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I’ll start off by discussing last night’s snack. My grandsons wanted pizza and I didn’t want to go out and pay $30 for a pizza at the pizza restaurant, so I split french bread, slathered on some doctored up jar spaghetti sauce with tomato paste and some chopped fresh garlic, added ingredients in the house and they loved the french bread pizza.

I had to raid my daughter’s well-stocked refrigerator to make it happen but I’m guessing that it didn’t cost more than about $5 to make pizza for the boys and myself. Am I cheap? Definitely, but it also tasted good.

Breakfast? I made pancake tacos with bacon and eggs.


Please forgive me for not wanting to negotiate my firearms ownership rights with people who just a few months ago wanted me eliminated from society because I didn’t want a forced medical treatment.





“You see these dictators on their pedestals, surrounded by the bayonets of their soldiers and the truncheons of their police. Yet in their hearts there is unspoken — unspeakable! — fear. They are afraid of words and thoughts! Words spoken abroad, thoughts stirring at home, all the more powerful because they are forbidden. These terrify them. A little mouse — a little tiny mouse! — of thought appears in the room, and even the mightiest potentates are thrown into panic.”

— Winston Churchill


Identify the Aircraft


Illegal? Why?


  1. What’s illegal?

    And it’s a Blackburn Firebrand

    As to the bread pizza, I’d keep that on the menu. Looks tasty and so much better than store-bought garbage, not to mention highly customizable.

    • Damn, that was quick. I thought that the Blackburn would be a challenge.

      Today the question is first, “who are you?” Then it’s “what is legal” because the law is becoming a respecter of persons.

      I seriously think that from now on, we’ll do pizza bread instead of the more laborious process of making a home-made pizza from scratch.

    • Sort of the opposite. It came out at the end of the war and served the British Fleet for about a decade. It is built on the tech developments P-47 and more particularly the F8F Bearcat.

  2. boom indeed….illegal? …..yum!…. slojoe lectured us, invoking God’s name many times. i half expected a thunderous bang and lightning. but alas, no earth shattering kaboom. phizer told the court they own the govt so they can’t be sued for fraud etc. then the fda gave them the go-ahead to vax 6 month olds. now we know why they want our guns. they can pound sand, i withdrew my consent in 2020. i refuse to follow edicts from people behind fences guarded by the very guns they want to take from us.

    • I’m concerned about a lot of things, as are you riverrider. There is a lot of skullduggery in the mix these days. I was asked who was burning down all of the food production facilities, chicken farms, etc. in the US. Maybe the FBI? They are the secret police, tasked with carrying out the totalitarian moves in America. But it’s difficult to know which specifically funded group is behind this or that atrocity. Suffice that there is an obvious pattern to what is going on in America and being ready to deal with it is challenging.

  3. Pizza looks great!

    Pancake tacos sound fun too, but I guess you didn’t make enough pizza for the traditional post-pizza breakfast of Cold Pizza? Or are you just trying to teach the kids Clean Living?

    What kind of weirdo names a beef cow?
    But, hell yeah I’d still eat it! If I pay more, can I get a Vegan (from Vega, presumably) to sit across from me and cry while I eat it?

    Knives are illegal in Scandinavia? They should be ashamed of themselves, they were men, once.


  4. Pizza. Not on my food plan. However, a comely wench recently tempted me with a sausage gravy pizza. Tasty!

  5. My sister and her husband live in Florida where they have a small hog operation. They name their pigs, then they have them slaughtered and sell the meat. Would I eat Chloe? Medium rare please.

  6. Knives illegal? And who determined the size threshold? I had my EDC in Denmark on two visits, no one bothered me…maybe they were jealous.

    As RR said, anyone standing there screaming “I/We will take your guns!” while being guarded by said guns, is immediately nullified. The more I look back at the past 2 1/2 years and the usurped power by “authorities” where they had none (!!!!), destroying peoples lives, frosts my shorts even more. We need a Churchill type to thrash these tyrannical bums otherwise a Civil War will result (as the recession turns into a depression).

    This – another chick urban dweller who had her personal “nirvana for all” shattered by reality:

    Whenever we share a dinner at our neighbors it’s usually steak or brisket, last time we had Bess. Anyone who hasn’t a clue where their food comes from needs to put the electronic devices down and get outside…which has the added benefit of Vitamin D boosting the immune system (so does playing in the dirt).

    French Bread Pizza…might be on the menu this weekend. Thanks for the inspiration. And good on you for showing the youngin’s some Grandpa creativity, they will not soon forget the lesson and fun.

    • All every-day-carry (EDC’s) are not created equally. In Britain even kitchen knives are restricted from carry. There are loopholes if you’re hauling them from kitchen to kitchen and you can prove it.

      • Disarm the public and you get tyranny from The Self-Appointed Potentates. Not happening for at least half of America. We are the Sheepdogs.

        The other half of America coddle their captivity as precious, they like being led and told how to live. They are the Sheep. That group is usually made up of the type like that recent Ohio visitor to Yellowstone who decided a Bison needed petting. She saw the sky then the ground, then the hospital. Now she’ll sue the Park for having dangerous animals on the loose.

        As much as we like to think decent of our neighbors, it has become abundantly clear you can’t fix stupid…best to walk away and maintain your sanity.

