The Empty Promise

For the last twenty years, we’ve been promised an end to winter as global warming sets in and the Arctic and Antarctic ice sheets vanish.

National luminaries like AOC, Slow Joe Biden, and the Ho have promised us an end to ice unless it’s going into a glass with an adult beverage. If they are to be believed, why is there a race to build more and better icebreakers?



US Army’s experimental light tank: ELKE (Elevated Kinetic Energy), an M551 Sheridan chassis with a rapid-fire 75-mm smoothbore gun. The turretless design allowed for a lighter weight tank and gave it the ability to shoot over obstacles, but proved too complex for production in the 1970s. Fast forward fifty years and the Army is dusting off the design for a robotic ELKE.


Supporting Creepy Joe

A KC-135 Stratotanker is orbiting ACK while Slow Joe is on Nantucket vacationing.

Why didn’t they just stay in the White House? They could have told senile, nasty old Joe that they were in Nantucket at the Nantucket White House. He would have bought off on it and it would have saved the taxpayers millions of dollars. How many gallons of jet fuel is burned during this vacation?


The Lancet

The Lancet has just published an urgent warning to high-level government officials to stop falsely claiming that “the unvaccinated threaten the vaccinated for COVID-19.”

“There is increasing evidence that vaccinated individuals continue to have a relevant role in transmission”

“It is wrong and dangerous to speak of a pandemic of the unvaccinated,”

It warns that “historically, both the USA and Germany have engendered negative experiences by stigmatizing parts of the population for their skin color or religion.”

Ending with an urgent plea, “to stop the inappropriate stigmatization of unvaccinated people, who include our patients, colleagues, and other fellow citizens, and to put extra effort into bringing society together.” “


We’re down to 30 shopping days remaining.


  1. Both the Polar Star and Polar Sea were built in Seattle by Lockheed Shipbuilding. Whatever expertise Lockheed has in building airplanes didn’t transfer over to shipbuilding.

      • Likely all it is good for. Both vessels suffered from many flaws and bad workmanship. The construction management was horrid. Later some of those f^^^ups went to work at the Todd Shipyard where they messed up the WA State Issaquah ferry. Landlubber me can’t cite the reasons but one of my crew was a deck officer on the Enterprise and had a lot to say. One of those engineers ended up as President of the company where I was the General Manager. Three months of dealing with him and the people he brought with him was enough for me.

  2. Well, to be frank, we (the USA) really doesn’t need icebreakers because most all of our deep-water ports are never ever going to freeze over unless there’s a real ice age. At which time the problem isn’t iced ports, but glaciers grinding the infrastructure into little bits and no icebreaker can help with that.

    Russia and Finland, on the other hand, way too many ports that get frozen in during wintertime. Thus the need for icebreakers.

    Short of needing to completely rebuild the Antarctic bases during the middle of the winter down there, we really don’t need many ice breakers. Well, maybe on the Great Lakes, but winter shuts down the traffic due to just miserably bad weather conditions anyways.

    As to remote turrets, the technology really wasn’t there for big-gun remote systems mounted on vehicles until the late 70’s to early 80’s at the earliest. Now there were big-gun remote systems, but they needed power and equipment found on ships, not shoehorned into a light tank chassis.

    • We do have Alaska and some of those arctic interests, so it’s a good idea to have some ice-breaking capability, but we’re not Russia. At present, Polar Star is held together with spit, baling wire, and good wishes.

  3. Maybe there is hope for The Lancet, but the mack daddy of medical journals, The New England Journal of Medicine, has its editor-in-chief, Dr Eric J. Rubin, MD, PhD of the Brigham and Women’s Hospital, on record saying that he is favor of Jabbing 5-11 year olds because how else would we know what the effects of the Jab on children are?

    Primum non nocere my ass.

  4. Coulda saved even more by getting Nantucket Joe a nice mug and hoodie from Black Dog and told him he had a great trip to the island, even got to see his old buddy King O. The circling airship is bizarre and mostly for show.

    About time The Lancet got back on track, altho might be too little too late as so many have been hoodwinked into believing masks, shots, lockdowns, the arbitrary 6’ bravo sierra actually does anything to maintain personal health security while they walk around in abject fear of leaving the house.

    As for GW, rational people not invested in scams, schemes, general hyperventilation over yet another Chicken Little deal, understand it’s JUST WEATHER and taxing us into oblivion to “fix the weather” is asinine at best. These are the same types who think we can obliterate a coronavirus with 42 booster shots instead of realizing they are obliterating the recipient in the process but will never correlate the two when the bodies start piling up a year or two from now.

  5. Well I have heard that South POLE Base had the coldest winter last year on 78 years by a margin. I live in the Copper River Basin of Alaska and I would estimate we had an early freeze up this winter and when my daughter picked me up from the hospital in Anchorage she traveled through -40 in some areas and it was -32 when we pulled in our driveway and right now at 9PM it’s -20 headed for -25 tonite. A little cold for November even in this part of interior Alaska. So winter is here

      • The promise of global warming seems to be ever more distant with temps like that. Al Gore and AOC have been promising highs in the 80’s and lows in the ’60s in the Arctic. Of course, it’s all bullshit – just like everything they put out.

      • If I have to plug my car in to keep the antifreeze from freezing and cracking the block, it’s too cold. I realize that many of this blog’s readers live in that country. But I’m turning into a wimp in my old age.

  6. What an absolutely fantastic Christmas idea with an Easter gift to follow! How generous of you to give us such fabulous ideas, LL. I’m gonna start calling you Santa!

    *Buy Them The Gift That Keeps On Giving*

      • Thanks, Jim. I’ve heard that some preferred Red Mist and some preferred Loki’s Fire. Now we’re working on the last installment, The Wolf God.

  7. a russian school had to be closed for extreme cold for the first time ever. it was -50 f….also the russian nuclear ice breakers are busy due to an unforcasted early freeze up. several dozen ships locked in the ice….. happy thanksgiving everyone.

    • It’s interesting that the MSNBC evening news isn’t reporting any of that, given that we only have about 4 years left to live because of global warming.

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