Opening Thoughts

Before the Second World War, the American intelligence establishment has been gutted. The quote was, “gentlemen don’t read other gentlemen’s mail.” Do you recall that? The man who said it was, US Secretary of State Henry L. Stimson.

Context and Precedence: Headed by Herbert O. Yardley (1889–1958), the Black Chamber was founded in May 1919 following World War I.

Yardley had commanded the Army cryptographic section of Military Intelligence (MI-8) during World War I. MI-8 was disbanded after the war. Jointly funded by the Army and the State Department, the Cipher Bureau was disguised as a New York City commercial code company; it actually produced and sold such codes for business use. Its true mission, however, was to break the communications (chiefly diplomatic) of other nations. Its most notable known success was during the Washington Naval Conference during which it aided American negotiators considerably by providing them with the decrypted traffic of many of the Conference delegations, most notably the Japanese.

In 1929, the State Department withdrew its share of the funding, the Army declined to bear the entire load, and the Black Chamber closed down. New Secretary of State Henry L. Stimson made this decision, and years later in his memoirs made the oft-quoted comment: “Gentlemen do not read each other’s mail.”

Once Stimson became Secretary of War during World War II, he and the entire US command structure relied heavily on decrypted enemy communications, so his opinion changed.

The moral to that story was that you shouldn’t go to war if you’re not a warrior and willing to do warrior things.

(I hear you sigh, ‘get to the point, LL’.)

The point is that politics is the art of saying “nice doggy,” while you’re reaching down to pick up a rock. It’s “war by other means.” It has always been thus from the days of Julius Caesar to the present day.

The Republican Party wanted JEB! (third in the Bush Dynasty), not Donald Trump. However they held primaries without rigged voting machines and the man with the most votes won. How very inconvenient for the American elites in the Republican Party. The FBI took out an insurance policy in case Donald Trump won – a quiet coup. That fizzled, Hillary Clinton, second in the Clinton Dynasty, fumbled, and Donald J. Trump became President.

They went with Russia, then Ukraine, but inconveniently, both Hillary (close to Russia) and Biden (close to Ukraine) had more to do with the scandals blamed on President Trump than he did.

Do you recall the first two years when the Republican Congress torpedoed everything that President Trump tried to do? Bohener and then Ryan? Was that an accident?

There is a Republican mantra wherein only the Democrats loot, burn and pillage. Who made that rule? The Republicans in Congress consider themselves a “debating society”. You can debate whether you’re in the majority or minority because you’ll still become fabulously wealthy in office.

Final Thoughts

Nobody in Washington represents YOU. The closest you’re going to come was President Trump.  Do we live in a two party political system or is it just one party with a pretense of a second? Based on what you know of the past sixty days is it a republic or an oligarchy? How do you feel about that?


  1. It’s a mess, at least from Real Americans perspective. Yet doubtful the DC crowd and their mindless supporters see it that way because most of them are lawyers….and what’s that old line…”It’s just politics.” Except for the past 50 years the “just politics” players have proffered serious government overreach, taking a wrecking ball to liberties while requiring us to pay for that very filching, with that money landing in their off-shore accounts. The last four years, plus this week, has upped the ante to unfathomable. Trashing the hardest working President in recent history, his family, friends, and ‘us’, all because he’s not one of the special people, regardless they enjoyed hanging out with him when he was just Donald J Trump, billionaire developer. While they were falling all over themselves after 9-11 trying to figure out what to do, The Donald had his crews down at ground zero, on his own nickel. Everything they say is a smokescreen, and I for one have had it with the liars, cheats, grifters, self-promoters, and thieves.

    Told MrsC if some gov’t stooge shows up with an edict things are likely to get out of hand, with me doing something regretful. (Only a little regretful)

  2. I’ve been saying it for most of a year now.

    America died 2 or 3 decades ago, and I just didn’t want to believe it. Human civilization died with it, since America was the only bastion against tyranny left – others had/have some small interest in freedom, but they lack the strength to even save themselves. Europe has already bent the knee to China, and will become mere satrapies in time. The Brits fled, but are weak and isolated and also really only a tyrannical police state themselves, any more. I suppose Israel can go out in a blaze of nuclear glory when the time comes… that’s better than meekly submitting, anyway.

