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Music Video of the Weekend

Norks – no more playing Rocket Man. More entertaining than the British trooping the color… (colour) The Biden regime could learn something about hosting a pageant from the Kims.

More adventures in Norkland.


Censorship and State Security Courts

Everyone asks what’s next. Maybe that. With the de facto cancelation of the Bill of Rights, there will likely be a cancelation of the right to a trial by jury in matters of “state security”. It would speed things up in a world where 80 million Americans will need to be “cleansed” politically.


“In a closed society where everybody’s guilty, the only crime is getting caught.”

-Hunter S. Thompson



Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty is or was a program where uncensored information could be broadcast throughout the world into areas where there was no free press.

It may be time to find a place in the world where uncensored information could be broadcast into the United States. Maybe short wave? Someplace to tune in every night (when it’s easier to broadcast) to hear what’s going on that USGOV is censoring? Clearly, the days of free press and freedom of speech in the US is coming to a close – if we take the government and tech oligarchs at their word.

Though how long it would remain operational before drones took out the station and the people operating it would be debatable. I wouldn’t even want to give odds on that.

I make it a point NOT to listen to the propaganda broadcasts from domestic media. It’s annoying and depressing.

“It was strange, she thought, to obtain news by means of nothing but denials, as if existence had ceased, facts had vanished and only the frantic negatives uttered by officials and columnists gave any clue to the reality they were denying.”

Atlas Shrugged


A Bomb-Thowing Jeep (arrangement)

Just a historical squib. There were a number of these sorts of arrangements that were tried, and were ultimately rejected. To make this sort of bomb thrower work, you’d need a duce-and-a-half following with a lot of bombs and rocket assist units.


French Navy – 1852 boarding axe

Manufactured in Chatellerault, France c.1852-70. 52,5cm shaft with a 20cm long axe head and spike, fitted with two langets and a belt hook, marked M for marine.

The last French boarding axe, a slight modification from the Restoration model. A lot of the French arsenal was modified with the coronation of Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte, who much like his uncle liked tweaking the army’s look to make it more awesome.



  1. Radio. Back in the 90s I listened to G. Gordon Liddy out of Washington. At the beginning of the show his voice was accompanied by the Morse code signal Bravo Sierra he claimed was broadcasting from the Washington Post building in an effort to jam his signal. Good stchick. Now more true than ever.

    • Loved listening to GG Liddy, very bright man and down to earth. He despised The Post, supported The Times. Really miss voices like his.

      • I knew his son, Jim, when he was in the Navy. A Navy friend of mine knew GG better than I did through his son and wrote a book, “The Monkey Handlers.” He appeared on Liddy’s radio show to talk about the book. GG asked him how he liked Washington DC. He said that it was fine but there were too many damned blue-gum (inner city) people. That’s not exactly what he said, but the lines lit up.

        A lot of people didn’t like GG, but you knew where he stood, and that counted for a great deal.

        • And he wouldn’t rat out his other Watergate cohorts, went to prison for nine years instead. “Will” is on my reading list.

      • That’s the sort of escort that corrupt, creepy, nasty, treacherous old Joe needs, just to remind us. (as if we really needed reminding)

  2. word is that troops are moving into syria on a collision course with a large russian formation. i guess we get to die some more so they can have their damn pipeline.

    • Let’s see how the propaganda media plays the troop movement. No wars and troop drawdowns under President Trump was met with disdain. But this guy…they’ll flip the switch in support.

      • If you’ll reflect back on this blog to last summer, I predicted that if Creepy Joe won, we’d be in a war in Syria by February. It looks like I was a piker and they want to get the war on right now. I thought they’d have waited 10 days or so, but no, they need that war. Of course it will escalate.

        In 1984, they were locked in a constant war in Eurasia. If you want to be true to the book, you need to get it going, I guess.

        • War hasn’t started…yet. Might take ’em a week to get over there and situated, which means your radar on such things is spot on.

