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(link) The question of “who is running the country?” is frequently asked by readers on this blog and the nation at large. The referenced article discusses the First Lady’s expanded role in the White House.

But a new report from the New York Times which detailed how the First Lady (often referred to as The Shrew) was stepping in for her husband in key battleground races contained new information as to the depths she goes through to control not just Biden but also his infamous handlers, the ones who are charged with aggressively herding the press away from him, cleaning up his rhetorical messes, and who also work hard at limiting his public appearances so as to avoid any more embarrassing gaffes.

From that Times story

The linked/referenced story doesn’t have a paywall the way that the Times does and you can read their take on the Times piece.



(Daily Wire) As Democrats head into an election disavowing their prior claims to “defund the police,” major Democrat-run cities have significantly fewer police than they did a few years ago, a Daily Wire analysis of federal data found.

East Coast and West Coast policing models are very different. The American South more closely reflects the East Coast model. You can also separate urban policing and rural policing, sheriff’s departments from state police organizations, and municipal policing and they’re all different to varying degrees. Police organizations reflect the communities they serve in a very real way. I know that some of this blog’s readership has law enforcement and some do not.  East Coast ratios of police officers per thousand residents are higher than West Coast and that’s been a rule for a long time. The feature film Beverly Hills Cop (1984) pokes fun at the differences that are not just stereotypes.

Your Federal Government would like to control all policing in America and create a national force that controls all aspects of that function – think of a national FBI, but more corrupt. Sort of FBI meets TSA. Even if some of the political police types that stand behind FJB at events when the regime needs props (often union reps) appear to support the corrupt and demented Biden, American police officers and deputy sheriffs by in large do not. Thus the Defund the Police Movement was born.


JD Vance on Racism

(Breitbart) “What happens is my own children, my biracial children, get attacked by scumbags, online and in person, because you are so desperate for political power that you’ll accuse me, the father of three beautiful biracial babies, of engaging in racism,” Vance continued. “We are sick of it!”

“You can believe in a border without believing a racist. You can believe in the country without being a racist, and this just shows how desperate this guy is for political power,” Vance added. “I know you’ve been in office for 20 years, Tim, and I know it’s a sweet gig, but you’re so desperate not to have a real job that you’ll slander me and slander, my family. It’s disgraceful.”

Whatever your opinion of JD Vance and Tim Ryan, it was a decent shot at what is typically found in the ranks of the Democrats. Of course, the mainstream media won’t air it.


James Woods

And their budgets are too small to “buy” votes in Congress.


Bullet Points:

* Imagine what sort of country we’d have if our representative leadership cared as much about you as they do Voldomyr Zelensky.

* I hope that PM Liz Truss isn’t voted out of office this week. I have November 15 in the sweepstakes. It would be another busted lottery ticket.

* The US Post Office knows which ballots are democrat and which are republican in some states. I realize that if you trust the post office, that won’t make much difference to you…but really?


Sometimes I feel like this…



A U.S. Air Force F-22 Raptor assigned to the 90th Expeditionary Fighter Squadron flies alongside two Polish F-16s in formation during the NATO Air Shielding media day, Oct. 12, 2022 at Łask Air Base, Poland. (U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sergeant Danielle Sukhlall)


Parting Shot – The Season


  1. From the JD Vance link:
    “The “Great Replacement” theory […], which is characterised as a “conspiracy theory” in much of the French and international mainstream media, is believed by at least a quarter of the French population.”

    So what’s wrong with the other 75%. Are they ‘tards?

    • 75% of the French population thought that Hitler would “never come West”, and if he did, they had the Maginot Line to save them…

    • He did pay special attention to the bunny and did what it said to do…

      As to the ballots, the USPS needs to know which ones to throw away.

      • Which is why I drop mine in the actual Ballot Box on the County Clerk doorstep.

        Anyone (i.e. The Dems) promoting mail in balloting, ask them if they so approve of the system safety would they mail themselves $500 cash?…then watch them tap dance around the question.

          • Absolutely, like the French. But the Dems will never let that happen because thy can’t cheat while vilifying anyone who promotes election integrity.

        • We do the same, Paul. I drive them down to the courthouse, and put them in the box myself. Just got my ballot today, so I’ll be going over it to see who I’m voting for.

          • Only safe way to so it, along with online tracking. Do they count it? Hard to know. At least the old lever machines kept your vote completely secret…this…too many biased hands involved who can avoid making the tally.

