At Virtual Mirage, we bend to the demands of those who visit the blog more often than you’d think. You want more maps, you get more maps. It’s just that simple.

Don’t blame me (totally), look inwardly, or outwardly, toward those who insist on a map blog. You know who you are.



He terrified Corn Pop. Or was it popcorn?

In any event, it’s something to tacobout.

The writing staff here at Virtual Mirage reaches new lows in puns.


Syrian Civil War Map – June 2021

The Turks remain committed to retaining the territory that they seized by force.  Early in the conflict, they were going to march to Damascus and sort the place out, but the equipment losses, the expense involved and the lack of actual value they would garner, now owning the Syrian mess, has left them clinging to their turf as the Kurds continue to bleed them white. If you’re a Turk, you won’t like the way I characterized things, but I call them as I see them.

The Russians dipped their toe in the water too and didn’t find it very inviting.


ALL of the USA

Sometimes US territorial holdings in the Pacific are under-appreciated.


A Four State Solution

Four state solution for US, based on political ideology. It would work better if Free America had access to the Pacific through San Diego. Where should Iowa be? Free America or part of the Northern Alliance? I’d gerrymander the lines, but it’s not my map. Virginia, the Old Dominion, doesn’t see itself as part of Dixie anymore either… no offense intended.


German Diaspora across the World

I don’t identify as a Swiss-American, though I could, I guess, based on ethnicity. There are a lot of ethnic Germans in Switzerland and it didn’t get much traction on the map above.


Russia is bigger than Pluto

Russia considers itself its own planet. Why can’t Pluto get the same sort of respect from science?


How many U.S. counties have a population greater than the state of Wyoming?


More Americans were born in these states than currently live in them

Who Controls What in Afghanistan?

I listen to New World Order talking heads (usually former US Generals) expounding on Afghanistan. I don’t wretch and barf, but I usually want to. Big Army screwed the pooch there for twenty years – and hundreds of billions of dollars wasted. Now, they offer their enlightenment to Fox News viewers.

I guess. I’ve written a lot about Afghanistan in my life, most of it post-Soviet invasion, the rise of the Taliban, sponsorship by Pakistani ISI, etc. Once the US decided to go there, I didn’t see it but we couldn’t very well wipe out the Wahhabists in Saudi Arabia (our allies) post 9/11 could we? Special Ops forces and the CIA war worked out well enough with overhead artillery from B-52’s on-call. Then the Army put its nose under the tent and what was being managed went to hell. Not unexpectedly.



For how many years Duchy/Kingdom of Prussia ruled individual areas in Europe, 1525 – 1871.



Yukon–Koyukuk Census Area, Alaska, is the least dense county-equivalent in the United States. It has 5,230 people (71% Alaska Natives) living in an area larger than Germany (83.8 million people) or Japan (126.5 million people).


India vs China

What do you think about this Purple Assassin (who follows this blog)?


    • No. I’m aware of his work, but for the same reason that I don’t binge-watch the news, my reading just can’t dwell on all that/this topic. I found myself getting depressed during the plague – and getting angry – and that tended to suck the joy from my soul. So I changed. I try to be aware and alert and not spend my life in a rocking chair.

      Foxy Loxy (the local fox in the LL menagerie) reappeared after a two or three-month hiatus. So it was nice to see an old friend. I take a lot of joy in the local fauna and megafauna.

      I’m poised to hit the road today. And I keep busting up the surgery of last Feb. such that it never heals completely. My Independence Day resolution is to take it easy and let that happen. No more lifting heavy stuff like logs or steel framework or things that make me bleed again.

  1. I was trying to find an opportunity to use “lying dog-faced pony soldier”. Found it:

    “At Virtual Mirage, we bend to the demands of those who visit the blog more often than you’d think.”

    Uh, yeah, somehow I doubt that. (hehe)

    Maps…so many maps. (head explodes)

    Pluto is the proverbial red-headed step child in science. What group would spend any time thinking whether a planet is actually to be considered a planet? Hurtful scientists…I say Pluto Life Matters!

    • Yeah. I do try and blog on things of interest to both myself and those who read the blog. It’s not always easy, but I do watch comments, read e-mail, and take note of the level of traffic. I’m sure that I’d pay more attention to things if this generated revenue.

      As to Pluto – how can people just dismiss a planet that has been part of our lives for so long as a KBO (not a planet). Mickey Mouse named his dog Pluto – would he have done that if Pluto was NOT a planet, but a paltry Kuiper Belt Object? I doubt it. When people tell me that Pluto isn’t a planet, I say, “Uranus!”

      • Eclectic is good, keeps things interesting for those of us “not doing the blog work”.

        h/t for “taking it a little easier” (altho the evidence here belies that sentiment, a lot of work in this thing). I determined a couple of years back that simpler is usually better when we get more seasoned.

      • Well, since the planetary coup occurred when most of the Pluto-is-a-planet were out of the room, so much for scientific consensus.

        • It’s like the plague. WEAR A MASK! Take your shot even if you’ve recovered from the plague. If you die of the shot, you’ll die progressive.

