The captioned question is not a rhetorical one. I don’t think that I’d ever thought that I’d see a time when the US would be goading another nuclear power to start a nuclear war. Given the lack of credibility the cabal of sorts that runs the nation has, they could just order a first strike and lie about it as long as they lived. We live in interesting times. I live in a mountain fastness but a lot of people I care about reside in vulnerable, targeted locations.

Dear Old Pedo Joe may only have a short time left to live, but there are many millions of Americans who should be able to live out their lives, without being beset by treachery in the highest places.

The question “why a war?” looms large. The only reason that I can fathom for this would be to suspend the midterm elections 34 days from now.


Bullet Points:

* Western Journal -Besides inflation eating away at the paychecks of normal Americans, an illegal alien invasion that finally made it to the consciousness of the mainstream media, and the specter of ever-rising crime, a report on Tuesday about job openings in the nation’s economy just dealt another blow to the Democratic spin machine.

Data released Tuesday about U.S. job openings in August showed the number fell by more than a million positions compared with July, according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics’ Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey.

Reuters reported the decline of 1.1 million is the biggest drop for the statistic since April 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic was just beginning its murderous march through the country’s economy.

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If you pay your cards right, they might pay you a few bucks to experiment on your body.

What happens if they don’t get enough volunteers? Would the government abduct you and deliver you to the Pfizer Lab? Oh, that’s crazy talk.

If the vax study doesn’t appeal to you, there are other ways to sell your body to science.

* Do it for safety!  The USDA has a history of being one of the more corrupt agencies within the federal government. Now, amid a push to take complete control of the food supply, they want you to register your garden.



We are very small. Photo: NASA



According to Boston College’s Professor Robin Fleming, “when the Roman state withdrew, it looks as if the Roman economy unwound pretty rapidly. When you get to AD 450, you’re in a very different Britain. The towns are dead, the villas are dead. There’s been a lot of settlement shifts. Many of the late Roman cemeteries where people were buried for a long time are no longer being used as burial sites. It doesn’t look like there’s mass production of pottery anymore. There’s no coin use. Something happened in a 40-60 year period that made England look very different in 450 than it did in 350. There are historians who attributed the decline to invasions, but it looks like the place was pretty ramshackle and knocked down before people started coming in from the continent in large numbers.”

It’s an interesting study because the veneer of civilization hangs lightly on us all. This is an example of devolution on a large scale.


From Ed B

Ed B is a sick, sick man. Unless the Norks are willing to take the Veep off our hands and clone her for Rocket Man’s use. Then he’s a genius. She does have skills.


  1. War/Mid-Terms- Unfathomable. Yet when we would say “the Dems will burn America down to maintain power” that was from then looking forward. With everything we have been subject, wouldn’t put it past them…and their language speaks they will.

    Jobs- But LL, according to FJB this is the best jobs creation economy in 40 years.

    Ed-B is genius…altho she may need some help finding North, for her South is always ‘down’.

    • Yes, PaulM, we owe a great deal to the genius of FJB, the most popular US President in history. When he called for Putin’s assassination (along with Pelosi and others) and I’m sure that he signed a lethal finding, authorizing it, he did so for our benefit. If there is a nuclear exchange, well you can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs, and I’m sure that his bomb shelter is well stocked with that same expensive ice cream that Pelosi devowers.

      • Ahh, yes, the self-professed non-warmongers are actually THE warmongers willing to sacrifice OUR tax dollars and a few printed Trill that put us into a recession that isn’t happening according to THEM, and willing sacrificing our depleted/demoralized military men and woman for their scumbaggery while fattening their personal largess.

        Thinking ‘FJB’ is too light of a moniker.

        • I challenge you to come up with a better moniker.

          It can’t be homophobic, islamaphobic, transphobic, racist, nucleomituphobic, etc. unless you want it to be…

          • Oh, it’ll be all those and then some, otherwise it’s just an epithet without substance, easily brushed aside.

            Since “Brood of Vipers” is already taken (albeit a couple of thousand years ago), even that seems light. ‘PUKES’ comes to mind, sort of a soft sounder but could be heavy duty offensive with the right letter infill words.

            I’ll work on it.

          • Spiro Agnew called reporters “pusillanimous pussyfooters”…they could wear those wack-job pink hats in solidarity.

  2. Remember the stories about the UFOs and the missile sites that just stopped working? Maybe we’ll find out if they are true…

  3. A war to suspend the elections yes, but also to cover up all the fookery that’s been going on that may and should be exposed.

  4. I suppose the good news is that all of Russia’s local nuclear intimidation targets are upwind, which ought to give them pause. Plus, Putin’s got a very elevated impression of himself, but he still probably doesn’t want to be the guy who destroyed Russia for all time, in a snit.

