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Volodymyr Zelensky

Before entering politics to become president of the Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky worked as a TV comedian. There are talents that successful comedians develop: timing, knowing their audience and picking hot topics all prepare you to be a politician. I’m not anti-Zelensky, but he has an agenda and it’s important to understand what that is before we jump off a cliff with him. This week he called on the NATO military alliance to fast-track membership for Ukraine as the best way to end the war in that country.

Zelensky made the preposterous claim that Ukraine faced “Russian aggression” which, he said, was “a serious challenge to the security of all NATO members and the whole of Europe”.

Not all of Ukraine is involved in the separatist movement. See the map, below.

In a phone call with NATO civilian chief Jens Stoltenberg, the Ukrainian president asserted that joining the alliance would send “a real signal to Russia”. And he called for greater deployment of NATO forces to the Black Sea region.

Zelensky’s decidedly unfunny comments about how to end the war in East Ukraine are far from a prescription for peace. They entail the opposite: the long-simmering conflict would blow up into a full-scale war between Russia and the U.S.-led NATO bloc. His call for NATO to end the war is tantamount to asking an arsonist to put out a fire.

NATO’s Stoltenberg sounded supportive, declaring “unwavering support” for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. There were also a flurry of similar statements from U.S. President Joe Biden (on the Ukrainian payroll – kicked back by his son, Hunter), Britain’s premier Boris Johnson, and the European Union.


No-one in their right mind (Biden? Right mind? Riddle me that one.) could agree to Zelensky’s appeal to join NATO. Given its collective defense doctrine, Ukraine’s membership would inevitably drag the military alliance into a war against the Russian-backed separatists of Eastern Ukraine, also known as the Donbas. Moscow has consistently warned that the former Soviet republic joining NATO is impermissible from its national security concerns.

Western media and pro-NATO think-tanks are spinning a narrative that is adding to confusion and bad judgement. Several media reports in recent weeks lend credence to the claims put out by Zelensky and his government in Kiev that a buildup of Russian forces along the border with Ukraine is posing a threat. Moscow has said forces within its borders are no threat to anyone and maneuvers are a legitimate internal matter.

This has not stopped Western pundits from adding two and two to make five. The Atlantic Council, closely aligned with NATO, has this week accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of “testing” the resolve of the Biden administration and its support for the Kiev regime. The Council raised alarm bells by pondering if Russia was about to invade Ukraine. Western media reporting is thus fueling the narrative conjured up by anti-Russian Ukrainian nationalists.

And feckless indulgence of Kiev by Biden, Johnson, NATO’s Stoltenberg and the European Union is further emboldening the intransigence in Kiev to not resolve the conflict by implementing the 2015 Minsk peace accord. That accord which Kiev signed up to – and for which Russia, Germany and France were sponsors not participants – obliged the granting of regional autonomy to the Donbas. The Kiev regime has steadfastly refused to implement the accord and hence the conflict has rumbled on.

Context and Precedence

A NATO-backed coup d’état in February 2014 against an elected president ushered in a nationalist, anti-Russian government in Kiev. That government launched a campaign against Russian-speaking people in Crimea and Donbas. In a referendum to join the Russian Federation in March 2014 (which the West repeatedly misrepresents as “annexation”), they chose Russia. The Donbas region mounted armed resistance against the offensive waged by the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

The war in Ukraine is now into its seventh year with no sign of ending. Indeed, the signs are that it could escalate. Ever since NATO first began to court Ukraine for membership in 2008, along with Georgia, the country has been thrown into instability and violence.

Reliable reports from Donbas indicate that the flare up in violence over the past weeks has been instigated by the Kiev regime forces, no doubt as a ploy to embroil NATO’s support. The arrival of the Biden family to the White House caused them to ask for the pay-off for bribes paid over years.

Donbas communities have been cut off from electricity and water supplies because of shelling by the Ukrainian military on public utilities. On April 2, a five-year-old child was reportedly killed in a drone strike at Aleksandrovskoye. The aggressor is not the Donbas militia, and even less so Russia. It is the regime in Kiev which has been emboldened by NATO’s backing and the Biden Presidency.