    My error has been that of being too optimistic; I thought we had a couple centuries left. I didn’t expect to see everything fall apart so quickly, especially since we were all so rich and happy. I guess it was probably a surprise for the Russians too, I suppose nobody really sees it coming.


  3. As for being politically aware I’d rank myself not much above average. But I’ve seen the writing on the wall for decades. I didn’t want to believe what I read and heard even though it was all around me. Increasingly, especially since 2000, I had become more, um, concerned. (Despaired would be the wrong word for I have great gobs of hope, even while watching my country being drove off a cliff economically- and politically-speaking.) Worse was it seemed so many of my fellow countrymen were asleep.

    I’ll just say I am happy as a pig in mud to see more people waking up to reality. If it meant that things had to get worse, then much worse, for The People to wake up, so be it. I welcome it. I’m thanking God for these interesting times. The sooner the better. As for me, I’m like that buzzard looking across a barren landscape, ‘Patience my ass, I’m gonna kill something’.

  4. Franklin and the rest of our founding fathers warned us of this very occurrence. Add to that the fact that man does not learn from and will repeat their screwed up mistakes and you have the recipe for disaster.

    I’m not only worried about the fact we have lost control of our government, but of the fact that so many people keep reelecting the same prostitutes all of whom have proven to be every bit as deplorable as any other dictator or whatever consumed by power and greed.

    You are dead on with the fact that the “establishment” in fact torpedoed this Presidency and in turn has for quite some time hastened the surge towards a cold dictatorship. And unless the people open their eyes now, it’s lost.

    i hate to say that, but just here in Vegas alone, we have so many people who are in effect worshiping at the altar of fake socialists promises and handouts it’s become a joke.

    • Back in the 90’s, I made a joke comment to a coworker about the only solution to DC being a nuke.
      Joke – because even if someone managed to do that, the voters would elect a new crowd of grifters, conmen, and clowns to serve in the ‘NEW, IMPROVED’ seat of government.
      Until the population at large sees through the con we will not see any improvements.

      • They turn a blind eye to it because they’re on the take with gov’t cheese. When I moved to Kommiefornia in 1982, there was a THIRD GENERATION Welfare Mom living in the building.

        The gov’t’s been buying their votes for a long time…..

        • The system works. What can I say?

          Romney (a scumbag) was excoriated for pointing out that the lower 50% of all wage earners pay no income tax. And with Earned Income Credit, they can get more in their tax return than they earned by working all year. I had a son-in-law (now divorced) who was the recipient of that government largess.

  5. I’ve been reading apocalyptic fiction since “Alas Babylon” in high school and it’s hard to believe we are really there. “Absolved” and “Unintended Consequences” may become textbooks. I find this bothersome and very depressing.

    • On the last few chapters of Unintended Consequences…it’s not fiction but a documentary. Time for A Great American Reset (maybe semi-peaceful, maybe not).

        • Absolutely, a must. Yet true not looking promising from what we’ve seen this past year with “large churches”…appears to be so few who’d take up the mantle regardless what they say they are.

          • Originally, the Church consisted of an ever increasing number of small groups that, for the most part, were meeting in people’s houses.
            It seems that mega-churches are too easy to sidetrack.

          • The larger churches are mute on all of this, taking the course of suggesting that you give money to them and pray.

  6. Statesmen care about their country, politicians care about their paychecks and bribes.

    We’re fresh out of statesmen.

  7. According to rumors, Mexico is working on a new national motto:
    * “Mexico, the least corrupt government in North America!”

    • The Mexican government uses bribes as an unofficial form of taxation. If you need a government service, you. pay to play. It’s that way in DC, of course, but not so much in the rest of the country. Maybe they’re just behind the curve?

  8. Emperor Polis has extended the mask mandate another 30 days. Welcome to Colorado, home of the meek and obedient. A large number of drivers I see are wearing masks in their cars.

    I live in a 90 unit 55+ building (and pay full rent, just so you know) and most are the residents are women whose kin may, or may not, visit. Where once there was a thriving social life, now there is loneliness and isolation. What poses the bigger risk to their health, Chinese flu?

    • I’d open a private club in my room and charge by the drink. But that’s me. Set up a three card monte game and let WSF be the croupier for a 50% of the house stake.

      But that’s me. I’m an entrapreneur.