    I expect the local “why” is most likely that they’re all shitheads, who never think about anything.


  5. Like you, I also live a little ways out though not in a mountain fastness. Also like you, I have folks I care about living near targeted areas. I’ve already done interesting times. I don’t need a rerun.

  6. The criminals in power want a war. They want it for multiple reasons. They want to thin the population….especially us “evil Americans”. War means martial law….forever….which means they get TOTAL control over everything. And of course war always means more money for the criminals in power. The problem is the criminals in power are clever….but NOT intelligent. They actua believe they can uncork the bottle and let the nuclear genie out without things escalating out of control. That’s just not reality. Once the canned sunshine makes an appearance iall bets are of and it’s a virtual certainty that things escalate to full scale nuclear war….which means TEOTWAWKI. The cabal in power have only one skill….seizing power. NOT actually running things intelligently.

    • LL says: “why a war?” looms large. The only reason that I can fathom for this would be to suspend the midterm elections”
      That’s because you’re being rational. (See below.)

      @Dan: Yes to “they want it for multiple reasons”. But my perspective is that their war-against-all is not only (nor even mainly) directed against evil Americans. Americans have for the most part unthinkingly supported “them” for a very very long time. But that counts for nothing, because like all good narcissists, any and everything you do for them is deserved, owed even. Narcissists are incapable of looking around, taking stock, and thinking (much less saying), “Hey, I’ve got it pretty good. In fact, I’m blessed.” Nope. The narcissist can only think of what you’ve failed to do for him, and that he is therefore being mistreated. Unfairly for no reason at all (other than jealousy of course, always with the “they hate me because they are jealous of me”).

      Semantically I have a quibble. I agree on the “cleverness” part. But I’d argue these people ARE intelligent (in terms of high IQ). The problem is that they lack WISDOM. (But their psyches are for the most part, very very twisted. To the point where wisdom is impossible because of the burden of resentment they carry.)

      This war in Ukraine is near perfect. It hurts the Russians (who have always been horrible, for no reason at all), and it hurts the Ukrainians (who are also horrible, though slightly less so than the Russians; on the other hand, the Great Suffering the Ukrainians inconveniently survived (you didn’t complete the job, Molotov and Kaganovich) is, well, inconvenient to The Narrative). Also, the war hurts the Germans (who can never be punished enough) so that’s really good. And it hurts the Poles (who on an individual basis were likely more hostile than the average German ever was) so that’s good too. Plus the money laundering, arms trafficking, and human trafficking (hey! we can get lots of blue-eyed blonde women and children now; much more valuable than those grubby sub-Saharan African children or those Pushtun girls).

      The meme goes “cocaine is a helluva drug!”. Well, cocaine ain’t got nothing on Resentment. Which the people most responsible for prosecuting this war have in spades. I don’t believe you can apply your personal standards of rational behavior (or even self-interest) to predict their actions. It’s like Samson pulling down the temple to his assured personal destruction, only at that point he’d been blinded and had little to lose personally, but much to gain in the destruction of his enemies. “Our” leadership cabal has much to lose personally, but it’s some combination of: 1) they think their wealth and power will protect them; 2) “even if I am destroyed, it will be worth it for The Revenge”. Never mind that many of these people never personally suffered one whit. Born into a wealthy and mostly white ZIP code, elite private prep school, Harvard or Yale undergrad, Yale or Harvard Law, prestigious legal clerkship (or fast-tracked into some money-churning/skimming, er, money-management firm), then government office, elected or appointed. Silver spoon and fast-tracked into the “elite” from birth, yet they are still The Victims.

      So anyway, if it comes to an exchange of nukes, it’ll still be worth it to the high-IQ lunatics in charge. I can sort of understand it (in a clinical way much as I’d deal with a psychopath, not in a personal “that resonates” way). What could you do if, God forbid, someone did horrible things to, then murdered, all of those you love most? For me, and I suspect many of you, then I would “have no more between me and my Will than has a wolf.” (Less even, because wolves are very social animals, but I digress.) The point is, if someone takes away everything that is dear to me, then all constraints are off. I don’t care if I live or die. The only reason I would want to continue to live is to have the opportunity to destroy more of those who destroyed My World. (My heimat may be a humble thing, but it is as dear to me as anything I could imagine.) Now imagine if you were raised in a culture that daily taught you from birth that your world was already destroyed, and that Revenge was your only birthright? THAT’s the psychopathic stew in which so many of “our” leaders have marinated in for decades.

