Here’s the wish that Cupid’s Arrow is not fired from a compound bow with a razor tip.

I’ve managed to stay married for forty years. People ask the secret of my success. On Valentine’s Day, I remove the Bear Razors and replace them with blunt tips that don’t penetrate.

Kipling wrote: “Man’s timid heart is bursting with the things he must not say, for the women that God gave him isn’t his to give away.” — sound advice. The female of the species is more deadly. than the male.


Great Idea


Love Planet

This is a recent NASA photo of Venus, the love planet. Women are from Venus, right?

^ It takes Venus longer to rotate once on its axis than to complete one orbit of the Sun. That’s 243 Earth days to rotate once – the longest rotation of any planet in the Solar System – and only 224.7 Earth days to complete one orbit of the Sun.

^ The mean temperature is 462°C. (hot enough to melt lead) This is because of the high concentration of carbon dioxide in Venus’ atmosphere which works to produce an intense greenhouse effect, trapping heat in the atmosphere like a blanket and causing the temperature of the planet to be much higher than its proximity to the Sun would suggest.

^ All other planets spin anti-clockwise on their axis and orbit the Sun in an anti-clockwise direction. Venus also orbits the Sun anti-clockwise, but its unusual axis rotation is due to being upside down – it was knocked off its upright position earlier in its history! Astronomers believe that at some point, a colliding celestial body tilted Venus so far off its original position that it is now upside down. The only other planet to spin in a weird direction is Uranus which spins on its side, probably the result of another collision early on in its life.

^ Venus has 90 times the atmospheric pressure of Earth. That’s about the same as the pressure at a depth of 1 km in Earth’s oceans.


Art by Jules Smith

Jules sent me some original artwork for the blog and when better than St. Valentine’s Day to post it. You’re going to have to ask HER (in comments if you like) to explain her art philosophy.


Identify the Mystery Tank


  1. Happy Valentines Day! ❤️ I hope everyone has a day full of possibilities.

    Explain myself? Isn’t the point of playing at art that you can do whatever you want without any explanation? That’s the only reason I’m doing it! It is up to the voyeur to interpret, though I probably wouldn’t be able to keep my mouth shut – I’d have to put my point over. That’s because I’m from Venus. Full of hot air and a little off kilter.

  2. “On Valentine’s Day, I remove the Bear Razors and replace them with blunt tips that don’t penetrate.”

    I’m sure MrsLL is appreciative of such a heartfelt romantic gesture, no wonder she stuck with you for 40 years.

    New British show: Jules’ Got Talent. Her art is evocative in its simplicity (not simplistic tho).

    Took an art class 45 years ago to enhance my drawing skills and to do something fun. Assignment was to draw a self portrait…drew myself on a trail (front point of view), Outback hat on, looking down. Art is interpretation.

  3. Going on 31 years with mine. I treat her gently because Kipling was right. Besides, I’m rather fond of the old girl.

    • I think that you should buy her ammo of a caliber that you regularly shoot for Valentine’s Day. Some would consider that a selfish gift, but if she TRULY loves you, she’ll understand. The flip side is that she would be empowered to give you lovely (expensive) women’s jewelry…

  4. I’ve always been a fan, sensibly, of Jules’ art philosophy.

    And wasn’t it Velikovsky who suggested Venus was originally a comet?

  5. The reality of Venus is a great disappointment to those who enjoyed reading Planetary Romances, which despite their name, are not Harlequin novels with pressure suits and ray guns. In the spirit of those old novels, SM Stirling recently published “The Sky People” set on the tropical, antediluvian Venus beloved of early SF, and the Mars-based “In the Courts of the Crimson Kings”. FWIW I liked Martian Girl more than Venus Girl. (And what do you call an inhabitant of Venus? Venusian? Venerian? Sounds like something you absolutely didn’t get from a toilet seat.)

    • “Earth Girls are Easy”, so why go anywhere requiring space travel with unknown consequences (that, coming off a re-watch of Ad Astra, “There’s just us.”, which happens to fits nicely into God’s Word.)

      Yet for today, that undeniable truth that: “Men are from Mars, Woman are from Venus”

      Pretty much sums it up, no need to read further. Reminds me of the Men vs. Woman contraption. Men: One switch, On/Off…Woman: 82 knobs and switches with every descriptor imaginable.

      • Edgar Rice Burroughs was wrong about Mars and Venus, Mike_C. What a disappointment.

        PaulM, the female of the Species –
        “Man’s timid heart is bursting,
        with the things he must not say,
        for the woman that God gave him,
        is not his to give away.”

  6. Two questions that always come to mind regarding Venus. Where did the CO2 come from and why do “scientists” say it will happen on Earth. The common explanation is Venus doesn’t have oceans to absorb CO2. What effect not having durable radiation belts like Earth affect CO2 concentrations? And why does Mars, whose thin atmosphere is 95% CO2 not trap “greenhouse” gases like Venus?

    The point I’m trying to make is Earth’s only commonality with other known rocky planets is orbiting the sun.

    • CO2 is released on Earth and Venus from volcanic action. Earth has tectonic plates that subduct carbon (return it to the center) and Venus does not. The CO2 increased atmospheric pressure and led to heating. It’s not so much about radiation belts.

      Mars is MUCH smaller than Venus, less gravity to hold an atmosphere. Mars is about 2x the diameter of the Moon. The Moon is not large enough to hold a significant atmosphere (and it’s tidally locked to Earth). The answer is that Mars has an atmosphere but a lot of that escapes into space. Venus is close to the size of Earth.

      • Mars also has a very weak magnetic field, enabling the Solar Wind to blow away the upper layers of it’s atmosphere.

        On Earth, it forms a magnetic shield that traps and deflects the charged particles streaming in from the Sun.

  7. I always had some mild degreee of trepidation when I taught my wife (now of 50 years) how to shoot my .45 when we first got married. Well, here I am, still in one piece, with no extra holes. Though, from time to time I do wonder why I no longer hear from any of my old girl friends.

  8. 12 years today for us. She picked Valantine’s Day to get married on so I’d never forget our anniversary.

    Smart lady. Still don’t know what she saw in me, but I give thanks daily that she came into my life.

  9. Just the other day my bride of 30 years told me that if ignorance was bliss, I must be the happiest man on the planet. And it must be true, because God knows she’s never wrong.

  10. For a good replacement for the broadheads, just use Baldar Blunts. SCA archery rubber heads, guaranteed to just hurt a lot and not be lethal (as long as you’re wearing an SCA helm).

    Buy them here.

    Neat, either from a 30lb bow or a SCA-combat legal crossbow. Fired from a 45lb bow, will kill a squirrel. 60lb bow will kill a turkey if you hit them in the head, well, the head will be dead, the rest of the body will struggle on for quite a while as birds do (had fun one year chasing headless ducks at Christmastime.)

    As to why Baldar Blunts? Invented by a guy named (in the SCA) Baldar and they’re blunts. Larger diameter than bird blunts (which are used to contact kill birds and small animals like squirrel.)

    Been married 35 years this last December. She’s kept me alive and protected me from myself and doing too many stupid things. I reciprocate. Valentine’s Day today was mushy and sickly-sweet and just the way it’s supposed to be. But no knives, swords, arrows (either blunts or piles, bodkins, broadheads, target points etc.) Just cutting wit and sharp tongue and lots of luuuuuv.

  11. The Mystery Tank is, of course, the highly thematic: Tank, Infantry, Mk III, Valentine.

    There should be a tank for every holiday.

    I did not see the pic yesterday, somehow.


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