      • WSF is serious, LL. I see it happening to my poor SLW. She thrives on interaction far more than I do, and with all of her volunteering being shut-down, she’s getting cabin fever. The Doc even put her back on a med she’d pretty much been off of since a few months after we left Lost Angeleez.

        It’s real, and I feel for our elderly ‘shut-ins’ even more than before. “There But For The Grace of God” and all that…..

        • I’m serious too. I’d open a bar and social club there in the room. How the heck else do you survive? If called on it, I’d just say that Bobby and Buffy came by for a vodka tonic. Do a BYOB thing if you must. But people who are locked in with nothing but Fox f-ing News to watch will go insane.

          We ALL have cabin fever to one degree or another. It’s not a joke, no matter how our elected leaders pretend that it is.

  9. The predictions of an American tyranny and/or dark age are incorrect because they assume no technological growth. The correct observation is that technological growth shifts military power towards the individual. The printing press, telegraph/telephone, Internet, cheap small computers, drones. All of these raise the capabilities of an individual more than they raise the capabilities of governments.

    Now consider in 1770 the size of the British royal palaces vs. the size of George Washington’s estate. That size difference of house is a measure of strength difference in army. But what kept the British from conquering North America was the Atlantic ocean, which was too expensive to project force across.

    A better prediction is that country folk will set up an enchanted forest around them, which will act like terrain which is difficult to cross like mountains or oceans. Policy enforcement from outside will be progressively be cut off until taxes cost more to collect than they yield.

    Meanwhile, most human beings freak out if they believe they don’t have a shepherd managing them. This large group of political agoraphobics will move to the outskirts of the city. New distribution will be a small number of free people in the countryside living on large estates in beautiful places like Yellowstone, and a large number living in tightly controlled cities where the chocolate ration keeps going down.

    However the cities don’t produce energy or food. Imagine a new civil war where the division of production-diversity is not geographic North and South, but cities and countryside. The cities make one thing and export it: commercial and political policy. The countryside makes everything else.

    • Regarding ‘Cities don’t produce… food,’ well, funny you should mention that.

      What was one of the first things Der Furher Whitmer banned from sale? Seeds. And the ability to raise one’s own crops.

      And some on-line retailers refused to ship garden seeds to Michigan.

      Doesn’t matter if the city-folk don’t make or grow anything. They have the Control over what gets sold, grown, shipped, used, created, made.

        • Have your seeds shipped to a free state.

          The growing season at the White Wolf Mine is short. I had plans to build a greenhouse but haven’t done it yet.

          • The growing season at the White Wolf Mine is short. I had plans to build a greenhouse but haven’t done it yet.

            Check out the books of with a successful track record of producing vegetables in Maine using Earth-sheltered, aka half buried, greenhouses. Free heat and free insulation once you dig the hole. I suspect you have the necessary low water table but I hope it doesn’t take mining blasting to dig that hole.

            Beans: Doesn’t matter if the city-folk don’t make or grow anything.

            I believe Paris is famous for mixing enough gardens in to feed the city population the fresh food which doesn’t ship well.

          • My plan, such as it is, would require blasting, because I’m on bedrock, but I’d wedge the greenhouse in on the slope of the ridgeline beneath my house. Use the rock blasted out for the outside wall to the extent possible. It would only have Eastern exposure, but I could work it out. I don’t know whether I could get it all laid in this coming year or not. Maybe not.

        • Nothing wrong with that. I for one wouldn’t want to be Biden or Harris. They’ll be eaten alive (hahaha)

  10. Re: the Uniparty my ire is pretty much reserved for the Republican arm of the uniparty. The Dems are snakes , and snakes act like snakes. The Republicans Party is suppose to be our team. (Foolish,I know) They are first in line at the hanging tree.

    • At the further risk of repeating myself some more: “There ain’t no party like the dictator party ’cause the dictator party don’t stop.” Kevin “Hognose” O’Brien, S.F., a.k.a. Weaponsman. May he rest in peace.

  11. How do I feel about it? Like leading a cavalry charge on the Capitol, maybe on grav bikes with lasers. That aside, never seen anything like it. What brazen wickedness and chicanery.

    But still, I like the way you’ve brought us all back to Jeb! Well done.

    • Jeb! Is iconic. And I’m not saying that he wouldn’t make a great Republican President, who read from the teleprompter. He wasn’t a senile, walking, corpse.

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