Whose Face?

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Apparently progressives are pushing for an end to Andrew Jackson’s face appearing on the Twenty-Dollar Bill. (read here)
I’m not a fan of Andrew Jackson as presidents go, but I take it in a different direction than the New York Times did in the article referenced and a different direction than the liberal elite in America. They want the face of an Indian or an African on the banknote.

I think that Ronald Reagan’s face should be on the US $20.
It was Reagan who put America back on a sound financial footing after the disastrous Carter years. It was Reagan whose leadership ended the Cold War, etc. 

12 thoughts on “Whose Face?

  1. None of the other dead presidents have hats on in US Currency. You're absolutely right that this may be the time to set a new precedent.

  2. I think that Reagan has a better chance than either Lee or Jackson. Grant won, he's on the $50.

  3. We need a three dollar bill. I can think of one president who would be perfect.

  4. I think that we'd need to put a long beard and a turban on him to make the effect stick.

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