I wonder how Michael Byrd sleeps at night knowing he shot an unarmed woman who meant him no harm. She wasn’t even looking in his direction. Is he a heartless coward and thug?  If he had been white and she black, the matter would have ended differently.

Gov. DeSantis raised the issue of the federal government’s secrecy surrounding the events Democrats claim are so important to probe while investigations instead have focused on private citizens who have no connection to the chaos.

“I do think that if you have this Jan. 6 Committee, why do we not know some of the people who we know were really involved in orchestrating this? They got pulled off the most-wanted list,” DeSantis said, in reference to new reporting that the FBI silently stripped names from its website on the same day The New York Times revealed agency informants were in the crowd.

“I think that this is something that has really been used for political narrative and posturing purposes. I don’t think it’s been effective,” DeSantis added. “People here in Florida, they care about inflation and they care about gas prices and education and crime. … There is an obsession with this amongst the D.C., New York journalist class and again I think it’s because it allows them to spin a narrative that they want to spin.”


The Fourth Jab – (to slow the spread?)


Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel on Thursday said people will likely need a Covid booster by the fall of 2022 to increase their protection against the China plague.

“You can resolve to live your life with integrity. Let your credo be this: let the lie come into the world, let it even triumph. But not through me.” – Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn


Identify the AFV




Cultural Appropriation

…before America knew how shameful it was. You’d get thrown out of the military for doing that today, but it seemed to work on D-Day.


A trillion seconds is 31,710 years.


Let’s go Brandon




  1. Here’s hoping for your continued recovery. You are posting with more regularity, which leads me to think that you are feeling better. I’m just speculating.

    • As with any surgery where they cut deep, there is aching. I’m not a pain pill kind of guy and I don’t drink alcohol, so pain management is and has been a matter of individual effort, even if it leads/has led to some plaintive howling. But to your point, I do feel better and six weeks or so should see me back to normal. Thank you for asking.

  2. Michael Byrd sleeps just fine; he does not have to worry about retribution because he is a protected democrat. Dollars to doughnuts, Byrd sees his actions as self-defense and has not lost any sleep over murdering Ashlee.

    • I think there’s a decent chance he’s one of those people who becomes a cop in hopes of being able to murder the innocent and get away with it, and it was the best day of his life.


  3. The tank definitely belongs to the British FV 430 family.
    The camouflage-net covered superstructure in the rear of the vehicle makes a visual identification difficult. My strong guess goes towards the FV 438 variant as it was armed with the SWINGFIRE ATGW missile and this box-like superstructure looks exactly like the missile containers for the SWINGFIRE. Another possible option would be the FV 432 “Command” but I am not placing many of my chips on that: it would be very unusual to see four Command & Control vehicles together in the field.
    So I am sticking by my first answer: it is a FV 438 in the “Panzerjäger” version with SWINGFIRE ATGW missiles. Hugh, I have spoken.
    An interesting fact is that the vehicle is still widely used by the British Army although the FV430 series has been in service since the 1960s. Due to numerous upgrades and re-designs the FV 430 family retained its usefulness; especially as a carrier of specialised equipment (mine layer, mortar, ambulance, comms, counter-battery radar).

    • I have seen the plain old FV 432 in pictures with that weird thing-under-a-tarp in other pictures, but IDK what it is, either. There are about one million variants.

      Swingfire’s a good suggestion.

      I was just gonna post “FV 432”, and hope that was good enough.


    • Kle, FV432 is good enough.
      Martin, yes, you nailed it hard – 438.

      They’ve been around since the 1960’s since the British are still looking for an AFV that is more reliable. The UK have had serious reliability problems with their AFV’s. It has to move when you need it to. The armored protection is likely not survivable in a modern battlefield by any standard, the weapons mix has been varied but in a lot of ways, it’s like painting lipstick on a pig.

  4. The wussification of the American male seeing what our fathers and grandfathers did would send them in to a periwinkle skinny jean tizzy. Food chain estrogen, easy divorce making the dad an intermittent visitor, to classroom indoctrination, has feminized the male populace to the point they don’t know any better.

    People assuage their guilt in all sorts of manner, selling their souls in the process. Byrd is probably on a beach somewhere with a fat bank account…but the demons tend to circle around waiting for an opportunity to pounce.

    • The wussification propaganda continues unabated. Wusses get most of the news. Still, I see traditional male testosterone fueled behavior daily, even if the males give an outward appearance of wusses.

      As someone who went through Army basic training during the draft era, I saw many a sloppy fat body whiner transformed in eight weeks because they had no choice. That system and culture could come back. Probably won’t until it is too late.

      • Re Byrd and others of his class, I had a discussion with others about blood money and how it never seems to last. Karma is a harsh mistress.

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