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Nork Philosophy – Style over Substance?
Kim’s description of the US. Kim referred to the United States as a “proud superpower sitting on the other side of the negotiating table” and as such “all trends and intentions must be studied in detail….Wherever the summit takes place, whether it be in the US, Singapore, or South Korea, we must have our own diplomatic measures in place, and we must be on top of all specific pieces of information regarding the actions of the world toward the US-DPRK summit.” 
Kim’s guidance. “We must have our own diplomatic philosophy in the face of the US unilaterally sending over a public letter to delay the US-DPRK summit … I expect that you will display unending diplomatic creativity based on loyalty to the Party and will take charge of meticulously ensuring the negotiations with the US occur, based on the diplomatic strategies and tactics established by the Party.” 
Kim’s goals. Kim also mentioned in the letter that “throwing off our economic difficulties and realizing the decisions of the April Plenary Meeting by protecting our nuclear power, the bastion of our socialist state, and making the Americans wave the white flag, is the independent diplomatic strategy we must charge forward with unceasingly.”
Kim’s letter on 25 May “was simply a way for Kim to avoid taking responsibility for the sharp, negative turn in S-DPRK relations.” Kim was deflecting blame. In the North Korean system, any statement announced internationally must be signed off by Kim himself. His guidance on diplomacy is superficial and contradictory.
North Korea, the Hermit Kingdom, needs to find a way to satisfy the power elite who rule the country while at the same time finding a way to feed its starving population. The old adage that it’s tough to make guns and butter at the same time certainly holds true of North Korea. President Trump understands this and while the North Koreans plan to hoodwink him to the extent possible, as they have deceived former US Presidents – it remains to be seen how far they can get with this president.
A lot of very smart people have underestimated President Trump.

Northern Syria 

Saudi, Emirati and Jordanian military officials visited an international coalition military base in the Kurdish Syrian region of Kobani yesterday, according to local sources. Al Jazeera reported that the officials met leaders of the Syrian Democratic Forces and field commanders in the coalition’s military base during their 24-hour visit. 

The Arabs were escorted by US military personnel.
Turks presented slanted and incomplete details of negotiations about the future of Manbij and the Syrian Kurds. This terse news item provides a glimpse of other actors and actions in progress. 
With outside and sustained military supplies, the Syrian Kurds may be relied on to prevent a revival of the Islamic State. The Turks, Syrians, Iranians and Russians have not and cannot.


Nicaraguan police and paramilitary units broke up a demonstration of tens of thousands of people in Managua on 30 May, killing 16 people and injuring 79 others, El Nuevo Diario reported 31 May. The 16 people died on Nicaragua’s Mothers’ Day.

About 100 people have been killed during protests in the past six weeks.

The protests began on 19 April after the government made changes to the social security system that increased contributions while reducing benefits and pensions to retirees. The government treated economic protests as challenges to political authority, which they became. The protestors now demand President Ortega resign, although he has rescinded the social security changes in response to their demands. As long as the security forces remain loyal to Ortega and respond to his direction, the government will survive.

Meanwhile at the White Wolf Mine
Irrespective of big doings in Washington, DC, Singapore and elsewhere in the world, the only project that actually matters to me is moving forward. A person recently asked why I’d build a home on land in the North/Central Arizona highland forests, far from the throngs and masses of humanity. I explained that it’s far from the throngs and masses of humanity.
The upper and lower decks. The master bedroom is located
adjacent to the upper deck.
There are two covered decks, both open to the weather. The deck 
above, opens to the great room. The one below opens to the game 
and entertainment room in the guest area below.
Most of the wall is either window or glass that accordions
back to allow for the indoor and outdoor living areas to join.
The fire that swept the area delayed completion about 3 weeks, so we’re into September.  I took some panorama shots of fire-scorched countryside (most of the Ponderosa pines survived). But apparently I am not very adept at taking panorama shots. The photo below did turn out of a house that burned to the ground about half a mile away.

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  1. Too close for comfort with the fire. Glad you made out alright with only time delay.

  2. Oh, THAT Kim. I thought you meant the other significant Kim 😉

    Your compound sounds like a slice of heaven to me. Just keep those fires at bay.

  3. I've decided that there are way to many Kims including the Cardassian Kim


    When you look at the Cardassian history, it's no surprise that they melded perfectly with Kanye West.

  4. A lot of very smart people have underestimated President Trump.

    I'm reminded of several bosses I disliked on a personal level but loved on a professional level because we made a lot of money together.

    The man is getting the job done!

  5. Reserving judgement on the NORKs ability this time around… Glad your place survived the fire! It's starting to look real! 🙂

  6. President Trump's live has been lived on results rather than bullshit. It's why politicians fear him and progressives loathe him.

  7. It will be beyond gorgeous when it is finished.

    And yes, you build there because you can.
    God bless.

  8. The fortifications come next – moats with alligators, savage dogs, electrified fences, cannons that fire on heat signatures or something completely arbitrary – the feral dogs will eat the flesh of the fallen.

  9. 5,000 gallon water tank fed by a well, powered by a Generac propane driven generator.

  10. Re: A person recently asked why I'd build a home on land in the North/Central Arizona highland forests, far from the throngs and masses of humanity. Your answer is perfect. To ask the question is to know the answer.

    It is beautiful up there. I have a friend that retired long before me who lives near the Mogollon rim. He grew up near there and bought the land as a retirement plan decades ago.

  11. We all need to find equilibrium and peace. People find it in their own ways, if they find it at all. The world around you is a reflection of your reaction to the world around you.

  12. That part is a reminder that you need to be prepared. I think that the steel roof and the concrete siding will help as will water sprinklers the cover the house – but even then, you never know.

  13. Thank for your very good article! i always enjoy & read the post you are sharing!


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