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The mainstream media has a genuine love affair with the People’s Republic of China. The love runs so deep that they are unhappy with anyone who points out that the Chinese Plague was a Chinese bio-weapon with an early (accidental) release.

That deep and abiding love extends to the World Health Organization and the UN in general. The WHO is said to be an extension of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). You can make up your own mind, but I think that listening to the rantings of The WHO should have the same credibility as AOC, or a dog, barking at a full moon. Or the squeal of rats fighting over a piece of cheese in a filthy alley. All the same metaphor.

So there we have the World Health Organization, covering for China, lying to the rest of the world, lulling them into a false sense of security. The question for America is – how should we deal with them (and with the UN) in the future. It’s not just that we need to reexamine our relationship with the People’s Republic of China – and the UN – it’s everything that they touch. Treat it as if it’s the plague.

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  1. In recompensation to the U.S. for the economic damage that the Wuhan virus caused, perhaps the US should vacate all debt to China. Our balance sheet would certainly look a whole lot better, for whatever that’s worth.

    We’re even Steven now.

    I suspect China would get irked at that. Mighty irked, indeed.

    1. The Chinese would likely put a pox on us….oh, wait, they already did – and it worked remarkably well.

      I thought about that sort of move. They’d likely sell their US Treasuries. It might prompt other governments to cancel debt to China, and that would be INTERESTING. I’d buy popcorn. Italy and Spain would do it now if they thought they could get away with it. The PRC response would be interesting as well. They’d stop doing business with ….the world? Sit behind the Bamboo Curtain, angry and pensive? Maybe they’d unleash a new bio weapon on the world?

        1. The dollars in your wallet are also Federal Reserve Notes. If we did that, the value of treasury bonds would be somewhere below junk status (we’d have to pay a lot more money in interest to support our national debt). So, no, that won’t work. A contract is a contract.

          We could go back on the silver standard, but I don’t know if there is $24 trillion in silver on the planet. It would mean a re-thinking of the dollar to the way that it used to be.

      1. So would most of the failed nation-states of Africa and Central and South America, and many nations in South Asia. I’m sure Australia and New Zealand would enjoy cancelling their debts, along with the Philippines. ChiCom does not want to try to get pissy with the debt thing, as long as we have President Trump.

        1. If the US were to cancel debts, it would cascade around the world and they’d all be coming to the table to do that like Mexicans at a green-card give-away.

  2. Something ain’t quite right with the blog hosting, but I sure don’t understand what.

    The Blogger link I have to this site shows the post name, but the post isn’t here when I load the home page, virtualmirage.org. I was looking for a “contact me” address on the right side bar and the post showed up under Recent Posts, which is how I got here. If I click on the post’s name in blogger, it does take me here.

    The “recent posts” menu shows several posts that I don’t see at virtualmirage.org. Everything after Thought of the Day is missing.


        1. Again, FWIW, I use Firefox so maybe this isn’t available in all browsers. I deleted all cookies for Virtual Mirage and it restored normal use.

          At least for the last two minutes.

          1. Sorry it’s been a hassle for you. I can’t post or do anything with Safari.

  3. I like the cancel all debt part. And I’d like to see all affected countries follow suit.
    And yes, order popcorn.

    I’ve not had a lot of blogger problems like SIG; but I have had the occasional link take me to something else.

    And of course, still no notification of other comments to the post.

    1. There are a number of programming tasks ahead. Please be patient. Word Press is very new to me.

      1. I delete browsing history then load vm.org, comes up correctly. If I load the website straight off the previously viewed “edition” loads.

        1. That may be the solution. A lot depends on which browser you’re using. Glad that it works better now.

  4. Interesting premise… And that would cause, I think, a massive Chinese reaction. Their economy is already teetering due to the trade war and that just might push them over the edge.

    1. We need to re-think our priorities as a nation. Almost anything necessary could be produced in North America: Canada, USA and Mexico, to satisfy the needs of those people. The overages could be sold abroad, of course, but we need to bring it all back and we need to separate ourselves from parasites such as The WHO and other puppets of the Communist Chinese.

  5. Agreed.
    “Bring It All Back” should be the slogan for the next decade.
    I truly hope that this situation results in a general rejection of Chinese manufactured products and businesses that continue to utilize them. All the players must be held accountable.
    It will take time to untangle ourselves from the webs they and their willing lackeys have woven around us.
    We The People can make it happen if we can just maintain our resolve.

    1. It will take time to untangle ourselves from the webs they and their willing lackeys have woven around us.

      I think that’s really key to keep in mind. We need to reject leaders that subject us to foreign entanglements (George Washington) and forge a way forward without China. Global partnerships are fine, but North America needs to be self sufficient. Note that I include Canada and Mexico. I’d also include Great Britain to the extent that they want to join in that partnership more fully. It doesn’t mean that any nation gives up its identity or its capacity to act independently. But that union should rule out buying anything critical from China.

      Mexico is very much a narco state and I’m going to post a caveat that Mexico can only be great again when it separates itself from drug cartels that essentially run it today.

      1. It’s curious to me that solidarity and subsidiarity, ie. self-sufficiency within the bounds you describe, used to be leftist slogans. That’s “fascist” now as opposed to a global superstate run by a handful of unelected hyper-rich? All hail the New World Order.

        Yes. Bring. It. Back.

        1. To the progs, everything is “facist, Islamophobic, racist or sexist”. I find that tedious, don’t you?

  6. Aren’t we all looking at China from our perspective; what being broke would mean to us, and the social upheaval that follows.
    Do the Chinese mandarins, currently called communists, really care? The long term history of China suggests otherwise.

    1. Things have changed in China. Really. I’ve been there. And it’s not like it was. People drive around in fancy cars and live in expensive apartments in the cities. No more Mao jackets. Peasants are peasants. They don’t want their happy time to end, and that’s exactly what is happening. The citizens of China will blame their government.

  7. Well, as to the UN, I think their usefulness was over about the time they started the “Blame Israel for Everything” stance, and started putting actual despots and murderous thugs on the Security and Human Rights councils.

    That, and the extended theft that is linked to any UN program, anywhere. Theft, murder, slavery, prostitution, name the evil, and it’s all associated with any UN program, even UNICEF (also known as Money for Despots.)

    Then, by inference, the WHO. Which has shown over and over again that it is a useless collection of indifferent politically connected semi-medical people, many just this side of being a failed village shaman. And full of corruption, theft, and most likely murder, slavery and prostitution and name the evil…

    How I wish the US would leave the UN, the WHO, and any program associated with the UN or the WHO. Let the wonderfully rich Europeans or Middle East principalities or the good Communist and Socialist nations take the lead for once. Gee, how much better the world would be if the ChiComs, Venezuela and Cuba all paid for the world’s poor and unhealthy, and maybe some of that noted ‘muslim’ charity they keep talking about but never show…

  8. i once visited Nepal for three months. they have China on one border and India on the other. access from either side is very fluid. Chinese need only present a passport. no fees required. India only present an id. no passport or fees. in the stores, many goods stocked from both countries. if you ask the locals which is better, they always say, go ahead and pay a little more for the Indian version. because the Chinese version will fail quickly. funny story about that kind of thing. shopping in a Chinese kitchen goods supply store. shopping for a thermos. found a stainless steel one, advertised as unbreakable. bought it. (it actually held up really well). after finishing transaction, shop owner tells me “if it ever breaks, bring it back, i guarantee it”. funny.

    1. I enjoy travel. Ok, I enjoyed it before the plague hit. Now I’m trying to be responsible by (a) not traveling (b) not sneezing on anyone. The story is a fun one. I have similar. China always fascinated me.

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