Handgun Wisdom

“Bee Nott Afrayed

Of Anny Man Thatt Walks Beneath The Skys

Tho Big He Bee Or Small You Bee

For I Will Equalize”


Indian Navy Tu-142M

It’s definitely a long-range ASW aircraft, but they must be very expensive to operate.


SU-57 Felon

The aircraft doesn’t stock traffic chalk to outline its victims. Russians…go figure…


Bad day for Bernie’s Hero

CIA Case Officer Felix Rodriguez and Bolivian soldiers pose with Che Guevara before Guevara’s execution. 9 October 1967



I heard and read that the US has to address fentanyl overdoses. Considering that the precursors come from China, that’s not much of a problem. Deal with China effectively, stop politicians from taking massive bribes from the Middle Kingdom. End of problem.


Pookie is for Engineers 

Rhodesian “Pookie” mine-detection MRAP.


Big Pharma

Please forgive me for putting a lot of trust in a major industry that is financially dependent on everyone being sick.




  1. Out of sheer necessity and due to the brainless embargos the Rhodesians became pioneers in the construction of mine-proof vehicles. A vital question was to find tires with a low enough soil pressure ratio to avoid setting off all pressure-plate-operated mines.
    A smart Rhodesian engineer contacted the Formula 1 operators in South Africa at the Kyalami racetrack and asked to buy all the used race car tires they had. The Formula 1 guys were glad to get rid of them so he got them for a pittance, and voila! the “pookie” had tires with a lesser soil pressur ratio than an average human being.
    Power was provided by using the engine of a VW Beetle: it was aircooled, relatively lightweight, proven and robust … and it was not covered by the embargo.
    The result was an extremely effective and versatile counter-mine reconnaissance vehicle which became the inspiration for future generations of mine-proof vehicles.
    Turn crisis into creative opportunity, indeed.

      • It behooves me to thank *YOU* for providing this splendid blog day in, day out over the years — you are one of my main sources of inspiration (and my chief provider of maps which I shamelessly steal from your site).
        I have lived and worked long enough in the southern parts of Africa and so I have met quite a few interesting people who had some true tales to tell … and lots of memories to remain silent with.

  2. ChiComs not only supply the precursor chemicals, they also supply the actual fentanyl. Same with the precursors of meth, and actual meth.

    Communist China… Let’s hope they collapse before we do.

    And I always celebrate Dead CHE! Day. It’s what normal, free citizens do, or should do, the world over.

    And that Russkie thing with wheels, looks like some bubba done uparmored his ATV.

  3. See some kid with a “Che’” t-shirt on they obviously are a product of public schools…ask them why they have Ernie Serna the Marxist on their shirt? Clueless.

    Covid “vax”- Big Pharma made a deal they can’t be held liable for adverse reactions, including death.

    The Pookie- Form follows function.


  5. Rhodesian “Pookie” mine-detection MRAP.
    Army combat engineers would welcome such a tool. Never happen. Instead, high priced, high maintenance monstrosities with limited mobility must be the norm.

    • And they all beat lying face down poking at the dirt hoping there’s not an anti-handling device, unfortunately all the training I did boiled down to doing that at some point to confirm there was something there before palming off to EOD.

  6. Is it possible for you to post a link to that Colt? I would love to read more about it?
    Che doesn’t look so arrogant in that photo,I wonder why?

    • Klaus,
      On my telephone, I hold my finger on an image.
      A window offers a dozen choices, including ‘search for this image’.
      I click on that choice, and I get a page of sources, plus I get a choice of other search engines.
      I hope this helps!

      • Thanks LM. I’m far from savvy in that dept.and don’t have a phone. My communicating with the world is an IPad via WiFi. I believe there’s enough info in the photo for me to search,just being lazy I guess.

  7. The Equalizer…..and I don’t mean Robert McCall…

    I always liked the TU-95 and it’s variants. Doing More With Less comes to mind. Fast, too, but LOUD….

    Nice paint job on the SU-57.

    All I can think of is “Pookie….The Flying MRAP” if it hits a big one.

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