  7. Toasted English muffins also work well for individual pizzas (although the carb count is through the roof.) I stock up on Wild Mike’s pizza (a super large usually under $4.00) when they’re on sale and add more goodies. It keeps the cost waaaaay down (when I indulge in carbs.)

    Today? I’m having my once or twice a year HOT DOG – actually a Coney with a ton of chili, peppers, onions, and cheese.

    • Yes, toasted English muffins work well.

      And the pancake tacos are more like crepe tacos, rolled with bacon, cheese and scrambled eggs in them.

  8. Pizza bread is an old family snack. Pancake tacos? I’m trying to picture that… going to have to give it try I think, just to see how it works, I don’t believe I’ve ever picked up a pancake and tried to eat it like that.

    Sounds like Churchill was talking about the people behind the curtain here in the US these days.
    About the people behind the curtain… (I think) they stared as the “the military-industrial complex” and have gotten bigger over time.
    Did you ever watch the TV show “SG-1”? The system Lords are the bad guys, they control a lot of the universe but they are out to get each other when they can. They will get together to work on a common problem.
    I see the people behind the curtains being like the System Lords from SG-1, there are a lot of different system lords and they each control a piece of society. As things change seats at the table are added (the Deep State is a member). Any one of the members would love to control it all but no one wants to give anything up & they do need to work together to keep things running (and not be noticed) They all agree that keeping the people in the dark is the most important thing…
    I’d call it a crime family/cartel sort of thing but those entities are part of the people behind the curtain.
    It’s just not as formal a thing as the system lords were…

  9. “Chloe”? That’s her SLAVE NAME.
    How dare that activist use her slave name? Her real name was Kuuuunta Nurrrrrgh.

    Farmer: Say it! Your name is Chloe. Say it!
    KN: My name is Kuuuunta. Kuuuunta Nurrrrrgh!
    Farmer: [cracks whip] Chloe, it’s Chloe, damn you!

    This tradition of proud intransigence was carried on by Kuuuunta‘s daughters Bessie X, Elsie X, and her transdaughter Ferdinanda XY.

  10. LL the pizza looks very tempting but since I have no bread in the house and it is 20 miles to the grocery store I am safe for now.

    I have no problems eating Cloe or Bess, or John, or whomever. It is just meat. I agree with Jim; medium rare works just fine.

    Fall and winter will be interesting to say the least. Defense for me and mine is not negotiable. There is a new magazine limit in Washington so I have been practicing my magazine changes a little more than usual. Just added another magazine to what I normally carry and the round count is the same as it was before the silly useless law.

  11. It would be ungrateful NOT to eat Chloe. I would thank her for her sacrifice. Of course as the price continues to rise, many Choles will be wasted. Which is what our “betters” want.

    The bomb on that plane looks to come awful close to the propeller..

    Your grandsons are lucky you are inventive! The pizza looks great and so much better than the “french bread pizza” in the frozen food aisle.

    You all be safe and God bless!

  12. French Bread Pizza is always welcome here. Had a girlfriend a loooong time ago who made similar “breakfast tacos”. She was an excellent cook, and they were quite tasty.

    I don’t negotiate my God Given rights. MOLON LABE! The Founders knew what they were doing.

    Chole would be quite good with a proper baked potato.

    I was thinking some version of a Hawker Sea Fury given the torpedo, but I see I was incorrect.

  13. I think I’ll go down the pizza bread route. Tasty, as is delicious steak, not that us serfs can afford it anymore.

    And just who is burning up all our food processing plants? Some 3 letter agency, food anarchists, enterprising Spetsnaz? Huh.

    • When the fox is guarding the hen house…BLM were amateurs compared to the agencies that allowed them to riot unchecked, then prosecuted anyone who tried to stop the rioters. Civil War is inevitable with this disastrous recipe being employed by those supposedly elected to protect our Republic.

      When no one with the power to do so is stopping them, they too become an enemy of the state.

  14. Buongiorno Señor Pizza! You need to open up a rustic pizzeria at the WWM! You’d make a fortune. Get some vines growing to and you can add home made wolf wine!

    • There is nobody up where I live to eat the pizza. I have actually considered opening a pizza joint there, but it would be a lot of work and a slender chance of commercial success.

  15. My wife and I frequently make pizza from flat bread, purchased at the local Winn Dixie, usually on sale as BOGO, about $3.50 for four that way. Brush on a little olive oil, then slices of ripe tomatoes, cheese and fresh basil leaves, bake about 10 minutes, excellent. Of course you can use prepared tomato sauce, pepperoni, italian salami, olives, artichoke hearts, pine nuts, bacon, or just about anything else you may desire. Very easy, delicious and better than the frozen pizzas. Also very economical in these uncertain times. Thanks for the info, enjoy your blog.

    • Thanks Mike Shay. I always appreciate comments. Because I live at about 7,500 feet altitude, the whole pizza dough thing has to be somewhat reimagined. A food truck brought pizza dough up from Phoenix (altitude about 0) to serve to tourists near where I live. I was there to witness the debacle because the dough rose differently than it would have at sea level. You say of course, but they didn’t think of it. Even par-baking it won’t work. You either need to make it completely at sea level or make it completely here.


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