There has been intensified shelling of civilian areas in the city of Donetsk this week. Denis Pushilin, the president of the self-declared Republic of Donetsk, says that security violations by NATO-backed Kiev regime forces are increasing “exponentially”.

The violations of a shaky ceasefire in Eastern Ukraine started to take off around the time that the new Biden administration announced it was releasing $125 million in lethal military aid to the Ukraine. Another $150 million worth of U.S. military support is pending for delivery later this year. All told, Washington has provided at least $1 billion in weaponry to the regime in Kiev since it assumed power in 2014 when Joe Biden was vice president in the Obama administration.


Ongoing Armed Conflicts Worldwide

US Naval Participation

Russia has warned the US to keep its warships away from Crimea ‘for their own good’ as it accused Washington and NATO of turning the region into a ‘powder keg’ amid soaring tensions on the Ukraine border.

Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov called Washington’s decision to deploy two ships to the Black Sea ‘a provocation’ designed ‘to test our nerves’ as he branded the US ‘an adversary’ of Russia, ramping up a word of words between the two nuclear-armed superpowers.

The Biden Regime would really like to have a war get going, “let’s get this party started”.

The US Navy has not said which ships it is sending or when they will arrive, but sources at Turkey’s foreign ministry – which grants permission for ships to enter the Black Sea – said the USS Donald Cook (DDG-75 and USS Roosevelt (DDG-80), two Arleigh Burke-class destroyers, are on their way and due to arrive tomorrow and Thursday.

24 thoughts on “What about Ukraine?

  1. If you really consider it, Russia and the US have in common: a threat from radical Islam, Christian faith and values and patriotism. One might think we could at least leave each other be, maybe even cooperate on anti-terror efforts. Could we even become allies eventually? Maybe after a decade or two of honest hard work from both nations’ governments. Sadly, Russia still makes a good “boogey man” with which to frighten the American people into cooperation/submission.

    1. China is the threat, not Russia. But it doesn’t fit the democrat narrative.

  2. It is in the Russian backyard. That is the long-term consequence when you let immigrants from other countries settle in large numbers. You change population, the language, and the politics. I guess the east part of Ukraine is somewhat lost.

    From my point of view, it is not worth a conflict involving NATO or any US soldiers. Let the corrupt Ukrainian politicians find their own solution. Turkey is also making some problems, then you have Syria and not to forget Afghanistan, Iran, Yemen, and the whole Middle East, Libya and the Islamists in Africa plus China having “lend” money to countries to secure their own interest with the new road to western markets. Also efficient to transport troops.

    Russia flexing muscles, so do the Chinese. Stay calm and let European countries not wanting to strengthen their own military fry in the pan.

    1. I think that it’s fine if Europe starts a war with Russia, but where would they get their natural gas?

  3. Moving those two destroyers is just setting up a situation to cause the US to join the Ukraine. Kind of a ‘Lusitania’ moment or a ‘Pueblo’ moment.

    Really dumb. Really really dumb.

    As to any action in Eastern Europe by the US, if it isn’t in support of Poland, then Fruck It.

    Man, I miss Trump’s America First movement.

    1. The Russians will provoke, the US will retaliate… maybe. The US is being stupid but it’s a war that Russia doesn’t want.

  4. This is exactly why I prefer your take on such matters…using experience to see through the Perception Management smokescreen. Makes it easier for the average person to discern the truth from the propagandists brand of fiction.

  5. I’m not particularly a supporter of either side in this conflict, but it does not seem mysterious why it is getting so much traction in the West.

    Russia must be punished. The actual cause is for throwing out the Communists, then throwing out the Oligarchs. But pursuing that line of thought leads to some uncomfortable places, so the ostensible reason (“hidden” in a way designed to call attention to it) is that the Russians are deplorably failing to enthusiastically embrace the sacred tenets of globalization and open borders. Russia must learn to bend the knee. Silly Russians, just go along with it: admit your (eternal) guilt, pay a few (measly, token) reparations, and you will be allowed to join the community of civilized nations. (The counter-argument to that of course is: Look how well complete proskynesis — waaay beyond a bended knee — has served Germany.)

