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HARRIDAN. A hagged old woman; a miserable, scraggy, worn-out harlot: derived from the French word HARIDELLE, a worn-out jade of a horse or mare.
All hail the Democratic Party choice for anointed queen.
And if you are critical of my depiction of the word-of-the-day, I have only one response for you: “What difference does it make.”

29 thoughts on “Word of the Day

  1. How do you market that? She is the Democrat Party's worst nightmare…And it helps me sleep at night.

  2. Race: When it comes to Demoncrats, it sure does seem that one man's nightmare is another's wet dream. There is after all no accounting for taste.

    LL: accurate quoting is important. What difference – at this point – does it make. Her tortured phrasing there was telling. She was trying to squirm out of any accountability for the events that erupted in Libya, now well known to have been her hands-on Op, and oh what a clusterfuck it turned out to be.

  3. I've read how she treated the White House staff and the Secret Service agents. Why would anyone think she won't harbor the same feelings for all us little people.

  4. It can start with you, spreading the word with people you work with…

    The Democratic Party should have cut out the "it's my turn" problem that has plagued both Dems and Reps and simply encouraged people to run against the Harridan (or the Bitch of Benghazi – as you please).

  5. I'm sure that the deleted e-mail had nothing to do with the Benghazi Massacre.

    Hillary Clinton is about as far from "Servant of the people" as you can get.

  6. She's reptilian – and if that's what America wants, it will be four more years of ObamaNation with her special stamp on it.

  7. Harridan, harpy, crone, same same. I personally like the 'Bitch of Benghazi' myself. Describing Benghazi as a 'clusterfuck' is an insult to all clusterfucks out there.

    We could not have had a worse person in charge of that mess if we tried. Even Joe Biden would probably have done something right, regardless of how trivial, given the reigns in Benghazi.

  8. And to compound it, she told the families of the deceased that it was all due to a "hateful video" even though she knew that the video had nothing to do with the Benghazi Massacre. It was screw-up based on cover-ups for inadequacy and the fear of embarrassment for gross incompetence. And the Bitch wants to be leader of the free world.

  9. HARRIDAN. Some words were created, just to describe Hillary Clinton. Credit to 17th C France.

  10. There's another word for her that begins with a "C" – lemme see now, corrupt, contemptible, crooked, currish, criminal …. I know there's more.

  11. Great word. I hear some feminists are complaining that everyone uses Hillary's first name. Of course the leftists do so they won't label her a Clinton. But I think we ought to consider a title, like "Her Most Royal Harridanness."

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