Valentine Vulgarity (Rule 5)

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Sometimes I’m shocked at what people will post on their blogs for holidays that some find to be touching and loving, such as this one, today. Yes, there are men such as the one pictured to the right that think this is funny or that I’m simply ‘cool’ to have posted this sort of near criminal quasi porn on my blog. It is for those very men that this is here. 
Keep in mind that all humans, whether they identify as gay or straight or even if they fall in the gray area of the transgendered, have a bottom. Having a bottom is not disgusting. It’s an anatomical reality. Finding offense in that reality is slightly disingenuous.
‘Bottom line’, it is my buddy, Woodsterman, who inspired this. Because you can’t worry about politics and the advance of the ObamaNation every single day. There must be relief and when better than on a romantic day like today? St. Valentine’s Day!

So to you men out there who celebrate 
Valentines’ Day every day (darned few), 
I dedicate the photo below.

9 thoughts on “Valentine Vulgarity (Rule 5)

  1. NFO, but this should be the norm. LL, I see you got my likeness to the right. Well, not exactly me, but the drool is right. The female form is great from any angle. Happy Valentine's Day you hunk. Thanks for the linkipooh.

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