House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Friday confirmed that she’s keeping Rep. Eric Swalwell on the House Intelligence Committee despite questions swirling about his relationship with Chinese spy Fang Fang, who seduced US politicians as part of her work.

Pelosi previously reappointed the fellow California Democrat to the House Homeland Security Committee over Republican objections…  more here.

The presence of a Chinese spy on the intelligence committee should reassure them that we’re completely neutered. I wonder if Fang Fang will come back to bang-bang (long time) with Swalwell so he doesn’t have to sneak to get the information to Beijing on a timely basis?


Memes of the Day


Why Work?

Democrat state senators in Oregon have introduced legislation to pay black Oregonians $123,000 in reparations… more here.

The bill would have the Department of Revenue establish a reparations payment program to residents “who can demonstrate heritage in slavery” and have identified as “African-American” for at least ten years.

There are a lot of people who visit this blog who can identify as one who whose family was “enslaved or indentured” and of course, we’re all Afro-Americans now –  for $123K. Hopefully it’s tax free. I can buy a lot of ammo with that.


Old Chicken Brain and his Dog.

Look at the poor dog’s face. He’s knows what’s coming. He should be hidin’ from Biden.

Run, Bowzer, run!!


Is it just me or is it freaking weird that Camela is always lurking in the shadows then leading Joe out like a dog?


Bolivian Lithium

Lithium – known as ‘white gold’ – is a key metal used in batteries and increasingly important to the world car industry.

Bolivia has 9 million tons of identified lithium resources buried beneath its famed salt flats, the largest being the Salar de Uyuni. This is the world’s second-largest lithium deposit, behind Argentina’s salt flats.

The overthrow of Bolivian president Evo Morales in November, shows how the politics of environmentalism and social justice intersect in a silvery-white metal. As Morales flew to exile in Mexico, commentators wondered what would become of Bolivia’s lithium, a strategic resource used in consumer electronics and electric cars.

Watch as nations line up to cash in.

Something has to power the Green New Deal.


Nothing Screams Democracy

Like a tall fence topped with razor wire.


  1. Not-So Swell-Well- Because there are no repercussions for reprobates who are supposed to be working for us. Laws do not apply to them. Are we not entertained? Now where’s my free bread?

    Insider trading – no surprise, how else do DC insiders get wealthy? Seems we had a President who donated his salary and lost business because he was MAGA’ing…and they hated him for it, which proves who the liars are.

    So if you own a [much maligned] “Black” rifle are reparations forthcoming?

    The Green/Renewable Energy scam refuses to admit their environmental destruction. How about 600-900 yards of concrete – plus steel reinforcement – per tower foundation? Or buried carbon-fiber blades buried in the ground that have a 500 year half-life? Nah, nothing to see here. Grifters.

    Harris is salivating…she wants to be the Grand Pooh-Bah-ette to prove how terrific she is to the sheeple.

    Who paid for the Capital Wall? Something is seriously mentally wrong with these people?

    Smiting…yup…need some smiting.

  2. Not surprised she reappointed that clown. After all, President Xi must be kept in the loop. Like Hillary and her emails, he gets a pass because SCIENCE! or something.

      • This goes along with the Greenie Weenies that want to leave everything in the ground in the USA. Doesn’t matter if the ground can be reclaimed and made “nicer” than before, it’s a liberal sin (if they have such things) to disturb or despoil Nature in any way.

        As for the rest of your post, it just further convinces me that we’ve truly turned into a Bannana Republic.

    • It’s disturbing. But with Joe having the IQ and personality of a potted plant, what else can we expect?

  3. Looks like you’re well into the “law is for the little people” phase now.

    What’s the saying about about collapse happening slowly then all at once?

    • I’m hopeful that things can be turned around. If somebody nuked Washington DC with Congress in session, one can but wonder what would come after.

  4. In 1860, there was only about 1 person per 2 square miles in Oregon. I somehow doubt a lot of them were black slaves.

    If Oregon wants to give slavery reparations, they should be giving them to Chinese-Americans
    (and Japanese, Korean, etc.) . Asia’s where the West Coast’s slave labor came from, and where it still does, along with Mexico / Central America.



    • The only race that matters among the woke is negroes. It’s not me calling the shots. It’s just how they think.

    • When Oregon became a state in 1859 the new state constitution banned two things: Slavery, and black people residing within the state.

      There is a strong argument to be made that the founding fathers objected so strongly to the institution of slavery that these measures were made to prevent it from ever finding a foothold in the new state.

      The black exclusionary law was invalidated in 1868 by the 14th Amendment and officially repealed in 1925.

      I moved to Oregon much later, and consequently feel no personal sense of responsibility for that part of Oregon history.

      • They’ll still tax you to redistribute your wealth to others – as a matter of equity.

        I don’t own a slave. My ancestors did not own slaves back as far as I have been able to research – to 800 AD +/- in some lines. My ancestors did not participate in the Civil War/War of Northern Aggression/War of the Rebellion. The pirates were still engaged in piracy and ran the Union’s blockade from North Carolina, but they didn’t serve under arms in any regiment I’m aware of. Some of my ancestors did serve in the American Revolution on the side of the Colonies. Others (different line) served with the British at sea. Captain Henry Lambert, Royal Navy was commanding officer of HMS Java, and his ship was captured on the high seas by USS Constitution, 29 December 1812. So that ancestor was a loser. But he didn’t own any slaves.

        I don’t feel that I owe negroes one thin penny for anything. Creepy, corrupt, Slow Joe Biden disagrees.

        • My grandparents on my father’s side came here from Poland around 1990. Likewise my mother’s parents, but they came from Ireland.

          I really don’t think either of my bloodlines had anything to do with slavery, so I don’t owe anything to anybody from before 1900….

          • Once you self-identify as black, things will change. You will feel the oppression in America squeezing you like a grape. It will cause you to want to burn down local stores after you’ve stolen everything from the shelves.

  5. An early pioneer resident of Oregon was Louis Southworth.
    Louis Southworth was the only person in Lincoln County Oregon to vote in the 1988 presidential election.
    He lived on the Alsea River out of Waldport.
    The river was in flood on election day due to a violent storm and he was the only one who braved the danger of the bay to row acoss to the designated polling place.
    He was black and had bought his freedom years before.
    He donated the land for the first school in the area and was chairman of the school board.
    He was well respected in the community, but the local Baptist Church would not have him because he played the fiddle at dances. Which, by the way, is how he had earned enough money to buy his freedom.
    I am not sure he would appreciate being told he was not capable of improving his lot in life without a handout.

    • The left would have branded him an “Uncle Tom” and would have completely disregarded him – in much the same way as they do with Justice Clarence Thomas.

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