Good Morning, Sunshine

Why is that .45 unloaded?



USS Boise (CL-47) shelling the coast of New Guinea in early 1944. Photo is dated 10 February 1944, but may have been taken during the bombardment of 25-26 January 1944. This view looks forward on the starboard side from the midship 20mm gun gallery. Note tracers, which appear several feet in front of gun muzzles. These from the four starboard side 5″/25 guns have a higher trajectory than the tracers fired from the forward 6″/47 gun turrets. Traces from the 6-inch guns appear to wobble slightly.

For those of you who are fact checking, I thought that the Boise would have 5″/38 guns too, not 5″/25’s but they had not been updated since she was in nearly constant action during World War Two.

USS Boise

Trivia Questions – what was the C-79?

The C-79 was a Brazilian-registered Junkers Ju-52/3m, of Sindicato Condor.


The aircraft was impressed and transferred to the USAAF in May 1942, re-designated C-79, and assigned to the 20th Troop Carrier Squadron. Aircraft was based in Panama, and was disposed of in December 1943.

Re-designated C-79

Refitted with P&W R-1690 Hornets in modified DC-2 cowlings and the props look to be replacements too. The air-brakes were replaced with hydraulic brakes, a tail wheel was installed to replace the skid. All instruments and radio were replaced with U.S. equipment.


Trivia Questions – What the %&#& is this?

Schwerer Spähzug (s.Sp.) Artilleriewagen

Schwerer Spähzug (s.Sp.) Artilleriewagen, a self-propelled railcar armored and armed with a 7.5 cm KwK 37 L/24 in a Panzer III Ausf N turret as well as multiple MGs. But when the P-47’s come in and trash the locomotives and the whole train derails, it would make for an interesting end.


The Pointy End of the Spear

U.S. Army Green Berets assigned to the Crisis Response Force (CRF) company of 1st Special Forces Group, pose with Secret Service Counter Assault Team (CAT) operators during the Trump-Kim summit in Singapore (2018).




Black Lives…


3 tips that can change your life:

  1. Never reply when you are angry.
  2. Never make a promise when you are happy.
  3. Never make a decision when you are sad.


  1. Lufthansa has a beautifully restored Junkers Ju-52 they use for publicity tours. In the 80’s they brought it to the Northwest and I got a couple of flights in it.

    • They were very good aircraft (so was the Ford Tri-Motor) and in an era of instability and unreliability, they were the gold standard of comfort and reliability.

  2. Her tats ruined it for me. And seriously, PBR? Plus her look says “trouble down the road”.

    That rail tank looks like the latest Thomas the Tank Engine car (DO NOT ask me how I know this.)

    Lawn Darts – yup, been there. Drank out of the hose too…good for the immune system. A buddy had Clackers disintegrate in front of his face at school. Nobody went to the nurse – actually we cracked up laughing.

    Scum will do what scum always does…that piece of human debris needs a quick drop on a short rope.

    CFR – There’s a group of professionals not to be messed with.

    • Thanks for your comments.

      There’s a lot of BS floating around these days. Not so much where you and I live, but you don’t have to go far afield to find it.

      I was somehow more disturbed by the magazine out of the 1911 than I was by the ink, the PBR or the non-Star Trek Experience (you wouldn’t be going where no man has gone before). That handgun needs to be at Condition One – loaded, safety on if it’s to be worth anything.

      • “Star Trek Experience” hehe – great way to couch that, no longer will I be able to think of that line the old way. Agreed on the mag, apparently she is not Naked and Afraid.

        Anymore the BS Discernment Sensor is stuck on high Red Alert…luckily curbside pickup works decent enough. Hey, who doesn’t want a free personal shopper to avoid getting accosted by some SJW nut in a store aisle who’s been breathing their own exhaled bacteria all day? Walmart freely substituted a 32oz Planters Honey Roasted Peanuts jug for the smaller one we ordered, they could have charged us but said no problem. Win win.

      • On Babylon 5 the exec, a psychic doing the out-of-body thing, saw the captain being (unsuccessfully) hustled by a spy, and said that it looked like the captain was about to boldly go where everyone has gone before.

    • You’re too much of a philosopher, Frank. The look on her face tells you that she expects to be in battery soon.

      • I’ve met a few ladies like that. You never know, she might be expecting you to have the breech block open for her.

  3. Excellent three tips.

    Only one of 17 (6%) of those Green Berets is visibly of recent African descent. This does not reflect Who We Are as a people [1]. It is mandatory that one of those other 16 men be got rid of and replaced by a Black man [2] so we can have a more representative 12% Black.

    The unloaded-ness was the first thing I noticed. No, second. Okay, third. But I still noticed it. Anyway, I hate to say this, but I think PBR-woman has the mag between her legs. I don’t think that shadow above the left-most can is ink or hair. No matter what is going on, that looks like trouble. With inferior beer.

    The Charles Wade poster is racist. The girls are white [2] or possibly very-European heavy mestizo. The lack of Black women on that poster is proof (Proof, I say!) of institutional racism. No white girls are ever victims because they have white privilege. All Black women (proud, strong, and brave women!) are victims because racism.

    [1] I really dislike the phrase “who we are” and really really dislike the people who use it (unless sarcastically). But I loathe persons who say “You’re better than that …” when beginning a self-righteous harangue. And persons who say, “You must first educate yourself …” are almost invariably sanctimonious hypocrites.
    [2] Just following the Associated Press’ style guidelines. “Black” is to be capitalized while “white” is lower case.

  4. well the handgun, a desert eagle, is in the driver’s seat. perhaps he had to step out to open the gate or some other and unloaded it for his own safety. notice its paired with an old browning or rem model 11. i can live with the pbr if its ice cold, in a pinch. her ink don’t bother me, looks like a wild weekend, but i’d be ready to run just in case.

  5. I agree with Mike_c. The magazine is between her thighs. To me this indicates one of either two things: an invitation to you, if you are good enough, or think you are good enough, or a statement by her of how good she is, or thinks she is. I have met several like her, over the years, who give off that special vibe and, even now, in my later years, they are still a powerful magnet. It does not matter how many times you are advised not too, or by whom, you just KNOW that you HAVE to go there, and that it will be one hell of a ride. As James Stewart said, in the movie “How the West was Won”, following his visit to the cave with the girl, to see the “varmint”, and getting knifed, “I knew it was trouble, but I just HAD to go see the varmint”. As for the beer, that I can do without. Much prefer Australian beer, other than that Fosters rubbish, which was sold to the world, by a very successful marketing campaign, as the quintessential Australian beer.

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