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Barack apologized to the American people in a left handed way by saying that he was sorry that so many Americans were so stupid as to buy healthcare plans that they really never wanted. ObamaCare will still fix all of that. No delay — some sort of obscure fix is in the works. WHY DID THEY DAMAGE 20% OF THE ECONOMY IN THE FIRST PLACE?

  • No apology for throwing 120 million Americans off the health insurance that they wanted and replacing it with something that cost 300% more with vastly higher deductibles.
  • No apology for throwing COUNTLESS millions of Americans out of full time jobs into 29 hour a week employment.
  • No discussion of “saving 10 million” uninsured at the expense of 120 million Americans (1/3 of the nation?
What happened to the probe into gross Internal Revenue Service misconduct where they targeted political opponents to the Obama Administration? Has the executive branch of government fixed that? If so, details have not been forthcoming. Nobody has been held accountable by the Obama Administration.
Over a year later, we still are not certain what happened at the Benghazi Massacre because the federal government won’t allow the survivors to be interviewed by Congress. Obama promised a fix. We’re still waiting and so are the families of those murdered. Nobody expects Barack to turn on Hillary (the Bitch of Benghazi) Clinton so there will be no reckoning there.
Yes, today there are a few sacrificial goats in the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms who have been allowed to retire after the Operation Fast and Furious Scandal — three years ago. If that is what passes for a reckoning inside of the Beltway, maybe somebody is happy. The families of dead Mexicans and US Border Patrol and ICE agents are unlikely satisfied with that outcome.

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  1. Now he goes after the federal minimum wage – as if the states can not decide for themselves. Arkansas should have the same as California, as New York? Will his past lies and indifference matter? Will he be able to effectively campaign?

  2. Obama feels that only the Federal Government should govern — and his past lies likely will not matter. It will leave a mess in its wake in the same way that everything that he does leaves a mess for others to try and fix.

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