Plague Observations (Washington Post)

Mapping America’s hospitalization and vaccination divide Using a bivariate choropleth map visualized the geography of vaccination and hospitalizations across the country.

Utah & Kansas would seem to stand out as the place for low vax and low hospitalizations.


1814 – Allies Invade France

Napoleon was more popular INSIDE France than he was OUTSIDE of France…


Identify the Tank


Countries that have less population than the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh


Housing Costs in California



Italy Leads the List

Annual world Pasta consumption per Capita.





  1. Thank you very much for the excellent maps and the hilarious memes of your last posts — I will shamelessly steal from both.

    The mystery tank required some attention to detail but the smoke extractor, the aprons and the turret bustle soon pointed me towards the Centurion; namely a mid-production model.
    The troops were more of a challenge: my first thought was “Israelis!” when I saw the iconic camouflage nets on the helmets. However, closer inspection of the picture showed several really ‘brown’* soldiers and at least two British helmets (‘soup plate’ type) so I am strongly guesssing that this picture must have been taken somewhere on the Indian sub-continent. Therefore it must be an Indian unit because Pakistan did not operate Centurions.

    *is it politically correct to call them brown? not that I really care …

    • Yes, it’s permissible to refer to persons originating from the subcontinent as “brown”. At least that’s what my Indian and Pakistani friends call themselves. What’s more, it’s a label that both they and the rest of us are allowed to use. (For extra credit, compare and contrast with the “n-word”.)

      Not caring is the crucial step towards freedom. “I’m sorry you feel that way, but it’s your problem, and not mine or anyone else’s.” The looks on the faces of the victimhood pimps when you say that in response to some accusatory-yet-whinging complaint or another is revelatory.

    • Martin, you so eloquently, succinctly state the path to divining the correct answer that I am astonished and amazed. In fact, so amazed that I must wonder if you have a life outside of Virtual Mirage.

      Well done, Martin!

  2. There were quite a number of Czech (and Slovak) Jews who emigrated to the U.S. between 1918 and 1937 who called themselves Austro-Hungarians and spoke the three languages, plus a Viennese German; settling primarily to the greater NYC area.

  3. I grew up half Slovak and there is still much confusion about people being Czech, Slovak or Czechoslovakian. I was raised in Schenectady, NY and there was/is a huge Slovak presence but its aging out as the children leave. Many relatives claimed that they were Slovak (Catholic) and that the Czechs were Lutherans/Protestants who of all things, welcomed the Germans with open arms. Some claimed the combined term as they were to young to remember the separation. Even now, they still ident as Czech as old habits are hard to break. It was as though half the family settled in Schenectady in 1920 and the other half in Dearborn, MI for some odd reason.

  4. Low vaccination and hospitalization here, and masks are rarely worn by anyone at the range. None of the staff and very few shooters. At last check, we had 15 cases in the county out of a population of around 30,000. Most of the in state silliness seems to be concentrated in the cities.

    • Utah stands out on many maps, partly because of the heavy British and Scandanavian presence of the colonizers, partly because of the health code of the LDS people. As states, it’s. set apart, but from what I’ve heard, Salt Lake City is becoming like many big cities. I haven’t been there in many years so I can’t say.

      • It exploded after the Winter Olympics with a convoluted freeway system. What hasn’t changed is residents driving like they are on the way to meet their maker.

    • The San Joaquin Valley (‘central valley’) in California as example, I see the hospitalization rate correlates with the ‘dirty air’ of intensive agriculture plus a geography ringed by mountain ranges which act to reduce air flow out of the valley.

      The map also appears to be per county. That is unfortunate because it does not discriminate between, as example, the northern and southern sections of Los Angeles County. The city of Los Angeles is in an area long known as the ‘valley of the smokes’ because topography created conditions favorable to increased concentrations of airborne particulates. LA County extends north out of the SoCal basin, an area which would not be subject to the aforementioned topography.

      The reason I mention topography here is because of the correlation and possible causation of respiratory problems viv a vis the virus.

  5. For the life of me I cannot understand this obsession with “Covid cases” as the national media et al are constantly hyperventilating about, keeping the false narrative alive daily. Makes zero sense. Did they do this with flu? Never. Yet this one affords their political football advantage, mainly due to people being ignorant of the facts and weak-minded…easily swayed by “the news”. For the first time in history a vaccine is being promoted to “protect your neighbor”. It’s moronic.

    Merckavectin (or whatever their idiotic focus group unpronounceable name they put on it), is ridiculous and unnecessary…but they got the so-called “treatment fix” part of the Administration deal whereas Pfizer etc. got the [not a] vax part. Billions made peddling smoke and mirrors. Intentionally demonizing and suppressing inexpensive long-standing therapeutics and/or antibody treatments is criminal, as is this vax that has pushed the virus year-round instead of seasonal. Smoke-fire.

    2018-2021 (thus far) overall mortality rates are statistically the same. No massive change year to year as The Fowch and his Mengele crew would have you believe. Special place in Hell.

    I can only pray those who got the vax don’t have some weird medical problems a year or two from now…injecting a manipulated DNA sequence into people can not bode well for the new host. The media will blame it on something else, never connecting the dots.

  6. Map of cases / beds skewed by lack of adjustment for beds/population.

    Of course, cases is an imbecilic metric, too.


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