Caption: That’s how Hunter Biden describes his stepmother, Jill.


Bullet Points:

* The Netherlands – in peril – ‘The State uses Violence, Considerable Violence,’ he went on. ‘And if you are in danger of being expropriated [forcibly bought out] and you refuse, you can count on vans coming with men with clubs and helmets, and they will knock you off your property.’

The government has offered talks, but it has already announced that the goal of reducing nitrogen emissions is not open to discussion. Under those conditions, the farmers have refused to come to the table. Many of the farmers believe the government is using nitrogen emissions as cover for a land grab. The Netherlands is one of Europe’s most densely populated countries, and the value of the farmland is astronomical.

* This is an article that PaulM put me onto. I think that it’s a good article, on point and worth reading. It has to do with race and policing.

* I received an e-mail asking what I look like. I’ve posted photos on the blog but for what it’s worth: What do I look like? Hmmm, you know the last actor to portray James Bond, Daniel Craig? Well, I have been informed by people with some certainty that I closely resemble the older brother of the guy who hands MR Craig his towel at the gym. I’ve got to admit it makes me feel pretty good.

* Mayra Flores: democrats Want to Send Me Back to Mexico – (Breitbart) A Latina Congresswoman from South Texas who was born in Mexico is fighting back against what she calls the “hypocrisy” of some democrats who are calling for her to be deported after her recent special election. Clearly, democrats are too woke to be racists…

* democrat politicians always have somebody standing behind them and signing. I thought that I’d sign them back here on the blog.







  1. At quick first glance, I thought that was Liz Cheney. I despise my white male predisposition for all those female vindictive morons to look alike to me.

    • Yep. I also never thought I’d agree with radical feminists, and then the TERFs came along.

      Now to be sure, the TERFs are probably not nice people either, but among their ilk of grievance-seeking, victimhood farming harpies, they are least objectionable.

      Victimhood, Grievance-seeking and Resentment: the (Un)Holy Trinity of the Post-Christian West.

      • Hunter Biden is in a perfect position to characterize his Mom. What more can you say than, “yes”.

          • I shed no tears for Hunter, but he’s clearly been manipulated by his child molesting father. More on Pedo Peter on tomorrow’s blog.

  2. It’s interesting Melania – a properly elegant First Lady – didn’t have to lead The Donald off stage and guide him around to avoid getting lost in the curtains, nor did she ever have to apologize for saying something so stupidly tone deaf. In fact, everything she ever said was from humble gratitude, uplifting for our country.

    That right there is a glaring difference between the two presidencies; one is elegant and respectful and loves our country, the other is a frumpy narcissist and believes we’re “the little people”, riding out the deal they made to keep her useless pedo-husband on a tight leash for as long as possible while running America aground…’Jack’.

  3. Who is asking what you look like, LL? I’d be very cautious if I were you. Tell them you look like someone they wouldn’t mess with; that your menacing stare alone burns insides and addles brains. Tell them you look like a terminator – the new improved kind where you can’t tell the difference. Tell them you look like a man that can put up with a lot more than the usual suspects and then some and that you carry an axe just for fun. Tell them who your friends are. Tell them to view the images of the top ten “most wanted” and guess. I think that should put pay to the stalking 😉

  4. Hahahahaha! Love your signing reply, LL.
    If anyone reading your blog still has to ask what you look like, just tell them 1.”You don’t want to know. ”
    Or 2. “Your worst nightmare. ”
    Though Jules reply was definitely the way to go.

    You all be safe and God bless.

  5. LL
    You almost put me off breakfast with the header picture…almost. The very definition of hypocrisy and unearned entitlement captured in one visual image.

    Mayra Flores, of course the left wants to deport her, she came here legally and the left has no control over what she says. After all the standard is that everyone has to agree with the liberal talking points of the day or be ostracized, marginalized, and every other “ized” you can think of.

    Race and policing, I will still start off treating people as individuals but when people are raised in a culture that makes certain behavior acceptable or even encouraged then we are going to get more of it. Watched a video the other day of toddlers throwing rocks and kicking at some police. Where did they learn that? Even if we changed now it will take two generations to work through society. Everything I’ve read and everything I remember tells me a two parent household is the best way to raise kids and yet the government has incentivized single parent households with no father figure.

    Kudos to the police who still try to enforce the laws.

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