Back when creepy, senile, corrupt old Slow Joe Biden was vice president, it was suggested that the $1.5 billion that his son Hunter received from Communist China was a bribe for his dad. True? Nobody investigated during the years of Obamanation, and frankly there was so much money flowing into the Biden Family from Ukraine and elsewhere, who could keep track?

In a recent campaign ad, candidate Joe Biden accused President Trump of being too soft on China over the Chinese Plague that we all know about. This decision to criticize Donald Trump on China signals that Biden will take a tough approach toward Beijing.

A lot of Donkeys are nervous about the Biden move. They’ve been taking cash from commies for a long time and it could damage them if it gets out. Better, they say, to love China long time.

Writing in The Atlantic, Peter Beinart called Biden’s ad “a jingoistic fantasy” that may put Asian Americans in the crosshairs of racist attacks, “hastening a geopolitical confrontation that threatens progressive goals.” In The New York Times, the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft scholars Rachel Esplin Odell and Stephen Wertheim warned Biden about following Trump into a new cold war with China and argued that the United States should seek to work with Beijing on shared challenges such as pandemics and climate change.

China is constantly looking to exploit any perceived weakness or division, and I’m sure that they’d be willing to throw a few million or even a billion into the bank account of the person who is telling the near brain-dead Democrat candidate what to say. They just need to know which Swiss Bank account to toss the money into.

The European Union (EU) is concerned about both US presidential candidates trying to out-do each other on how tough they can be with China. Maybe a Michelle Obama VP selection will calm their nerves?

Before the Chinese Plague struck, the EU sought to distinguish itself from the United States with an ambitious and pragmatic policy agenda for cooperation with China. When the coronavirus hit in January, the EU quietly assisted China and refrained from any criticism of its regime, in the hopes that doing so would build goodwill.

Even as the EU begged for “peace in our time”, Beijing sought to divide the EU, developing ties with Central and Eastern Europe while pressuring recipients of Chinese investment, such as Greece and Hungary, to block or stymie EU actions Beijing disapproved of.

China also began to flex its muscles to mute any criticism of the regime by governments, companies, or individuals. For instance, the Chinese broadcaster CCTV refused to air an English Premier League soccer match after an Arsenal player, Mesut Özil, spoke out against detention camps in Xinjiang. When Swedish PEN awarded a freedom-of-speech prize to the Chinese-born and Hong Kong–based Swedish citizen Gui Minhai, the Chinese embassy in Stockholm fiercely denounced it and warned that Sweden would “suffer the consequences.” These were not isolated incidents, and they gradually began to change European attitudes.

Joe Biden (who can’t remember what he had for breakfast) became the great progressive hope to defeat President Trump and his deplorable followers. The Europeans began to tout Biden’s credentials and his enlightened policies (no I don’t know what those would be, ask the Europeans – no not British PM Boris Johnson, other Europeans). They believed that Joe would stay bought, and would work with them to try and woo China. But whoever is writing things down for Biden to mumble through has taken a different approach.

The Latest Gaff – While we’re talking Biden

Biden’s remarks, which were first reported by The New York Times on Thursday, came during a private gathering with prominent black mayors from Georgia. Three people with direct knowledge of the meeting confirmed the account to the newspaper, noting that Biden had said that black communities face a problem because “parents can’t read or write themselves.” Many of the attendees were reportedly “shocked” and “frustrated” by the former vice president’s comment.


  1. Look for Jill to take a more active role in Joe’s appearances. I bet a dollar to a doughnut she will start giving more speeches.

    • She did give that one speech during the early primary in which she admitted that Slow Joe was a bad choice for president. I agreed with that speech. Maybe she’ll keep it up? She has to live with his painful senility. Maybe she’ll be an advocate for nursing home reform or something useful like that in light of Joe’s situation?

  2. To paraphrase some dead Chinaman from a long time ago, Joe will make a big noise for the West but keep taking money from the East, because that’s what lyin’ dog-faced pony soldier Democrats do, and he will dependably stay bought, just as long as the East keeps paying his family, or until a bigger payday comes along from somewhere else. If you’ve got the money, honey, he’s got the time.

    • Nice work if you can get it.

      I think that the well in Ukraine has dried up. China, on the other hand will deliver the bag of cash.

