As of May 18, 2020

(USNI News) USS Ronald Reagan (CVN-76) has completed sea trials after its annual repair period and ahead of its spring patrol in the Western Pacific. Reagan is expected to begin its Western Pacific patrol soon.

When I look at the map, and understand that submarines and minor combatants are not included, I still say to myself, “we need more ships.” (USS Gerald Ford Carrier Program) And the big question often comes down to whether or not we need super aircraft carriers, which are very useful but they’re also tempting targets. They need to be close enough to the action to launch and recover aircraft that sortie out against the enemy.

What do you think?

USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71) is moored pier side at Naval Base Guam on May 15, 2020. US Navy Photo

Scuttlebutt: Rear Adm. Richard Cheeseman, commander, Carrier Strike Group TWO (CSG-2), relieved the commanding officer of USS Philippine Sea (CG 58) Capt. Erica Hoffmann, May 18, due to a loss of confidence in her ability to command. The Philippine Sea was at a pier at the Yorktown Naval Weapons Station on the York River on May 7 when it spilled 4,000 gallons of diesel fuel at about 7 a.m.

CAPT Erica Hoffman, USN

Hoffmann had served as the commanding officer of Philippine Sea since April 2019.  Capt. Robert Thompson, assigned to Commander, Naval Surface Force Atlantic, will assume temporary duties as commanding officer until a permanent relief is identified.

Hoffmann will be temporarily reassigned to the staff of Commander, U.S. Fourth Fleet.

Naturally, the cry of “sexist”, will be heard but rumor was that this was the last straw.



  1. How many screw-ups was she allowed, and was it a “career ending” smackdown, or will they just shuffle her around while she shuffles papers around?

    • I have heard that the command was based on gender. She’s a biological female who also identifies as a female, from what I know. Now she’ll sit at Fleet while she prepares her papers for retirement.

  2. “the command was based on gender.” But Admirals, which one.

    Do they think they’ll never have to fight another war?

    • There is an institutional fear of being called, “racist”, “sexist”, “homophobe”, “transphobe”, “Islamophobe”, and on and on through every grievance group. People are cashiered and careers are ruined – dashed on the rocks of the PC culture.

      I’m glad that’s all in my rearview mirror.

      • The ideal candidate for command would seem to be somebody with our without any qualifications who is a black female, identifying as male who is also a Muslim.

          • Hah. Remember when James Watt (Reagan-era Sec Int, for the kids 🙂 said of some panel or committee “I have a black, a woman, two Jews and a cripple. And we have talent.” He caught hell for that. Forty years later the exact sort of Good Thinkers who objected to Watt’s crassly spelling it out are doing exactly that, explicitly listing people by which group (ideally victimhood grouo) they can be slotted into. But our culture is run by people whose self-identify is based on (mostly) sincere belief in their own victimhood.

    • I suspect that the tempo of Chinese ship/war ship building will slow over time as the market becomes saturated and the expense needs to be justified. I may be wrong, but supply and demand will severely impact the need for container ships (which the Chinese ascribe a military mission to in wartime) and tankers.

    • Hopefully the FREMM Frigates will be a step in the right direction. We are licensed for 10 at Bath. I’d like to see another shipyard licensed for another 10 simultaneous production.

  3. Mike_C, the donkeys stock in trade is peddling victimhood. Everyone is a victim, everyone is also a winner (participation trophy) and everybody is owed money for nothing and chicks for free.

  4. Aircraft carriers do a heck of a job for the US today & have since the 2nd WW. But if those hypersonic anti-ship missiles actually work the game has changed. Well, will be changed as soon as they are used…

    • The Chinese have ballistic missiles that they claim are ship killers. They may be right. The advent of hypersonic missiles might also be a game changer, or supercavitating torpedoes that travel hundreds of miles per hour.

      Then again, who really knows. We train to fight the last war, don’t we.

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