          Can’t stand the war-monger swamp dwellers and their Mr. Mask, who looks like the fool he is while signing all these idiotic EO’s.

        • Fresh wars simultaneous with a purge of whites under “Office of the SECDEF Elect” Lloyd Austin. O! Glorious times. What bold vision, to have the armed forces stripped of the vast majority of actual warfighters,

          Ten percent teeth and 90% tail is outdated. The wave of the future is NO teeth, 90% tail, and 10% zampolits.

          • It’s important to have political officers to insure that the focus of the military is race and gender. Zampolits keep a level playing field for the incompetent.

  3. I’m digging out my old rig today and charging up the handhelds…time to get independent communication capabilities up and running.

  4. Perhaps St. Pierre and Miquelon as a transmission site for Radio Free Ameristan, with a West coast location on Clipperton? France is a nuclear power, might reduce the reprisal attacks…

    That is a sweet boarding axe! I’d like a little more swell on the butt of the haft, but that’s just picking nits.


    • France is a globalist alliance country. However, with the US president and administration on the Chinese payroll, they are bothered because China will roll right over France possessions in the Pacific.

  5. Secure comms are nice and good and a needful thing.

    But… you have to at least be able to verify the ‘truth’ being broadcast. Which in these benighted days is right difficult with sites going dark and formerly moderate news sources going full retard.

    Bomb-throwing jeep? A lot of people just don’t understand how hard the fighting in the Pacific was (and will be, which is why I still question removing heavy armor from the Marines.) Being able to toss a bunker-buster from reasonable range is still a damned good idea. It’s why the Churchill ARVE that the Brits fielded had a huge arse bomb thrower on it.

    It was a good idea that just didn’t cut the mustard. This is in a field of combat where gas trucks were a major weapons system (seriously, control the area around a fortification, pull up behind the fortification, fill fortification with gas, back up, set on fire. No. Really. That was a thing.)

    The best solution the US found was… to have a tank, preferably a medium (armed with either a 75mm, 105mm or a flamethrower or a combination of two of them) fitted with a field telephone on the rear bumper. Tank stays with troops, troops use phone to call in fire from the tank. (Again, it’s why I question getting rid of tanks…) The tanks could also push an improvised bangalore torpedo or spar torpedo into the embrasure of the fortification (thanks to many field expedients by the SeaBees and others)

    As to L’il Kim… scary that he’s seemingly saner than our new National Socialist masters. Who have now managed to, after 4 years of foreign war reduction, get us involved in Syria again. Le Sigh…

    Nice Axe. The French have always made nice weapons. Designed more for use than for looking good in storage. Bad that boarding axes and pikes are now back in fashion, if our Navy is even allowed to use them (know some swabbies that favored carrying a tomahawk or hatchet over not having anything else to carry.)

    • Those tanks worked well before anti-tank rotors came into play. I’m not anti-tank. The question better put is whether M-1 Abrams is the best tank for island fighting in the Pacific. Of course that presumes that the USMC would stand in the way of China under this regime.

  6. At the moment, there is no bad consequences for the Leftist flouting and/or ignoring the law. We can rant to our hearts content and it won’t make any difference. Action is all that will make a difference.

    So, WSF, what action will you take? Petty things, like focused vandalism to start. Take some of the glow off their high. At my age and fitness that is about my limit but I will do what I can do. Ski trip ruined because of a rock thrown against your windshield? Gasp!

    Maybe a poor analogy but the Germans in WWII rarely found their lives comfortable in occupied territories.

          • The other night I was at a friend’s apartment taking in her mail and watering the plants. Neighborhood is full of cars with Biden/Harris stickers, but the one that caught my eye was an SUV with “Black Lives Matter” and “Destroy Trump Fascists” neatly stenciled on the rear window in 3-inch tall letters.

            Just at that time, apropos of absolutely nothing, I mused to myself, “Hmmm. I really need to add a tube of cyanoacrylate to the in-car tool kit. It’s so handy….”

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