  3. What’s the play? Can’t seem to put my finger on it…unless it is the obvious one we all see.

    The Dem’s either forced the Clueless Joe Biden nominee pick in order to put their VP in 2 days after (assuming they manage to steal the election), or they are tossing spitwads at the wall to see what sticks as everything they have tried [mostly] went down in flames. Then came “we’ve got a winner” COVID that dovetailed into their perfect “trash the President” election year storm. Or Pelosi with her made-up proxy vote crap. It’s like America has been dragged into a Lefty Nebula with one engine and all their idiocy spinning around and nothing to clearly target. Any one of their tactics should sink the Dem ship but they keep floating along leaving a mile long pile of wreckage behind with little consequence.

    Obama will never leave her rock star life MV compound to be scrutinized in the limelight – she’s isn’t that tough.

    As for China, Trump only kick the dog more than needed whereas Joe is plain lost in la la land and one of his off-the-cuff short-circuited mind gaff’s would pose a real threat.

    • There are different factions within the Donkey network (same with Elephants) and Biden is a useful dupe. The fact that Biden is coming out hard on China bothers the progs. It could be construed as being racist. Biden is more of a Clinton type actor. Clinton is cunning and Joe’s a fool, but I’m saying that they share the same political orientation.

      Bernie was more of an AOC style of communist.

      • I did go off on a tangent as this entire Three Card Monte is getting more obscene by the day.

        You are correct (as usual), Biden doesn’t have to play the fool, he is one…even his wife doesn’t seem to mind with the return on investment she enjoys, having married the guy. But there is no honor among thieves (how well do we see that on wide-open display more now than ever), and Biden, regardless having received some serious Chinese cheese – as the fool he is – would not hesitate to stab them in the back.

        • It’s politics.

          As to bribery, it was interesting for me to see how the Italian mob paid off crooked politicians (primarily police officers). They wrote them a check… yes, it was traceable. And if the cops went sideways, the mob had an endorsed check. I thought that was good. It made the prosecution of the police officers much easier.

          The bribe from China was out in the open. $1.5 billion. No beating around the bush with them.

  4. IMO. Biden is a pawn, and has been for years. The question is; who is the chess master or masters?

    I don’t see him being elected. Of course, I said the same about the Lightbringer, twice.

    • Barack had a following from whites who wanted to see a mulatto elected based on skin color and a line of bullshit. And there were a large number. Biden is an 80 year old white man, political insider, who continually insults black people by saying what’s on his mind. Like “They can’t read”

  5. Biden will stay whatever his handlers tell him to stay.

    Which brings up an interesting point: Given the number of people that have to be involved in propping up this certifiable ventriloquist dummy—a very poorly spoken ventriloquist dummy—not one person is willing to break ranks and lift the curtain? I always laugh when I read about a crime, or crimes, being solved because one of the 9 people involved sang. Of course someone did, you can’t keep that many people quiet.

    • They sing in a grand jury.

      I’m not sure who is specifically behind Biden, but I personally know people in his orbit, and they’re conservative. When I say that they’re conservative, they are not insane. They mistrust China but want to milk the system the way all politicians do. Republicans like Mitt are less conservative than a number of Biden insiders.

      There definitely is a puppet master, but I don’t know who that is. Marching orders for me to go find out, I guess.

  6. “Marching orders for me to go find out, I guess.” Take someone to watch your six when you do, please; we/I want to keep reading your words of wisdom for a long time yet.

    Paul L. Quandt

  7. Personally, I don’t think he remembers WHO bought him when… And yes, they will sing in front of a grand jury, especially a federal one!

    • I think that there’s been a lot of singing, beginning with the weak link, Gen. Jim Clapper.

      As to Biden, I’m sure that he just sits in his basement, eating stewed prunes, waiting to read from the teleprompter.

  8. So what’s the gaffe? Functional illiteracy, as well as innumeracy, doubtless ARE highly prevalent.

    • It’s not politically correct to suggest that inner city people are intellectually challenged (as a general group). There are some exceptions, but they’re rare. Looting is a form of “owed reparation from THE MAN”. Unless you’re going to loot a South Korean business in LA. The ROK’s just drop them with scoped rifles before the inner city hoard gets close. Natural selection. The dumb ones are killed by ROK’s. The smart ones find a Walmart to loot.

  9. What is it with the eurotrash and appeasement? Seems like they’d rather live on their knees.

    First the mooselimbs, and now the chicoms.

    Hopefully with BREXIT, “There Will Always Be An England”.

  10. Good heavens, Commies supporting Commies?

    That aside, Biden, what a clown. Will Mitchel run? I’d say the vote’s still out.

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