Where is the Federal Bureau of Investigation?

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I realize that some may feel that I’m being unfair here. Still, I have to ask the question. The FBI was built by J. Edgar Hoover (sort of) under the Department of Justice, and Hoover didn’t answer to anyone except his conscience for much of the time that he was director. When he departed, the Bureau changed and it’s changed so much in recent years that I wonder if he’d recognize it? I’m not lionizing Hoover — far from it. But, through much of their history they’ve tried to do the right thing. 

Director Mueller had his pants pulled down around his ankles in front of Congress last week. They asked about the investigation that FBI was doing in the IRS Scandal. It’s a criminal investigation and it’s the FBI’s job. This isn’t a two bit DVD piracy investigation. It’s big news and Congress is engaged with it. But Director Mueller could share no details because he didn’t know what the FBI was doing. Which brings me to the point: What is the FBI doing? Likely, nothing. Or if they are doing something, it’s way to secret to share with Congress?

(Greta Van Sunstren – Fox) In an unscientific poll conducted by Fox News, 90% of respondents felt that Director Mueller was stonewalling in his testimony.

(Fox Video) Was Director Mueller out of the loop? To be fair, he’s leaving and may not care. After all, his watch has ended and it’s up to his replacement to pick up the ball. That’s just human nature. He’s had a 12 year tenure and is looking forward to getting out.

Based on statements by the IRS victims, they have not yet been interviewed by the FBI. I find that shocking because the very first thing that must happen is that the victims must be interviewed (Investigation 101). And they’ve had 6 weeks to do that…

Following the attack on the US Consulate in Benghazi, an FBI team showed up two weeks later to look for clues in their criminal investigation. When they left, CNN went in and found a boat load of evidence including journal/diary information. Embarrassing, yes. Why did it take the FBI two weeks to get to Libya? If you did that with every crime scene, you’d never solve a single crime. More importantly, why didn’t seasoned criminal investigators do a thorough job? Even if you picked up every scrap of paper (indexed to where you found it) and examined it later, you’d be doing SOMETHING. We all know the answer, it was for show only. They’re not even making the effort to do the IRS case for show apparently.
Is the FBI conducting a criminal investigation at EPA where the Obama Administration deliberately targeted conservatives while leaving the Democratic Party contributors alone? No.
Who hacked Sharyl Attkisson’s (CBS) computer for information regarding Benghazi? I don’t have the answer but I suspect that I know, having been exposed to the black arts in my life. CBS confirmed that it was hacked and it’s a federal crime. Is the FBI involved? The answer to that question is that I don’t know. I would hope that they are and that they are taking this sort of thing seriously. Where do the bread crumbs lead and if they lead to the White House or to their own Department of Justice, or to the National Security Agency, will that criminal investigation be dropped? Likely.
And if this is true, and justice isn’t even close to blind, the FBI needs to drop the term, INTEGRITY, from all logos.
Every FBI Special Agent takes an oath to support the Constitution of the United States and to defend it against ALL enemies both foreign and domestic. That includes the Rule of Law and the ENTIRE Bill of Rights. The last I heard, they didn’t take an oath to cover for President Obama and his friends.

6 thoughts on “Where is the Federal Bureau of Investigation?

  1. I think Mueller is on the way out because he didn't drink the koolaid for the second term… And they HAVE been CYAing the administration!

  2. I heard that Mueller, who is wealthy in his own right, and 63 years old, just wants to get out of the rat race. I think that he'd drink whatever Kool Aid that was required.

  3. Mueller may, as you say, want to simply be gone. It's easier to defend saying "I don't know," than to step on your weenie with both feet. "I don't know," just makes you look stupid. A statement admitting about knowing of improper actions brings you into BIG trouble.

  4. You have to climb out from under the paper first. I have heard…there are committees, and executive positions, with the sole purpose of "reducing the administrative burden" on case agents. So far, I've heard, it seems like they have come up with numerous new forms, programs, websites, and virtual learning programs…in an effort to reduce the burden…but their work continues.

    Good news though, if it is true…workforce reduction of 3,300 between now and 2015 (that is the bad part) – 1,800 to come from DC (that is the good part). All agencies, like private entities, need to shrink sometimes, to increase efficiencies and define their focus. It is time at the Bu. Of course, there is also a hiring freeze, and no-transfer policy – which will cause more problems in the long run (especially for West Coast people stuck on the East Coast). If I were director, the hiring freeze would be a "severe raising of standards" instead, wherein they hired only the best of the best of the best. That will never happen.

  5. So long as the FBI and all federal agencies are hiring according to USGOV hiring standards, with points awarded solely on the basis of race and gender, (or any other single criteria such as that) they will get what they pay for — which will be a blend of superb, competent and really incompetent (but a protected class).

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