Current US/Mexico Border Wall – Arizona

To be replaced by a big, beautiful wall



Roman Army re-enactors demonstrate how to go over a wall. I realize that the activity isn’t being opposed by barbarians, but you don’t need scaling ladders to go over many military walls (such as Hadrian’s Wall in England). Sure, there were towering fortifications and you needed to batter them with artillery or undermine them. But for the average barrier wall, not so tough.


China’s Other Great Wall

(Sixty Minutes – Australia)

The Three Gorges Damn – mean time to failure? It’s already twisting like a snake as the clock ticks. The Sixty Minutes (AUS) piece is worth watching.

The wall to hold back the Yangtze doesn’t seem to be working out these days. When it goes, it will be spectacular.

Three Gorges Damn


Fourth Generation Warfare

I believe we are seeing a multidimensional, concerted strategy by leftist radicals and global interests to destabilize and ultimately collapse our society using techniques collectively known as “Fourth Generation Warfare” (FGW).

FGW is characterized by the following:

1. It is multidimensional in nature and of long term duration. The build-up is gradual and it escalates over time.
2. It is a direct attack on a target’s culture, past, style of governance, and its supporting base, and includes attacks on—and the wanton murder of—civilians.
3. Its support base is decentralized, it lacks an apparent and defined hierarchy, and it (usually) enjoys covert financial support.
4. It includes acts of terror, sabotage, violent protests, and violent crimes driven by an ideology that acts as the glue holding it all together.
5. Hate-speech is a vital component of this type of warfare as it adds to anger, division, tension, militancy, and hatred.
6. It is a highly sophisticated psychological warfare and propaganda campaign conducted through mainstream and social media manipulation, internet/cyber warfare, internet trolls, and bots.
7. All potential targets are placed under pressure; i.e., political, economic, governance, social, law enforcement, and military. This is to create the perception that law enforcement are either unable or unwilling to intervene, or that they cannot be trusted to protect the populace.
8. It contains threats of punishment, violence and/or sanction against any person or party that wishes to intervene or counter its end-goal. This will usually be driven by a small but vocal group of people who will use a distortion of both history and facts to justify and propagate their militancy. In this process of created anger, they will threaten to resort to a armed uprising.
9. Non-participants (the populace) present the police and other security forces with strategic, operational, and tactical dilemmas, but to the proponents of FGW the populace standing between them and the government/security forces are both cover and acceptable collateral damage.
10. It appears small in size, but actually draws upon a vast and all-inclusive network of communication, media coverage, soft power, and financial support.
11. It employs the use of tactics such as violent crime, violent and destructive protests, sabotage of state infrastructure, threats to disrupt and/or erode the health services, industry and food security, and even terrorism and small guerrilla actions.
12. Political warfare plays a large role in FGW to breakdown resistance.

Many of the above characteristics are already seen on America’s streets. The end goal is to either force the compliance of the majority, to acquiescing to systemic societal changes for which the majority would otherwise never vote into existence. Or to collapse the country into an ungovernable state of anarchy in which a small, well-organized and financed faction can seize power, either overtly or by acting through power structures already in place but which have been infiltrated and taken over.


  1. Not too sure if the satellite photo of the Three Gorges Dam is accurately showing anything worthwhile. Is it a piece of crap that may fail at any time? Probably. But look at any 3D Google Earth photo of a bridge or certain other large horizontal structures and they will be distorted in the same way.

    • It may be a trick of the optics. I’ve heard from a number of sources that the CHICOMs are concerned about the damn, but that may be fluff and information loops. If it fails, it fails big time and we will all know it.

  2. The thing about the 4GW in the streets is that we know who the funding is coming from. This is a really odd coalition of billionaires and Marxists. If the billionaires are paying for this, it has to be with the belief that everything they own won’t be confiscated and given to people like Bernie and the Squad Of Twits.

    Meanwhile, if the records show where these billionaires live, it seems targeted assassinations, like Iran’s Solemani, should be on the table. In any other scenario, if someone pays another party to kill someone, the one paying is also guilty of murder. That makes the people paying for the protests murderers, again like Solemani.

    • The billionaire class seem confident on their hold on empty headed shills like Bernie, Joe and Kamala. Their hirelings are pulling the strings.

      The justification for eliminating targets such as Bloomberg and friends needs a very solid nexus. I think that Soros could be sent to the hot place with what’s on hand. Since the progs would seem to also control the FBI by pulling levers there at will, finding an honest broker in the swamp may be difficult.

  3. Hmmmm…… always wondered what Iran did with all that cash they got from Obama. The question is the money trail and who does it lead to.

