We have a Day

Thank you to all who have served. Thank you to all who have been true to your oaths to defend the nation from all enemies, both foreign and domestic.

The US Army is the nation’s senior service – in a nation born of revolution. It’s a war winner, and it is the most career-diverse of any of the US military services.

GI’s of the 1st Infantry Division “The Big Red One”, cautiously advance in front of Sherman tanks belonging to 745th Tank Battalion. Riefensbeek-Kamschlacken, Germany. April 15, 1945.

There are a lot of soldier’s who visit Virtual Mirage and why not? They are patriots, born of service, born of blood, the heartbeat of the American Revolution.

The US Army, acting like Marines…

US Navy

In my case, the decision to join the US Navy was motivated by several factors, to include my personal heritage. My father served and I always felt duty tugging at my heartstrings when it came to the Navy.

P-3C – for Jim Curtis, Old NFO – author, warrior, deer slayer.

Everyone is different. Everyone who has served has had a different experience with military service. I personally believe that service in the armed forces helps to build men and women in ways that they would never experience had they remained near hearth and home.

The Navy is the most versatile service with sea surface, subsea, airstrike, and land missions with its Marine Corps.

The SEALs arrive first to make the beaches safe for the Marines. You’re welcome.

It was your birthday yesterday, Marines. You got a full spread on Virtual Mirage. Be content. It’s not your birthday every day.


Now we have a Space Force and it’s quite possible that in ensuing decades, service members will be much farther from home than their ancestors were, who served.

Because somebody has to launch those Rods from God.


I always liked the Hun. That’s the USAF entry for the day. It had cannons, it dropped bombs and it was the first Wild Weasel.

The old Army Air Force is long gone and they lost the high ground to the Space Force, but they live well, they love corporate, they fly well, and they stay ahead of the budgetary axe like no other.


People make fun of the Puddle Pirates, but they deserve a place here. Thanks for your service too, Coasties.

The Central Intelligence Agency

Yes, I’m adding it because it sprang from the US Army’s Office of Strategic Services. Even though it’s a non-uniformed branch of the military, there are roots that run through it and during time of war, CIA officers receive Army rank. We haven’t had a declared war since WW2, so that rule might be a bit rusty.

Fighting Clandestine Wars since 1947

They are the Nations First Line of Defense.


Social Media

There will end up being different social media platforms for patriots and for the pig-donkeys (named in honor of the Pigs in Animal Farm and the totem of the democrat party). It’s already begun as people flee Facebook and Twitter for other options. Google will be the next casualty, but they are MASSIVE, and are capable of defending themselves against competitors.

I don’t think that you’ll see any anti-trust actions during a Biden Administration – if indeed, he wins the presidency, so Google is likely safe. Facebook, maybe not so much. Oh, they’ll keep the leftists and people without families. BLM, AntiFA, etc.

Fox News ratings are lower than CNN or MSNBC as people simply turn them off. Bad choice, Fox News management. A replacement will be found for them as well. Newsmax seems to be the heir apparent at the moment.

The nation isn’t really balkanizing. They’re waking up.

The big blue smear over Northeastern Arizona and New Mexico represents the Indian Nations for the most part. Why they vote in US national elections when they consider themselves sovereign from the US is mystifying.

The 2020 map is not drawn or colored, the vote is not in and has not been certified by the Electoral College. The media have a different perspective of things but as of this writing, that’s still the law.


China-Australia Trade

China Demands an Apology? Yes, that’s what they want.

Australian officials have not responded to China’s assertion that Canberra was to blame for the rapid deterioration in bilateral ties between the two countries.  The Chinese don’t take responsibility for the plague, for their ham handed diplomatic relationship gaffs with Australia or for their bullying. It shouldn’t surprise anyone.

While Australian officials called again for clarification of Chinese policies toward imports of Australian goods, observers suggested the comments on Friday by China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs made it clear that Beijing expected Canberra to take the initiative to improve relations.

China’s import and export bans only serve to fuel Australian resentment. China is now relying on corrupt US President-Elect Biden, who they bought years ago, to intervene on their behalf to punish Australia —  but wait, Biden isn’t the president, and may never be. Simply having the smug, sly, manipulative, lying mainstream US media proclaim something isn’t the same thing as having it be the way that they want.


  1. China Demands an Apology? HAHAHAHA! Don’t hold yer breath, China.

    Thank you to everyone who served so that I could live with the freedom I have today; the freedom that is slowly being taken away from us by cockwombles.

    • Australia doesn’t seem to be amused by the communist Chinese these days. It’s a flip-flop for them because they embrace the trading partnership to the point where Chinese considered them Beijing’s satrap. Australia has suffered with rampant immigration that has changed the landscape there considerably. They have to find their own way forward and it’s not easy for them. A lot of more productive people have left.

