Some describe this view as “desolate”. I see it through different eyes.


If the Democrats Win…

What role will Hillary Clinton play in the new administration?

I realize that it’s all speculation at this point, but might she be Harris’ vice presidential pick? She could self-identify as a black woman, after all she wore black face a lot to parties back when she lived in Arkansas. I’m sure that she wasn’t mocking negroes. Just an early statement that black lives matter.

Right now, she’s just a malevolent harpy, appearing on CNN to criticize President Trump. However, if you were to ask HER, she’d tell you that her political career is not over, and she can still be president. Harris would need a taster sipping from every glass of water and nibbling on every morsel of food if Hillary was VP.

Hillary and Bill Clinton

Navy Stuff

The Large Unmanned Surface Vessel (LUSV) is another one of those white elephant projects that the US Navy is considering. Whether it is built as a warship from the keel up or whether it’s a merchant vessel, converted for military use, the idea is that it will be a ‘battery ship’, loaded with missiles, that will convoy with other warships and will be slaved to the electronic systems on those warships.  The question that I keep asking is, “why is it critical that this ship is unmanned*?”

(*uncrewed is the more politically correct term because the crew could be made up of a blend of over 40 genders)

For reasons that I’m not going to bother discussing here, it’s important that a ship has a crew. It may not be a massive crew, and much of the ship’s combat mission might be managed by a different ship, but for all of the reasons that warships have had crews in the past, it’s important that the navy assign a crew to this class of ships to carry out any one of a thousand critical tasks that crews undertake.

And if you ask if the US Navy is insane for proposing this, I can’t say that they’re not.

For more on this topic, refer to: US Navy Robot Ships and Commander Salamander.


China In Focus

Youtube Video

-China’s flood situation has reached a new high. New waves of flooding are taking shape in China’s two biggest rivers. The Three Gorges Dam will face the greatest flow since its construction. Heavy rain has been battering both the north and south. Some villages were buried by mud up to three stories high.

-Which flag represents true Chinese heritage? The battle between Communist China’s red flag and Taiwan’s ‘blue sky, white sun, wholly red earth’ flag is making a turn in San Francisco.

-One of the CCP’s princelings, who is also a retired professor from the Chinese Communist Party school, called the CCP a ‘common enemy of humankind’. She was kicked out of the Party, indicating more splitting within its ranks.

-Chinese authorities are urging auto companies to recycle old parts for reuse as China as prepares for a decoupling with the West.


Postal Propaganda

USPS data showing at least 671 USPS mail sorting machines have been removed across the country since June.

The Washington Post, a propaganda arm of the Democrat Party is putting out the word that the US Postal Service has reduced its sorting capacity. What they are not reporting is “why”. Plague is the answer. And who runs the Plague? Not the Republican Party. There is a real advantage if the Democrats mandate vote-by-mail and if the election results are delayed by weeks, months or forever.


Views of the Gross Domestic Product

It will be interesting to compare this map to a similar map in ten years.


  1. No Mask Lunatics out in the hinterland….good for us normal’s who can be left alone to enjoy God’s landscape. Reminded me of a story I heard while out with NOLS years back. Paul Petzoldt came back from trail mapping in the Wind Rivers only to find another tent ten feet from his. When the confused owners came back he mentioned he took the liberty of moving their tent and gear to the other side of the lake, as a courtesy. Gave them a lesson in backcountry etiquette.

    The Postal thing has become another tactical lie for the Dem’s…who showed everyone who they really have become with their virtual sideshow, losers with power.

    • The person who set up camp next to him was likely from a big city. They like being shoulder to shoulder and see nothing wrong with it.

      The Donkeys are – idiots.

  2. +1 on the sunrise photo. “Desolate”. Yes, therein lies the beauty. A tent, even in the distance, would just spoil it.

  3. I can understand the basic idea of an unmanned arsenal ship, as a ship packed with hundreds to thousands of missiles is a bit of a threat to its crew if things go sideways.

    But just because I understand the theory doesn’t mean I agree with it. You need a security contingent. You need an engineering contingent. A bridge contingent. A tactical/combat information and weapons contingent. Just because. Because backup, because possible threat cyber or physical. And with all those contingents, you need a command group. A services group (cooks, stuff like that) and you need med support.

    You may not need a 200 man crew, but maybe a 40-50 man crew, maybe more with one or two Marine squads onboard to provide close protection.

    Even if you base the ‘arsenal ship’ off a commercial design, you should start with commercial crew levels for that ship and work up.

    Did Big Navy learn absolutely nothing from the LCS saga? Bastards. BASTARDS!

    As to China, the only flag I acknowledge, other than as a target, is the Nationalist Chinese Flag. May it wave for centuries past the ChiCom bloody rag (or is it the Communist Kotex?)

    The move to commercialize Communist China so many years ago is the only thing keeping them afloat, and it looks like they are running out of that money quicker than the Soviets did in the 80’s. If the dorks in the US government hadn’t opened up the money train, if, if, if. Sigh. Now we have to deal with them like we dealt with the Soviets, outspend and outcreate them.

    Hillary, like Ruth Bader Ginsberg, just won’t go the F away. Dammit. Need to find the jackwagons at Disneyworld that are keeping those two husks moving and break all their fingers and toes and jaws to stop those two animatronics.

    The Post Office has been experiencing record levels of debt since the Obama admin negotiated such a great deal with Amazon and the Chicoms, wherein the USPS is losing money with every shipment. Great going there, slick.

    Those two GDP charts are interesting. Now go with a NET DP, and see how much a sucking hole California is to the US economy. But they’ll never show that, will they?

    • The idea of an arsenal ship is good enough if you want more firepower and don’t want the expensive electronic SPY1, etc. on it. But you need a crew for all of the reasons that you outlined. Shit breaks, Beans. And at sea, it breaks more often because of salt water. The longer it’s on salt water and not maintained, the worse it gets.

      Some people are convinced that an old alien lizard with a Hillary skin on it is supporting the reptilian brain that she’s so proud of.

      • The sea is not a friendly place. Never has been, never will be. You can peacefully coexist with the bitch around 90% of the time, but it’s that 10% that will kill you.

        Especially for a ship that is supposed to stay at sea as a threat. Took a long time to get most naval ships to the point they weren’t going to catastrophically break within 3 months of sail, mostly, and that’s with a metric boatload of people constantly fixing things.

        Gotta keep that maintenance up. Ask anyone who fishes offshore for fun. You spend 1 weekend fishing, 2 weekends repairing (or you have a decent boat shop do the repairs during the week.) And that’s with doing the standard maintenance and upkeep like flushing exhaust lines, stabilizing fuels, washing down everything with fresh water. Just to go fishing. Not to run a complex multi-system fighting and launch platform.

        The mind boggles at the stupidity of crew-less arsenal ships. A good start to the maintenance is… Take an MLRS unit. Figure out all the maintenance and repairs and etcetera and then quadruple it. Some reduction of maintenance may be seen by sheer scale of the project (like, it takes X amount to keep Y number of tubes firing, doubling Y may only require 1.5X or some other scale of efficiency, to a point.)

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