Modern male society is largely emasculated. There has been a concerted effort to do that since the 1960’s and when we look at the response people have to rioting and looting, I’d say that they’ve been largely successful. Look at the young men that universities turn out. Not all, but by in large – metrosexuals who are terrified of the very thought of drinking from an enemy’s skull. And what do women really think of that? Many have a difficult time finding a man – but there are a lot of biological males out there.

The trend needs to be reversed if we are to survive as a society.

I know that there are those of you who don’t believe that Valkyrie will take you to the Corpse hall when you die an honorable death (holding a weapon). But nobody is forcing you to believe one way or the other. Since few men die in battle (by percentage), the valkyrie business must be slow these days.

How many men call for a weapon to be placed in their hand at the moment of their passing these days?

That’s my point.

Maybe Ed, Camperfixer and LSP can address the issue, but I’m concerned that there will be too many girly men and wimps in the Christian heaven. It’s unlikely that I’ll see the pearly gates, but if I do?  (back to the Saga of Bjorn)


One of Odin’s Shield Maidens fishing in her off hours


In the Modern World, who is worthy of the Corpse Hall? 

In our world, punks, petty criminals, arsonists and black lives have become the wolves? Really? It’s a little pathetic, wouldn’t you say?

Maybe the modern world has bred the warrior out of people?



Parting Thought


  1. Revelation 12:11
    New King James Version
    11 And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they did not love their lives to the death.
    We are engaged in a spiritual battle of epic proportions.
    And we win.

  2. Also, the lack of manly men has given rise to manly women (and they are celebrated in the media), women who attract other women with the qualities that the men no longer exhibit.
    As pictured by the two young ladies with the swords.

  3. Growing up, I admired the mountain men of old. The first time I read about Jim Bridger I was enthralled. I was 12. My father was a “manly man” type A personality fighter pilot in the Marine Corps. Between the two, plus equally “he-man” uncles and cousins (all independent farmers and ranchers) I had a dose of what a true “man” was. Later I joined the Corps myself and through a series of fortunate events (and a hell of a lot of determination) I found myself in the elite 1st Force Reconnaissance Company. My team sergeant, Sgt Norman, was a (there really is no other way to put this) a fucking stud. He epitomized what a Recon Marine was supposed to be and we little Lance Corporals feared and respected him. His rally cry became our platoon “unofficial” motto: “We are manly men doing manly things.” The lessons I learned there in the 4 short years I was among those giants set me up for a VERY successful career in the Marine Corps.
    I learned first hand from shining examples of manliness. I hope I have been able to show the light to my son.

    • Those of us who have lived and have seen, know that this sort of example sticks with a young man through his life. It falls to us to be those examples, in turn.

  4. While I love the ladies, and I’ve known some I’d be comfortable watching my back, I didn’t raise the son to be one.
    Had to watch the Saga since I hadn’t seen it in a while. Poor Byorn.

  5. There’s a reason women have always been attracted to the “bad boys.” I’m not talking about the looter/rioter type, but good clean bad boys – think Grease.

    I swoon when I see the heavily armed patriots patrolling cities or a local sheriff deputy all tricked out with weapons of urban war. (Down girl!)

    • Adrienne, I know that you’re a little bit naughty, but in a good way.

      There are a lot of women who like to dominate their men – and are then disappointed and not attracted to the wimp they’re married to. They likewise try to feminize their sons. All too often it works. And the dysfunction creates a lot of problems.

  6. I was thinking of the Saga of Bjorn before finishing the second paragraph and, lo and behold, there was a link to it just a little farther down.

  7. I know it’s not fashionable but I’m pleased my eldest joined up instead of getting in debt to learn gender studies at a Conventicle of Satan, aka “College.” The youngest is solid too. That said, I don’t want either to end up in Valhalla before their time!

    Powerful closing infographic.

  8. “Girly men in Heaven”

    Seriously great question. My go to is usually something along the lines of “Jesus didn’t wear skinny jeans, he was the town carpenter’s kid, and didn’t look like a surfer dude.”

    But to your point: The operative aspect you wrote is “in Heaven”…that whittles it down some. God made warriors of all stripes, not “guys” who have no ability to step-up. A Christian male, regardless of growing up without a father and often indoctrinated against his male-ness, who understands Scripture and God’s prescription for his life (and his inherent personality and skills), will not bend the gender. I was fortunate, my dad was a prime example of what it meant to be a man of character and humility and no excuses. This is severely lacking, partly because woman are no longer operating as the gatekeepers; ask boys to step-up to become men, and they will, don’t, and you have what we see out there, rampant angst and wimpy-ness. These are the Lost Boys who need a serious a$$-whipping to get straightened out.

    God requires each of us to be who He made us to be. To deny that is to deny his prescription, and that may block the narrow path if taken too far. So, no, not too many girly-men in Heaven. And I do not believe you will be blocked access.

  9. My observation is the more rural the area or the more “blue collar” the occupation, the fewer “girly men”. Same environment, strong women who remain feminine come Saturday night at the honky-tonk.

      • I agree with WSF. After living here for three years now, I’ll testify that the percentage of “Soy Boys” with their “man buns” is remarkably low here compared to SoCal.

        In SoCal, all the young “men” do is talk about what they’re going to do.

        Out here they just do it, and go on about their lives.

  10. Ah, Valkyrie, Crows of the Souls. In that they do the same thing that crows do to the dead.

    The Norse/Scan/Danish world is a dark one. And a very hard one. Only those who die well get to go to ‘Heaven’ and who serves the mighty warriors in their eternal feast halls? Those innocents who die during war and fighting.

    Else, you go to Hel. Where most end up. Which is kind of cold. And not much happens there. Ruled by…Hel. A neutral nutcase of a goddess, daughter of Loki (which explains the nutcase part right there). She’s not bad, she’s not good, she’s.. just Hel.

    And if you’re really bad? You go to the Frozen Plains. Where you are literally frozen, for eternity. Frickin cold as death.

    The whole concept of the universe, that all planes of existence are connected by the roots of the eternal tree Yggdrasil. We live on Midgard. You can go up the roots, to the side, and down. Better to go up than sideways or down. All planes are connected.

    One can fit Christianity into this worlds structure. Or not as the case may be.

    But it’s also a religious experience in Christianity to die fighting the good fight (probably a hold-over from mass-conversions of Norskers.)

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