      Freedom isn’t free and slavery is only a generation away – ever. I hope that with the plague vaccine you in the UK will be released from prison.

    • No sky too high, no sea to deep, no muff too tough, Darrel.

      The media should be making sense of the mess and ferreting out fraud. There was a time when they did that…shown a light on cockroaches. Today, they’re part of the machine that would take our freedom from us.

      Isn’t it interesting that two generations ago, the democrat party billed themselves as the party of the worker. Today, they are the party of Wall Street, Hollywood, big tech monopolies and the elites.

  2. thanks for your service as well ll……we do “river borne operations” too. the difference is we don’t wanna get our feet wet, lol.

    • There is nothing glorious about jumping into ice cold water, riverrider. And usually it’s some heavily polluted harbor or river estuary in the Third World where harbor trout swim. Recruiting posters don’t ever show THAT do they?

  3. We get a fair number of active duty and former military at the range of all branches including one Marine who was with the Camp David detachment. He did NOT like Hillary. Imagine that. There’s a lot of friendly banter, back and forth, the Marines especially give as good as they get in that department. Of course we join forces when we rag on the Navy and the Air Force. Exceptions are made for SEALs and PJs though. All in fun.

  4. Lots of dust in the air today, after reading all that.

    RE: the Misty FAC’s flying Huns, Burry Us Upside Down by Rick Newman and Don Shepperd seems to be a good one.

  5. That picture of the “Hun” reminded me of the service the Colorado Air National Guard performed in Vietnam. They were rightfully regarded as the best of the best at the time. Being called to duty damn near shut down a couple of regional airlines – no pilots!

    Great post. I would add all of the National Guards to the honor roll.

  6. We are indebted indeed…excellent post as always. A proper cowboy h/t to all Veterans.

    On the other things: Nothing more fully disrespects today’s remembrance than your illustrations. Instead of honoring our veterans, these a$$hats (excuse me Lord) sit where they do directly BECAUSE of veterans, yet they can’t see it. The MSM et al have already started the propaganda machine. Now saying ‘there is no evidence of fraud because Trump would have produced something by now and he hasn’t”. (not that POTUS would ever show them his hand)

    They spend four years trashing the President, reaping massive levels of discord, faking news, and covering up real crime. The Dem’s spent that same time devising a better fraudulent election process (which may or may not have shot themselves in the foot with). It’s been less than a week, three days to be more accurate, therefore these jerks dismiss the effort in their attempt to get far enough down the road so “it doesn’t matter”. Not happening. There’s a team of pit bulls on our side and they have three weeks.

    The symbolic “unite” speak is a platitude designed to obfuscate the cheatery. Like said yesterday, “Unite my a$$”.

    In the meantime, today I will continually remember our service men and woman who sacrificed themselves for the benefit of all Americans…some who do not deserve such sacrifice but get it anyway, cost is pre-paid, a simple fact the haters conveniently forget while spouting off against our country.

  7. The lead guy with the M1 in front of the Sherman reminds me a lot of my Dad, except Dad was in the SeaBees in the South Pacific.

    But that look…….

    Thank you to all our Veterans. I never served, but have the greatest respect for all of you. Doesn’t matter if you were in the rear with the gear, or the tip of the spear, you served so people like me could sleep comfortably at night.

  8. USAF with 21 years of service that ended back in ’04 and this blog is a daily read. I spent 13 years in JCSE as a Crypto/Computer Maintenance/Switch tech then switched over to regular AF Combat Comm for the last 8 years where I was was forced to change career fields after 2 years into SatCom. I was highly influenced by my shop Sargent’s who were Marines who were “squared away”. They made me a better NCO.

    I have been in many war zones but always inside the wire making sure my TTC-39 telephone switch was working at 100% to process all of the moral calls back home or the the 93/94 Satellite shot to transmit those calls for the real heroes who went outside the wire. I also worked on the 3614Switch, TYC-39/TYC-17 Message Switches, RedCom Switch, and the 146 MUX.

    I thank all of my brothers and sisters who served and are still serving.

    • And more’s the pity that you weren’t armed in that way to show Ivan that you were more serious than a sonobuoy.

  9. Thanks to all you veterans of U.S. Services and of other countries’ Services who have fought along side the U.S. to preserve Freedom.

    My late father flew the F-100D in the 188th TFS of the Arkansas ANG. They had previously had the RF-101C as their mission aircraft. He always complained about the Hum because it was constant work to fly compared to the Voodoo. Yes, I am an aviator also so I got it.

    BTW, No pictures of Herks! 🙁 That is the workhorse of Tactical Airlift up to the latest C-130J.

    • I pulled a downed RF-101 crew out of a triple canopy jungle on the blurry line between Northern Laos and the Communist Chinese border back, many many years ago.

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