      • “elite” from birth, yet they are still The Victims

        There is chronic cognitive dissonance involved with their behavior (the state of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes, especially as relating to behavioral decisions and attitude change). And you’re right. I’ve seen it myself, rubbing elbows with the elite and near elite. Their opinions, resentments, and beliefs, though deeply held, make absolutely no sense.

        I’ll share a story, that’s not quite on point, but close. Many years ago, I was staying at the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse (located in Haidian District, Beijing) and I was by myself. The DSG is a complex of residences, both large and small. The particular place they put me was small by DSG standards, but still large and luxurious, likely wired 3 ways from Sunday. I’ve told this story on the blog before. As fate would have it, my “neighbor” in a different structure was Mohammed Abdel Rahman Abdel Raouf al-Qudwa al-Husseini, also known as Yassir Arafat. I saw him running around, followed by his posse, doing his thing – being Arafat. We were both guests of the PRC. I waved to him, he waved back, etc.

        Maybe three days later I left my bungalow and he was passing by and said, “Hey American, why don’t you have lunch with us?” Me, being me, said, “Sure.” So off we go in his Chinese chauffeured limo to grab lunch. There’s a highly placed MSS thug, Arafat, two of his guys, and me. We had a pleasant lunch. Arafat, for all the blaggarding by the West, was an accomplished politician and he knew how to meet, greet, be sociable and be friendly. The MSS thug was sullen throughout, as is their nature.

        Afterward, people chastised me. I looked humble in response to their anger, but there is a lesson in this that I came away with. Arafat didn’t act elite. He may have come from money back home but he wasn’t at all like the Saudi Royal Family types I’ve met, with sticks up their butts, full of eliteness and resentment, and Harvard education. He was going to lunch and hoped for a break from the rag heads he traveled with and the sullen Chinese. We fought over the check and I let his guy pick it up. We passed an interesting lunch. And I learned.

  7. Volunteer Now. Not for a million dollars.

    War. It is like the powers that be don’t realize that there are repercussions to how they are acting. Bullies on a playground taunting other kids.

    Perspective. Beautiful. If I ever really need to get my head straight I can go out at night with a pair of binoculars, look up, and see how insignificant we really are.

  8. Supposedly, the Berlin wall came down after a government communications mistake raised the populace’s expectations. Government announced ‘new freedoms soon’, and the population looked forward to it. Then government said ‘oops, cancel that’, but Overton had changed, and then the population climbed over the wall in large numbers.

    Suppose Russia nukes the DC area, then Putin goes to Kansas for the ticker-tape parade. The value of the dollar flails around enough to break monthly budgets, because the dollar is backed only by tax collection. Everybody stops obeying federal taxes and red tape, and mortgages and personal loans are treated as satisfied in a de-facto personal debt Jubilee. Then a month later the continuity-of-liberals staff announces ‘stop all that commerce and freedom and privacy you’ve been doing, put the license tags back on your cars so we can track you with road cameras again, and the debt Jubilee is canceled’. Would that just be ignored?

    The End Of The World As We Know It would be convenient. The former middle class would look around, and realize it’s almost independently wealthy and only has to work one day a week. I mean, you pump oil and gas out of the ground and burn it while ignoring the big cities, how hard is that? What activity happens in big cities that you need for everyday life other than medical, which surgerycenterok.com is already delivering at an 80% discount?

  9. JMO (Just My Opinion)
    We are at war and have been at war since 24 Mar 22 (actually all the way back to 2014 and prior) when the U.S. Government applied economic sanctions against Russia. The minute I could no longer freely exchange dollars for rubles (and vv.); the minute I could no longer freely trade non-war materials with Russia due to restrictions imposed by the U.S. Government, I am of the belief that we are at war with Russia.
    Question 1: why have we been strangling Russia: economically, geopolitically since 1991?
    Question 2: why are we getting involved?
    Question 3: isn’t this a tussle between a western European empire run by Brussels and a eastern run by Moscow?
    Question 3: if we must, is this the proper way to get involved?

    • War by other means. It’s still war but there are rules and the Russians almost always abide by the rules. The situation now with the FJB crowd is one where all the rules are thrown out of the window and it makes the whole thing very dangerous.

      • Yes, we have them under a nearly full economic blockade, that’s an act of war no matter what our mealy-mouthed Masters say.


        • If our navy physically blockaded ports (provided that we were able to do that), it would be more of a physical slap in the face. But Russia is not China. They don’t have millions of tons of shipping crisscrossing the pond.

  10. As I forgot to write yesterday, the collapse of Britain after the Roman withdrawal shouldn’t really surprise anyone. There really wasn’t much there, before the Romans came, just a bunch of moderately large and powerful tribes.


    • The locals didn’t learn how to repair stone buildings, build roads and aqueducts, or any of the useful skills that the Romans brought with them. Imagine if they had.


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