  2. va cedes the top 3 counties to the north, then draw a line along the basic latitude of mason/Dixon as clearly the southern half of all those border states are with dixie or libertas…..yeah, we were successful when supporting the muj, and then again with the northern alliance and every time a conventional force tried to occupy Afghanistan they got their butt kicked on the way out. i said as much watching it unfold from my hootch in bosnia. but i really wanted in on the action. glad now that i didn’t get my way. as for maps, more blondes.

    • More blondes? There is always room for more blondes. I’m trying to keep this a family blog, but yeah, we can do that. I need to lure Jules Smith (England) back to comment again. She’s a blonde. Sigh, yes, blondes.

  3. I’m sure Missouri would prefer to be part of either Libertas or Dixie. Except St. Louis and probably Kansas City. Both would be more comfortable in The Union.

    • Maybe those cities would be willing to accept island status and pay the toll to bring goods in? The woke are always happy to spend more money on masks, energy, taxes, food, and vaccines.

      • P.S. Wall the cities off, put brutal guards and savage dogs on the walls to keep them in.

  4. Wyoming has just enough water and jobs to sustain their population. In addition, you need to be tough to live there, especially winters.

    A personal joke is when I go to Hell, the Devil will make me work in an outbound call center located in Wamsutter.

    • Jackson Hole is kind of a woke center in Wyoming. I recall many years ago when it was a nice place before all of the mansions went up.

        • Two lines of truth from “Wind River”:

          1) This isn’t the land of Backup, Jane, this is the land of “you’re on your own.”

          2) [Jackson] Save your money. When the wolves start eating their Golden Retrievers, that land’s gonna go for pennies on the dollar.

          • Cory Lambert: Wolves don’t kill unlucky deer. They kill the weak ones. You fought for your life, Jane. And now you get to walk away with it.

            Wind River is a great movie.

            Martin: Heard about what happened. Heard there’s one still missing.
            Cory Lambert: No. No one’s missing.
            Martin: How did he go out?
            Cory Lambert: With a whimper.

    • I have been to Wamsutter. It sure looked like the nope center of Wyoming as far as I could tell.

    • Yes, “Island Status” or perhaps “Protected Territories”?

      Here on the Front Range Urban Corridor, I could allmost claim to have “Beachfront Property”!

    • I had to look up Wamsutter. Yup….not much there! I drove past it twice the summer I spent in Idaho, and on the way home, I bugged my Dad to stop at a steak house I Rawlings that we’d stopped at on the way out. Best steak I’d ever had, both ways!

  5. The NE Corridor, and probably Atlanta too, should be part of Olympia.

    In fairness, Providence County only has a few more people than Wyoming.

    I expect those airport upgrades in Kashgar and Hotan are more for the benefit of the CCP Afghanistan move, than for the India border. But they could be useful in both places.

    I wouldn’t blame Big Army entirely for the Moon War in Afghanistan, they had a lot of help screwing it up from Swampians.


    • Big Army became an extension of the Swamp. They tend to end up in that place wherever they go in large numbers.

  6. I enjoy/appreciate your “maps”. One point, though: I find I’m unable to enlarge/expand them.
    Back undergrad (~’60/’61), My advisor assigned a Sikh TA to make certain that I didn’t dissolve the lab. We got along great, even though he was vociferously outspoken about our “incursion” into SE Asia. One day he wasn’t there; I asked the prof who told me he’d flown back to fight the Chinese who were making advances into his village. As Luther pointed out, I guess it’s all about who’s ox is getting gored.

  7. A blonde with a beer is a fine way to start the post LL. Those of us in Southern Oregon and Northern California would much rather be a part of Libertas. In the quest for a port perhaps we can march on Frisco and clean it out. Coos Bay is not large enough.

    • There is a fish joint at the docks at Coos Bay that I really like. I don’t know if it’s still open. I went there, ate a couple of bites, called for the chef and he came out with attitude. I said, “This is the best fish I’ve ever had. What is your secret?” He said, “It was swimming two hours ago.”

      I’ll lobby to bring Josephine County and a few more into Free America.

  8. The pretty gal with the beer could be a stand in for younger sister #2 except the hands.
    As for the tacos there’s no doubt I could handle the first eight. I’ll leave the bottom four with what looks like sea bugs to who ever.
    The Prussian map is telling to say the least.
    I had a not so run of the mill hernia surgery done a little over a decade ago and didn’t take the healing time seriously(employees,customers) and created another problem because of it. Let your body heal how ever long it takes.

    • The bottom tacos are al pastor (bbq pork), best of the lot.

      You have a pretty sister.

    • Tacos — I’m from SOCAL, DRJIM, and I have a discriminating taste in tacos. It’s difficult to find great ones this far from the Mexican Border.

      • Yep, same here. We have a whole slew of “Mexiacn” restaurants, but only two of them approach the quality of the Mex food in SoCal. And oriental food is even worse. So far we’ve found ONE place that serves something close to what was available in SoCal. The other places don’t cook the food in the sauce. They cook the food, then dump whatever kind of sauce you want on it. NOT the same!

        At least we have good Middle Eastern food here. There’s a Jordanian place up by CSU that’s excellent.

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