    • It was cash. A lot of it went to Hamas and various splinter cells. A lot went into the pockets of the mullahs/imams, etc. A lot went into the pockets of shot callers in the Republican Guard like Solemani. Did any of it go into Barack’s Cayman account? Or his Netherlands Antilles account? Or his nominee accounts in Switzerland and Lichtenstein? Or to launderers – likely the same as Putin uses – to clean the lucre.

  4. It’s time to counter these barbarians at the gate. We’ve known how to fight barbarians for thousands of years: determine the source of their resources, infiltrate their organization, capture and interrogate their leaders and financiers, and then take them out systematically. Start at the bottom and work to the top.

    Worked with the mob in New York, Chicago and Philadelphia. Well, somewhat. These efforts greatly diminished mob influence in the region (but little infections of their evil still are around).

  5. Power and control by those believing they are special by their wealth, therefore are chosen to rule the rest of us, employing their mind-numbed America hating minions for the dirty work. Go ahead boys, give it a go…I dare ya.

    • Wealth can insulate the wealthy from reality, so they don’t think they will end up penniless and/or thrown to the mob.

      • Absolutely…the Pharisees were the same, enjoyed their social position and played both sides. “Broods of vipers.” (Jesus wasn’t warm and fuzzy all the time, calling them out for knowing better and lack of humilty.)

        • They insulate themselves with hirelings in congress and the court system. They control the media, thus the narrative. We know that they owned almost every single senior ranking person at Justice including the FBI at least three levels down from director.

          • Treasonous rats…a fifty-spot gallows on the WH Front Lawn might help with a long overdue attitude adjustment. Getting old paying taxes from hard-earned paychecks into a nebulous system for these grifters.

          • Public hanging is actually too good for them. A drop, a snapped neck, and hello Satan. The Constitution forbids cruel and unusual methods of execution so we’re stuck with that or a firing squad. I think that Utah is the only state left with a firing squad.

  6. I found the FGW list interesting. The nearest metro is quieter than some others, but things could fire up. I hope it doesn’t come to that but I’m not optimistic.

    • LSP, how many churches have spoken directly against BLM? Or would that be racist? True, there is this and that preacher, but the big corporations are all silent.

      Camperfixer, General Jim Clapper (former Director of National Intelligence) is weak. Trust me on that. He sang like a canary in the Grand Jury. They couldn’t shut him up. Remember, he doesn’t get to have an attorney there. There are others. I’m guessing that Durham will wait until after the election. I hope he’s not bought.

      • When rubber meets asphalt the weak fold like a cheap umbrella. Clapper is looking at time at the Fed golf course.

        I like Durham, Trump/Barr has him working away in the background. Bombshells coming — might be pre- election, but with a Trump landslide (as we believe), indictments after may be best to nail the bastards to the wall, sending shockwaves to the remaining rats who still think they will skirt justice. That’s what all this has been about, maintaining the private “entitled few” club while eliminating anyone in the way, especially Trump.

        • No, they haven’t, have they. NONE has had the courage to go into the temple and turn over the counting tables (a metaphor).

          • That’s because they are spineless members of the same subversive club, having sold their cheap souls to look the other way.

            I’m guessing serious civil unrest is in the works, FROM us TO the scumbags, and they will fold when faced with strong opposition. Starts Nov. 4.

  7. FGW- precisely. It is disturbing so few seem to recognize we are at war with those who seek to utterly destroy our way of life, and that many in power are solidly behind this effort.
    This is perhaps the most important piece you have posted.

  8. Fourth Generation Warfare
    To add to other comments, we have been fighting these types of war now for how long?
    A plus is we should know how to fight them if we get serious.
    A minus is we have trained those skills into people who may, if they haven’t already, become mercenaries.
    One factor not found in the rest of the world, save Afghanistan, is a heavily armed civilian population.
    Interesting times ahead.

    • We’re not serious as people. We’re hoping that it will go away and a few hundred people will end up with significant terms in Federal Prison. Of course, if Harris/Biden is elected, they’ll all be released and will receive reparations checks courtesy of the taxpayers.

  9. FGW is alive and well and being used against us. Soros is one of the more ‘obvious’ funders, but there are also other deep pockets in play, the question is, where from?

    • I’ll chime in here. It is full blown FGW. I think that the money and organization is coming from the PRC/CCP.

      A question, how valid is all this chatter that there will be a military coup if (when)Trump wins along with a Republican majority Congress?

        • I do not know if is still part of the ethics discussions in military academies about when it is time for the majors to start shooting the colonels, but refresher classes may be in order

          • I think that a coup is wishful thinking among the Pelosi donkeys who see power slipping from their grasp once again.

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