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Is it time to lease some currently idle Russian tugs? They have experience escorting the less-than-sea-worthy Russian aircraft carriers from here to there. The British aircraft carrier HMS Prince of Wales is at anchor near the Isle of Wight feared to have suffered damage to her propellor shaft. It’s likely a manufacturing defect. She was to have participated in joint exercises with the US off the coast of North America.  It’s better to find the bug now than when you’re engaged in active combat, toe-to-toe with the Chicoms.

Prince Charles, the actual Prince of Wales, known domestically as a ‘dim bulb’ was apparently not onboard his ship at the time the bent propellor shaft was discovered. Charlie is pictured, left, in the uniform of a fleet admiral. I’m not throwing stones, though. America has its own admiral, who is infinitely worse than good old Charlie, heir apparent to the British throne. He picked an ugly wife to succeed Lady Dianna (who was hot), which is sort of the course that he’s charted through life.

America has Richard (Dick) Levine, pictured next to the nuclear energy undersecretary. It seems that no matter how low somebody goes, it becomes the job of the Brandon regime to “go lower”. It’s a challenge that they accept gladly and it’s one thing that they seem to excel at.

Why do all these men dress in drag? And why is it cool? It’s the perfect time to segue into the She-Hulk wokeness (below)

The Woke cannot tell a story, despite being highly paid mavens of the story-telling business.

The Critical Drinker reviews She-Hulk

 Ace of Spades recommends this same clip. The words below are his:

Gary from Nerdrotic read what, if I remember right, were “the rules” that a Hollywood source gave to him, regarding how to properly “represent” women in movies now.

One of the key rules was: No woman can ever learn anything from a man, ever.

Men have nothing of use to ever teach a woman. So in any show or movie where a man is naturally a more experienced mentor, as in She-Hulk, the female character has to act like a brat, reject everything he says, and show that she doesn’t need any of his wisdom because she already knows it all and is already better at everything. This is exactly what happens in She-Hulk.

This is why Kathleen Kennedy was determined to kill Luke off in The Last Jedi, even after Carrie Fisher died — she could not stand the idea that a man would actually teach Rey the ways of the Force. Only a woman can teach a woman, even if you have to generate that woman from old footage and CGI.

Oh, and also, women must always be shown to be stronger, more capable, smarter, etc. than men and always beat men in every contest, from an argument to a physical fight.

One thing that doesn’t seem to be a rule but is just something that happens in every Girl Power “entertainment:” the female characters are never challenged and never defeated and always sleepwalk through their supposed challenges and torments easily besting everyone. This happens in comic books, like “Captain Marvel.” It happens in the movies — like, Captain Marvel, again. It just seems to be that when women sit down to imagine what “heroic fiction” is, they imagine it as just a hero beating the stuffings out of one easily-dispatched tomato can after another. They just seem to crave a straightforward empowerment fantasy in which the empowerment is… Omni-Powered. This makes for very boring “entertainment,” which is why all these ventures fail and lose money. (Or make money only because Marvel lies and pretends you have to see Captain Marvel understand the conclusion of the Thanos saga.)

Yet they keep doing the same thing every-single-time.

Huh, maybe if these inexperienced would-be female writers of heroic fiction sat down with experienced older male writers of heroic fiction, they could learn the rules of the hero’s journey and learn that the hero has to start off by failing and being bested by his nemesis early, at least once and sometimes several times. But of course — no woman can ever learn anything from a man.



  1. I was raised to act like a gentleman, and most young women raised to act like a lady. In todays culture, some might find it’s not what they want, but they don’t realize the concept is what keeps a healthy society glued together. Men have a strong urge to procreate, and women are usually their chosen partner. Remove the boundaries, and regardless of public opinion, the results are a far cry from the imaginary society portrayed by Hollywood.

    • Perhaps it is the area I live in but daily I see young adults acting in the same manner my generation was raised to act in public. Gives me hope. When a younger person holds a door open for this old geezer I make it a point to thank them and usually get a smile in return.

      • I see it in smaller communities. In larger cities, I’m sometimes amazed at the behavior. It looks as though the only goal for too many of both sexes is unlimited rutting without responsibility.

      • We were once late arriving to my brother-in-laws house to assist in an addition to his house. I got out of the car as did my young son and got my tools and went upstairs to join the others. After an our, my son approached me and asked why Scherie was still in the car. I dropped my tools and went down to the car to open the door for her.
        She was doing the checkbook and looked up and smiled and said “I knew you’d remember.”
        I wonder how many womyn are jealous when they see me get her door.

          • As it should be…regardless if you get the door for some gal and she doesn’t acknowledge the gentlemanly act – t’s in the doing that matters.

  2. In my life I have never overused words like moron, bum, reprobate, cretin, etc…or even evil…as much as I have in the past few years. Something in that, and it’s not just awareness of the goings on…has to be the massive change in political climate with the current crop of players who have gained prominence. I see no remedy as they appear unable to gain humility and come to The Lord.

    Tossing this out…Maybe it’s just me, having had a strong mother who had a separate role equal to my father but was never subordinate:

    When Feminism came along it took a wrecking ball to woman’s confidence in their critical societal role through the “empowerment” strawman. The “oppressed” false narrative (in polite societies) obscures half of God’s prescription for humanity, ultimately obliterating woman’s understanding as The Gatekeepers.

    Real woman do not require the constant promotion we get from media sources, they already know they are important and critical to societal success.

  3. “women must always be shown to be stronger, more capable, smarter, etc”
    That aspect in TV and movies has been playing out for years. I first really noticed in the 4th season of Stargate, I think it was? All of a sudden Col. O’Neil was, basically, an idiot and whatever-her-rank Carter had all the answers.
    I hated it.
    Same with Voyager. Captain Katheryn Janeway. I despised it.
    Can’t help with the tanks, sorry.
    You all be safe and God bless.

  4. OK, Prince Cider is a gentleman, well, a man. So too is our 4 Star addition to Naval command. Maybe that makes us equal. But the US does have a Navy, still, there is that.

    • National Command Authority is working hard to disable our navy from the human side of the equation. CDR Salamander is a great source for current debauches.

      • Yes. CDR Salamander is a great place to visit for a better understanding of what is happening in the Navy. I also enjoy Navy Matters for some decent info and lively comments. I am not sure the guy that runs the site is thought of in the same way as Salamander but he seems pretty knowledgeable. I served in the Army in the 80’s and the military of then is nothing like now but I do try to keep up to date on things and this site and others are always full of good info.

  5. How can a ship a full year in commission wind up with a bent propellor shaft? Though from the limited news maybe it is something else? When I was on the ole Swayback (now HY-80 grade razor blades) we suffered damage to a reduction gear. Not the noise you want to hear when you’re the throttleman (yours truly). Of course that ship had been in service more than two decades.

  6. Fantasy in so many ways, but that’s all the left knows. It ‘fits’ their agenda (if you beat that square peg in the round hole hard enough). Re bent shafts, it’s not unusual in the big decks. They normally turn them over a low RPM (3-4) even sitting pierside to keep the shaft from bending.

  7. I like the Critical Drinker’s review. I nearly always agree with him. He also writes thrillers under the name Will Jordan.

    • CD is a hoot….always sounds plastered. He reviewed Master and Commander and said it was one of the best war movies ever made.

  8. Wonder if the RN cut corners and went cheap like they did in the 1970’s when they built warships with aluminum. They found out the hard way in 1982 Falklands that it was a bad idea.

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