      1. China plays chess, Jo/Ho play checkers, and Joe eats the black ones in the hope that they’ll turn out to be Oreos.

  6. If Xiden wants to go to war with Russia in the Ukraine, I support that decision. As long as he’s the only one doing the invading. How about we let Joe and Putin duke it out, mano a mano in single combat like the old days? Winner gets to keep all the bribe money Joe and Hunter have extorted from Ukraine over the years.

    Unfortunately, that’s not how these things get settled.

  7. Wantonly messing about with access to a nuke armed adversaries only warm water port seems reckless. It does not leave them a fall back position. The Crimea seems like it would be worth a great deal, of almost existential proportions, to Russia.

  8. IF Bumbling Biden does anything to aid Ukraine it will happen due to CCP pressure. The people now running things sold out to the Chinese long ago and now must do what Beijing btells them to do. The CCP would love for the US and Russia to go at it leaving them sitting on top when the dust settles. The criminals currently in power are clever….but they are no match for the Chinese in terms of deviousness and manipulating.

    1. We’ve dumped a billion in arms to the Ukrainians, but what they really want is US troops.

  9. We promised Ukraine that we’d protect them from Russia, in exchange for giving up their inherited nukes.

    So far, we have fucked them over, hard.

    I agree that the time for them to join NATO was before the war, or possibly after the war, but certainly not during the war.

    However, we have now stood back and watched while Russia invaded 2 neighbors. Encouraging them to think we will do nothing in response is exactly the same sort of thinking that got us WW2.


    1. The problem with that is that Crimea is nearly 100% Russian speaking and by all measures they wanted to be part of Russia rather than Ukraine. Maybe it’s a question of which mafia you prefer, but Russia has more money to dump into the place to buy happiness. Sort of like Democrats puffing up their pet cities. The same problem exists to a lesser degree in the Donbas. I’m not pro Russian or pro Ukraine in this scenario. Ukraine is a mess and they want to be bailed out. They have a lot of natural resources but the corruption factor is very high. Romney, Pelosi and Biden families have all had their children “working” there…

      1. let’s not forget the Hillary content. her son-in-law invested his whole fortune in Ukrainian steel. congress put an embargo on it for unfair market practice of dumping cheap, inferior steel on the u.s. market which drove several small steel makers out of business not to mention endangering us with substandard construction material. she with obamy’s blessing and cia help orchestrated the coup that led to this situation so they could bypass congress’s embargo and save Chelsea from the poorhouse. follow the money.

          1. Oh, I agree that you have a legitimate position, and I respect that.

            However, I tend to think that if want diplomacy to work in the future, that it behooves us to keep our promises. Unfortunately, the time for that was a decade past in this case.

            The Ukrainians are indeed very corrupt, but then, so are the Russians. The current Ukrainian leader might be a clown, but at least their elections can have different results, unlike Russia, where they just have a dictator.

            My understanding is that before the Anschluss, Crimea was only about 65% Russian… I could be wrong, you certainly have a lot of experience and knowledge of international affairs. Of course, it was only that way due to decades of Stalinist ethnic cleansing, sending the previous Crimeans to Siberian death camps. Water under the bridge, though.

            My point here is though, that there are plenty of Russians in lots of places that used to be part of Russia… Poland, the Baltics, Rumania and Moldova, etc. ad infinitum. Hell, there are plenty of English here in the States, and we used to be part of England.

            Seems like it would be wise for us to not give the impression that we don’t care about Putin re-creating the Soviet union, nor Czarist Russia, and maybe draw some lines with him.


  10. they did the same game in Libya, tried and failed in Egypt, Syria and Jordan. if you think about it, Iraq was a coup too. what did those countries do that thwarted the coup attempts? they have successfully pulled it off here. we need to know how the others stopped it…oh, dhs has a new term for us: domestic violent extremists. they’re dumber than a box of rocks.

  11. If this shows up twice my bad. Crimea is not worth my grandsons lives, or yours or anyone else’s .let them sort out there own shite. Joes handlers need a war though , keep up the cash flow ,don’t ya know. May God damn them all.

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