          • Same here. Weld County still has a righteous county clerk. Plus, not a single Democrat is running for a county office. Most candidates are running unopposed.

  2. “ So as to avoid any more embarrassing gaffes.”

    That’s an impossible task. What can be done though is to limit the exposure of Pedo Pete’s gaffs and that is where the mainstream corporate media come in.

    • He should go back into the basement and the MSM can interview him there and edit everything out before it hits the airwaves. It would be a lot less embarrassing and nobody cares what he says anyway. It would keep him from groping children and young women too.

  3. JD Vance- 2 points for the epic takedown. The Dem’s are tone-deaf stupid, and have only gotten lucky because they are not ‘good’. Your quoted part (political power and desperate to not get a real job) confirms their ego-driven entitlement attitude that THEY AND ONLY THEM are fit for office (even if they have strokes or Dementia or couldn’t fill a pot hole if they put a shovel in someone else’s hands):

    Not-A-Doctor Jill- This’ll help:

    Yet The Blinded By His Own Fading Light Hologram’s narcissism blinds him as to why the crowd is chanting “FJB”…because in his Swiss-cheesed mind, and being told by Jill, he is a god.

    Last night someone put a baggie on our private front gate…Dem propaganda crap:

    “Hello, Neighbor”…Sorry we missed you! Enclosed is some literature about our Democratic candidates…” [it’s “Democrat”, not “Democratic”!!]

    Closes with this: “Mail-in ballots go out on Oct. 17th!” “Let’s keep our Democracy by keeping our [again with the misnomer] Democratic majorities in Colorado and Washington, D.C.!”

    Yeah…uhh…because THAT’S going so well for us. Bums littering my gate. I have a camera and will be speaking with the propagandist…politely…sort of (I will pray for restraint prior).

    • I am not one for bad relationships with neighbors, but I’ve spoken with all of mine and they’re either Republicans or Independents or they’re too craven and cowardly to say that they’re democrats/satanists. Yet, there is always one in the woodpile (as my grandpa said) that you need to watch out for. Be kind, maybe you can win the deluded fool over.

      • I’m not the one any Dem needs to worry about…and am polite until I have reason not to be. I sent a missive to the local Dem headquarters, stern but not offensive. Told them to get serious and quit ruining our state and country.

        True to form…

        MrsPaulM called the number of our Dem Precinct person, told her it was a fineable offense to hang litter on our gates and/or fenceline but would give the Dems a pass…this time. The lady was apologetic and promised it won’t happen again.

        After the call MrsPaulM said to me, “I was nice.” hahahah

        • There is not a single registered democrat in my voting district. There are a lot of them in the County, but Flagstaff is an hour and fifteen minutes away (by car) and there is nothing but trees and rocks between us. Northern Arizona University (Flagstaff) is a hippy school and Flagstaff is not somewhere I visit often. I have other options like Prescott, which is further but more politically centered.

        • They favor the murder of the unborn and in some states, the recently born. I don’t know how you can fail to equate that with satanic behavior.

  4. You’re lucky! my neighbors are outright socialists – don’t even bother masquerading as Dems – then again, it’s valley Orygone. Speaking of which, the police force may be down 14/15% in Portland, but that means absolutely nothing since they all stand around scratching anyway; if one moves in helpful direction, the mayor just fires him/?/her/whatever.
    And I do object very much to Luke Rosiak’s (@ the Daily Wire) statement: “…where Floyd was killed by a police officer…” – I do wish intelligent people would stop repeating this total bullshyte – Floyd died from a fentanyl overdose – period. Considering the amount he had in his system, I don’t think that all the king’s horses, (plus a half dozen EMTs working full-time) could ever have started his heart beating again.

  5. Seems the last bunch of Dem woman are really the first strike string pullers; HRC (Ms. telephone thrower in the residence), Michelle/Michael (the jury is seriously divided on that one, walking like a truck driver doesn’t help), and Jill in Sofa Fabric (can she get anymore upholstered?) who is enjoying her seat-o-power with perks, leading The Dodderer around so he doesn’t chat with the curtains, further embarrassing himself.

    I see a pattern.

      • Just the fact we speak of our president this way is appalling. Trump was true to himself, Melania made the classiest First Lady (very much a lady), and he got stuff done, in spades. The Lefts lunatic obsession was beyond rational, altho they saw him as Hitler and their guy as some sort of savior. No fixing that.

        • The pathetic, corrupt, demented, perverted husk of a man is manipulated by handlers. I don’t know if it would be better or worse if he made an actual decision??


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