Sir Sean Connery died today at age 90. He did well for a lad from Fountainbridge (Edinburgh, Scotland), which was a lot more run down then than it is now in its present state of gentrification. Connery seemed to have lived life on his own terms, and he certainly entertained us all. He will live on through his art and his legend. RIP.


Yesterday in Minnesota, at the last minute, Governor Tim Waltz tried to engineer President Trump to cancel his campaign event by limiting attendance to 250 supporters. Thousands remained outside the fence and traffic was snarled for miles as people had flocked to see and hear from their President personally. The President spoke to those 250 supporters in Rochester for half an hour, and they walked outside the fenced area to meet with the Americans waiting outside, in person, to shake hands and share a few words.

Senile, creepy, corrupt, old Slow Joe Biden would never have done that, would he? Then again, he can’t even get 250 people to his campaign rallies. Still, he might win because of rampant corruption. Such is the present state of our republic. The liberals feel a great debt to society, which they propose to pay off with other people’s money.


I have yet to see a family try to escape capitalism on a homemade flotation device across shark infested waters to reach Cuba.


Australia – A three-decades-long Australian naval presence in the Middle East will come to an abrupt end this year as the Federal Government grapples with an increasingly uncertain strategic environment closer to home.

Defense Minister Linda Reynolds has announced Australia will no longer send a Royal Australian Navy ship to the Middle East every year. The shift was flagged in the Government’s recent Defence Strategic Update, which declared that deteriorating strategic circumstances would force the military to focus more sharply on the Indo-Pacific and Australia’s immediate region.


Japan’s View of China and more particularly, its maritime ambitions, is outlined (here) for your perusal. The Japanese have a very personal interest in the Coming War with China, because they are on the cutting edge, tip of the spear.


Hyon Song Wol

Hyon Song Wol, a North Korean singer who fronts the Moranbong Band, which has been likened to the Spice Girls of the Hermit Kingdom, assumed some of the duties performed by Kim’s powerful younger sister Kim Yo Jong. She’s Kim Jong Un’s mistress and is no longer in the shadows. Kim’s wife hasn’t been seen for months, and while the assumption is that she still lives, she’s no longer front and center at the side of the dictator.

Kim’s powerful younger sister Kim Yo Jong 32-year-old rose to prominence earlier this year and was even reported to be in line to succeed the Rocketman if he died or was too sick to lead the rogue regime. But as her spotlight has dimmed of late.


Iggy says “Hi”

The bridge crew of the USS Paul Ignatius (DDG117) send their regards. Some of their number visit this blog from time to time.

USS Paul Ignatius (DDG 117)


And it’s Halloween


  1. Connery – The man could wear a righteous beard, class act all the way…as you say, “life on his own terms”. An admonition for us all. (I believe we have discovered who lives as such.) Gone to that Scottish Castle in the Heavens.

    Gov. Waltz: He’s THAT kid from Junior High. Just another punk tool of the Dem party. Trump must laugh at the foolishness. [walks out the gate, shakes hands…take that you putz.]

    328 – The number of EC votes POTUS receives. Crystal ball is clear. The more the media pushes polls and calling what Harris/Biden are doing “a race”, the more I believe it’ll be a wipe out.

    DLS – “Only the government would believe cutting a foot off the top of a blanket, then sewing it to the bottom, makes for a longer blanket.” D.C. can’t even leave the sun alone, thinking they know better than God.

    • It might be possible that Trump would take California. The vote rigging, bagging, bundling, and other forms of fraud there is astonishing as to its scope and it’s all in the open, run by the democrat machine working toward one-party rule. Could the President still take California? And New York. Do they want more democrat rule or are they tired of it? From what I’ve heard of New Yorkers, they feel crapped all over.

  2. Nothing that happens in Minnesota surprises me anymore. It was a nice place to grow up – 75 years ago. Now the Twin Cities is packed with with a bunch of commie/libtards pretending to be “Minnesota Nice.” Nothin at all nice about it – it’s passive aggressive to the nth degree.

  3. I’ll be amazed if Minnesota goes Trump. The place has been a Communist hotbed (although at least the honest, hardworking kind in many cases) since the turn of the previous century.

    Texas is worrying me – if the reports are true that more people have early voted there then voted at all last time, it seems to me less likely to be a result of “historic high turnout” than “historic ballot box stuffing”.

    Maybe that’s just because I’m a Rhode Islander.


    • I know a lot of Republicans here in Texas have voted early because they worry that on Nov 3rd the polling places may be a mess. My wife and mother-in-law voted early.

      I want to go to the polling place next Tuesday. Maybe someone clad all in black, with a hammer and sickle on xi’s hoodie will confront me, try to block my way, if they touch me I will consider it assault and take appropriate action. I too can call 911 to have them removed as I will have all day to do my duty. But I think it will go smoothly out here where I live as the Trump is strong here.

  4. I know people, from other blogs, that don’t believe that Cubans have escaped that hell-hole using anything that floats. Even after I send them article after article showing exactly what’s going on and has gone on for over 50 years they still won’t believe. Idiots. Idiots all.

    As to Japan, well, they’ve been dealing with crap from China for a very long time. It says something about the evilness of the ChiComs in that Taiwan, Singapore and South Korea have started working with Japan. Grudgingly, maybe, but still working with them.

    As to California? It would be nice. But won’t matter unless Californians overwhelmingly vote out the current politicians it won’t matter one bit, seeing how the kleptocrats ignore the will of the people every time.

    • I’ve seen the Cubans on pathetic rafts while I was at sea. First hand. Some of those people don’t get out much. People who live in basements, bunkered like Biden tend to make great democrats.

      China is everyone’s enemy, not just ours. They have no friends. And for that reason, a coming war with them might go badly for them. The world (less Iran) against Red China.

  5. My favorite Connery quote from a film comes from The Rock: “Losers always whine about doing their best. Winners go home and f_ _k the prom queen.”

  6. I didn’t know about the Korean Spice Girl and now I do. Will the sister survive? She looks pretty mean so maybe she will.

    RIP, Mr. Connery.

    My friends in MN say Minny’s a lost cause but the rest of the state’s a sea of red. Iron Ridge to boot.

  7. “One Ping, Vasily. Just One”.

    He was a great actor, superb at times, and a true master of his craft. Between Sir Connery, and Eddie VanHalen, 2020 sure has sucked.

    One of my friends in Oklahoma told me voter turn out at her polling place today was immense. She’s lived there for something like 30 years, and said she’d never seen anything like it.

    The next several days should get real interesting. Stores in Denver and Aurora have boarded up, and they should call out the Rooftop Cowboys “down there”. ‘Cept I don’t know how many are there. Probably not many….

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