Reparations? For what?


When John McCain ran against Barack Hussein Obama for the Office of President, I voted for McCain not because I liked him. Quite to the contrary, I really DID NOT like John McCain and to me it was the question of who would be worse out of two really bad choices.

When Obama won to become 44th President of the United States, part of me said, “Ok, well at least that puts the whole race thing to bed.” A black (or half/black, identified a negro) man was elected by white people to be president. The glass ceiling was broken, etc. I thought that Obama would work hard to address endemic problems within black culture such as encouraging black men to raise families. 70%+ of black children are still today, born, without. father in the home.

That didn’t happen. It was just as important to Obama that black people kept receiving welfare, staying poor and voting Democrat as it was to his white predecessors.

Obama, child of communists, and a communist at heart with a Chicago machine style politics bent, turned out to be infinitely corrupt and unfit for office, no matter how the media portrayed him. But he was black and he served two terms in office. One would have thought that the race issue was firmly in the rear view mirror, but as we now know, that was not the case.

If you listen to MSNBC or CNN, you don’t matter these days unless you are black. Other races are currently considered to be irrelevant in the world of political correctness I find that very interesting and very revealing.

Take Britain where “white” is a construct of Celts, Britains, Saxons, Franks, Romans, Normans (French Vikings), Norse, Galls, and the Queen is a German and her husband is Greek, etc. And while I’m on the white thing, was Barack Hussein Obama white or black? And is it a choice that you get to make? (are we back to self-identification being key)

The whole content of character argument was thrown out the window, wasn’t it?


  1. Like you I voted McCain because I didn’t care for the alternative. When Obama was elected I hope that, just maybe, he’d surprise me and be the Jackie Robinson of politics. Didn’t happen. IMHO he’ did more damage than any president since LBJ and takes some doing.
    Reparations? For what? No former slaves live today, at least in the US. In the ante-bellum period some members of my family were Quakers and some of those operated stations of the underground railroad. Aren’t I at least owed a thankyou?

    • I will give you a thank you on behalf of your family.

      As with you, I hoped that Obama would have been something other than a feckless cur. But that’s not how it worked out.

    • Not only to Soros. There is a long list of scumbags. Soros is most famous for being a Jew who turned Nazi to insure that his blood went to the gas chambers. I mean, there’s nothing redeeming about Soros. His dopplegangers are no better, though. Their agenda is to destroy us and people take their money and do their bidding.

  2. You know who should pay reparations? The Democratic Party – the party of slavery, segregation, Johnson’s failed Welfare State, and today’s failed race relations.

    I keep wanting to stop by the local Democratic Party Headquarters and ask why their window display features full-size figures of Lincoln (the first Republican President) and Washington (who warned against the divisive influence of the two-party system – and was a slave owner). But they’re never open. Meanwhile the Republican Party office at the other end of town is usually full of people signing the recall petition against Dem Governor Kate Brown.

    • The Democrats can start paying reparations to the businesses looted and burned. To the families of those murdered in the recent riots, and to recast the damaged or destroyed statues.

  3. When Obama was running the first time, during a conversation I said he was a communist.
    The missus gave a shocked gasp and said “you can’t say that.”
    She was raised in a proto-SJW household, and even after decades of deprogramming, I’m still stepping on hidden mental landmines.
    It takes patience and time.

    • I don’t know if Obama was a Mohammedan in fact, but he had an affinity toward the “Religion of Peace” as his actions showed. That his family were communists were communists is historical fact. The same with Uncle Frank. Some of his best friends were weather underground terrorists. And as to Jeremiah Wright…. well, go no further.

      • Things that make you go hmmmmm:
        After he was elected, we got a Christmas card from her brother, who is a big name in the behind-the-scenes movers & shakers in the Dem party. On it he wrote how proud he was that the US was so open-minded that it elected a Muslim for president.

          • As I said, I’m still finding buried mental landmines – unthinking gut reactions that need to be brought out into the open, questioned, questioned again, then questioned some more – until the brain starts to recognize it. I suspect this one was ‘don’t say bad things about a POC’, but I’m treating it as a back burner issue as there are other things to work on….or endure 🙂

    • I’m not arguing that. But shouldn’t Barack and his tranny wife have ended the whole debate? They got black attorneys general (both impossibly corrupt), black homeland security people, black everything except Biden, who self-identified as black.

  4. Had a bday for my 6 year old grandson yesterday, lots of really white and really brown kids in the pool. I had a vision of them fighting each other.
    I had ancestors on both sides at Gettysburg and Shiloh , both sides at Bunker Hill (really Breeds Hill) and Kong’s Mountain.
    I had hoped that would not happen again. But it’s what I see coming.

  5. I held my nose and voted for McCain, but I have to admit I couldn’t bring myself to vote for Romney. Obama represents (or is the willing tool of) the major faction(s) destroying America. But Romney represents the other faction also destroying this nation.

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