plane flight to figure out how many flights it would take, or how many train rides (however many people can fit on a train).

      If it starts costing instead of paying to be here, maybe they’ll self-deport.

      1. my concern is that the pResident per EO will attempt an “Amnesty For Illegal Immigrants” before he leaves office, rather than the IRCA President Reagan signed in ’86.

        1. Blanket or class amnesty isn’t “legal” though I admit that there’s a lot going on today that is illegal and seems perfectly acceptable.

      2. Starve the beast (get more of what you subsidize, less of what you tax). This approach would work for DC as well.

      3. 30,000,000 divided by 150 per flight is 200,000 flights… The next question (maybe the big one) is flights to where?

        1. Stopping the flood would be very good, even if that were all that happened.

          Also, we don;t need to drive all of them away. A significant fraction are good citizens, and a benefit to the nation. My bus route runs through some very heavily recent-Latino-arrival locales. the kids are all assimilating fast. Spanish is a second language at best for any of them. Taking them out of town to a Voc magnet school, so either the kids or the parents have their heads on straight.

          One place I drive by every day, the family minivan is parked outside with the rear window vinyl lettered ” God, Work, Family, Success”. Not the sort of sentiment I often see in the “been here longer” communities, or up in the mansions by the Ivy-League school…

          – Kle.

  6. “3 Days of the Condor”
    Sparked my 12 year old imagination about the “Intelligence Community”.
    Years later joined the Army and actually wound up in an MI company.
    That dissuaded me from going any further in either the military or Intelligence.
    The egos, bureaucracy, and, quite frankly, stupidity and lack of common sense of leadership, taught me a ton about those institutions and life in general.
    I enjoyed my time in the military and am grateful for it.
    I cannot imagine the blinders new recruits must be wearing now.

    1. Today there would be a zampolit (political officer) watching your every move and reporting it. It’s not much different from living your live inside the ‘Aquarium’.

  7. Whoa, Ohio.

    Maybe every single one of those legislators will be sued class action style by the parents of their victims. But what am I saying, the parents are all in favor.

    Then again, cash is a great incentive.

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