Putin’s Gambit


FBI Misdeeds

(American Greatness) …Instead, Kelly, outside the eyes and ears of the jury, held a hearing with both sides on March 9 to determine how to proceed after the defense team uncovered messages indicating FBI agents doctored internal reports, destroyed evidence, and tipped off prosecutors about defense strategy on the government’s highest-profile January 6 case.


Bullet Points:

** Title 26 (US Tax Code) is 81,000 pages in length.

** The 2nd Amendment does not grant Americans the right to keep and bear arms. It states the US Federal Government cannot pass any law or regulation restricting Americans’ right to keep and bear arms. So any law or regulations on firearms are Unconstitutional. Many State Constitutions state that state citizens cannot have their right to keep and arms infringed. So any state law or regulations restricting access to firearms are Unconstitutional.

** Iran and Pedo Joe –  President Joe Biden’s lax sanctions enforcement during his first year in office allowed $23 billion to flow into Iran’s coffers, even as the country armed the Taliban, attacked U.S. forces in the Middle East, and financed terror plots across five continents, according to a State Department report.

** God does not send you to Hell. He honors your choice.

** Just one member of Silicon Valley Bank’s board of directors had a career in investment banking, while the others were major Democrat Party donors. (Mail) So yeah, a bail-out.

** Lessons from the Canadian Experience:


The Way?


  1. “God does not send you to Hell. He honors your choice.” How very true. Poignant words to live (and die) by.

  2. Article I, § 6 of the Constitution of the State of Michigan provides that “[e]very person has a right to keep and bear arms for the defense of himself and the state.”
    Bruen ruled that guns weren’t only to defend yourself in the home.
    Dems don’t care.
    They are trying to limit your right to defend yourself in your home.

    • Walk around with that printed out in your pocket. I have a Constitution sitting in my pick up console at the ready.

      • Seems to me that anywhere you’d need it, that’s a good way to be “shot while assaulting an officer”.

        Maybe carry your lawyer’s card, and let him carry those other things?


  3. Remember when the sodomites (obviously not a pejorative any more) wanted the government out of their bedrooms? How quaint.
    That’s wear I keep my guns, and they want them locked in a safe.

  4. 2nd amendment. Washington governor Inslee is going to sign a bill outlawing several different types of semi-automatic pistols and rifles. This reportedly includes selling parts to repair these firearms. Clearly unconstitutional but it will have to go to the Supreme Court before Washington residents can get relief. Meanwhile the miscreants that proposed the law and passed it in the sate house and senate as well as the governor cannot be held accountable.

    Won’t happen but I would like to see an amendment to the state constitution that punishes politicians that pass and sign bills that are clearly unconstitutional.

      • A Kagan? Oh good, then Washingtonites are safe. What could possibly go wrong with a Kagan in charge?

        Just ask the Ukrainians! A Kaganovich was instrumental in the Holo[thing] that no one cares about, except the 4-8 million Ukrainian (and ethnic German) dead, and a Mrs Kagan engineered the current unpleasantness.

        • …and once (if) the law is found unconstitutional, they will just pass another illegal law, and repeat. Meanwhile, the citizenry remains oppressed, w/o hope of redress.

          Same thing going on here in R.I.


  5. “Just one member of Silicon Valley Bank’s board of directors had a career in investment banking…”
    I’ve known stock brokers who’ve had a very long career in the market and have made recommendations that have lost their clients quite a tidy sum.
    I’ve known race course touts who’ve had a very long career in their chosen field as well.
    “a career in investment banking” – doesen’t impress me all that much

    • Me either, but “bundler” or “democrat party operative” impresses me less. They got a no-show job for being a democrat.

  6. God honors your choice- Free will is ours to use, to our salvation or detriment. “He gave them over to their [proclivities]…” (Rom1:24) Dad told me it wasn’t my job to save the world, to pick your battles. Some people aren’t worth the effort, now more than ever, they have made their choice to follow the Father of Lies. So be it.

    SVB- Peter Thiel said he had $50 million in a personal account at Silicon Valley Bank when it collapsed, despite telling his portfolio companies to pull their money. Brothers comment: “Wizards of Smarts.”

      • It’s an admonition for a reason, similar to Jesus offering “But whoever does not receive you, neither listens to your words, when you depart from the house or from the village, shake the sand from your feet.”

        MrsPaulM got this from her grandfather: “A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still.”

  7. IIRC, the first constitutional convention for the new State of California was held in 1849.
    The subject of laws re. concealed carrying of firearms was broached.
    The consensus was that due to the Supremacy Clause the state had no ability to legislate anything pertaining to arms as per the 2nd Amendment.
    The next year the subject was again broached with the same consensus response.

    So, how did we these state laws that are all in violation of the Supremacy Clause and the 2nd????

    • Large numbers of people desire their own enslavement. I don;t understand it, but there it is.


      • Humans have social-political instincts similar to chimpanzees or wolves, except that most males get to breed. Most human are non-alpha, and want to belong to a strong alpha king, with benefits and duties going both ways. This is the instinctual desire to be a political subject. That’s where it comes from, it is brain firmware coded in genetics.

        The ‘most Americans want to be free’ meme is fiction and always has been. I’m guessing the reason is to get you to incorrectly assume most Americans will work for freedom, and thus are your allies. Napoleon knew soldiers are motivated by medals, and the American aristocracy knows Americans are motivated by the text of the bill of rights. But just the text, not the actual situation; Americans still happily obey 20,000 gun laws. https://www.lewrockwell.com/2004/10/jeff-snyder/walter-mittys-second-amendment

        Most humans want a government so they can be safely in the middle of a pecking order which they’ve manufactured with that government; not at the bottom where they get picked on, and not at the top where they have high expectations placed on them. If a people actually had political liberty, then the pecking order would be one layer deep, which is to say everyone would be at the bottom of the pecking order. Most humans will instinctively be driven to panic, and do anything to get off the bottom of the pecking order.

        • The bottom of the pecking order means that everyone pecks you. That’s not where ANYONE wants to be and you’re correct in that we create hierarchies to avoid that at almost all costs.

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