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I now officially like some rap music — weird huh? Let’s Go Brandon!


China’s Third Leap

more here…  “The third leap includes biotechnology and related sciences that develop and grow on the basis of information technology (including advanced computer and communication), nano-science and other convergence technologies, where biotechnology and biomedical science (including genetic engineering), cognitive science (including cognitive neuroscience) are comprehensively applied. It will cause huge quantitative changes in the combat environment, combat methods, space-time relationship, military structure and function, and will eventually cause new qualitative changes, which will bring about profound changes in modern military history. The operational level change brought by this military transformation is the further extension of the theory of power control with modern biotechnology as the main feature.”



Nothing says, “Trust us!”  

Quite Like-

If you don’t take it, we’ll force your employer to fire you and disqualify you from unemployment benefits.


Historical Trivia

The US Air Force took delivery of the first “F-110A Spectre” January 1962, which would soon be renamed the F-4 Phantom II


Identify the Tank

Hint: It’s not a “Crusader”, that’s what the crew named their tank.


Some People are Defacing US Currency!




22 thoughts on “Tuesday Special

  1. It’s a Comet! An upgunned and improved Cromwell. A-34 Comet, to be exact, armed with the 17 pdr HV. Which led to the development of the Centurion.

    The ChiComs can suck camel scrotums. But they do scare me, as they have been overly supported by too many of our tech secrets.

    My dad did some stuff relating to testing the Phantom and low altitude speed runs. He was not thrilled with the maneuverability of the F-4 or the lack of a gun. Still, a nice plane once all the squirrelly bits were figured out.

    1. It took USAF and Navy a long time to work out the Phantom, but once they were done fixing bugs, adding a really good gun, etc. it was a very effective aircraft.

      Right on the Comet. It came late, but the 17 pdr was an excellent anti-tank rifle. The ammo for the firefly was heavily anti-tank and it took time to get a good HE round for it.

      1. I never understood the Brits having ‘anti-tank guns’ that only fire anti-tank ammo, and regular guns that fire only HE. How hard would it have been to make an HE round for the 2pdr or 6pdr or 17pdr, or AP ammo for the QF 3.7″ AA gun?


        Especially since they specifically designed tanks, like the Matilda II as infantry support tanks, that couldn’t fire HE ammo at all.

        Big dumbasses.

    1. Who can step into the mind of Zoomie brass and figure it out? You mingled there and may know instinctively more than I do. Somebody with a lot of stars made the call.

      1. Just a wild-assed guess here but perhaps USAF brass didn’t want it to be confused in the public’s mind with the de Havilland Comet, also (I believe) in service during that time.

    2. The renaming came down from McNamara DoD, the Tri-Service aircraft designation system created uniform designator across the services (all five services, so not sure why it was Tri-Service). The F-4 had been the F4H in Navy service (H being the manufacturer designator for McDonnell-Douglas). The F-1 under the new system had been the FJ from North American.

  2. FJB – How far America has fallen inside of 9 months. Gawd awful. Some like it though, which says a lot.

    Plugs (h/t Rush) had just the right mix of serpent-mindedness and evil-doing to get where he has…except…”Biden didn’t kill himself”. Biden is a tool – as a human and used as one by his handlers – yet got wealthy with his treasonous deal-making. But “Hey man!” may be his last words as they cart him off. One can hope.

    Jab Mandate- Not even a law, OSHA hasn’t done squat back-dooring the reg because they know it’s not legal. Companies who embrace it have overstepped, includes ALL of Big Pharma as part of their quarter busting “sales” for free jabs. Free…yeah, right.

    I figured you’d have run our of tank models by now. Shows what little I know.

      1. Can’t happen soon enough. The question we all think, “Will the next clown be worse?” Probably.

        1. I am praying that we will recognize this person early and cut short his/her dictator in rise. I maybe too optimistic, but I believe people are becoming “woke”, just not the way they envisioned and will insist even at the end of a barrel to be never led that way again.

    1. Lots more. He hasn’t even touched WWI tanks, interwar (between WWI and WWII) vehicles that never saw combat in WWII, or some of the minor nation vehicles. And minor nation vehicles after WWII.

    1. Before the days of remote control, I suspect that some private had to drive that tank into the lake.

  3. Didn’t take long for your rap song to be removed from YouTube, LL.

    Now you get the standard “video removed for sins against Big Brother” notification.


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