A Hive City or simply a hive, is a massive arcology, or self-contained city, that is home to millions or even billions of human beings loyal to the Imperium of Man.


There was a lot of talk about the time that the Green New Deal was rolled out (because we’re all dead if we don’t go along with it) about moving people into “hive cities”. The people at DAVOS have been thinking long and hard about this ($90 trillion) and about your future. Yes, this link was used on this blog yesterday. This is PART TWO of “settled science”. You can call it “applied settled science” if you’d like.

“Here’s one way to solve global warming: Spend $90 trillion (£59 trillion) over the next few years to redesign all the cities — as in all the cities on earth — so people live in more densely packed neighborhoods and don’t need cars.”

The art associated with this concept is always presented as described in attached graphics here. Nobody is armed, the place is run by racial minorities who are completely woke (Zion in The Matrix) and food is grown in vats or hydroponically. Bill Gates would seem to own the patents for vat grown meat so naturally, he’s jumping up and down to make this progressive dream a reality.

The oligarchs wouldn’t live in a hive. Likely they’d have villas with sprawling estates surrounded by high walls, staffed with guards known for their savagery, who are also cyborgs, and can’t turn on their masters.

How can you enforce social order and wokeness without herding people into camps like that? It’s a challenge. The Plague was likely a study in the effort needed to keep people from traveling without papers/permission. You’ll also need censorship with only the currently acceptable version of events to be in the hands of the residents of the hive. (Farenheit 451, Amazon censorship)

Naturally when somebody reaches an unproductive age, they’re recycled (Soylent Green) as was recommended in ObamaCare. Wise people (death panels) would decide when you had outlived your usefulness.

Science Fiction has covered this topic so completely that it’s difficult to add to the art, but there’s a lot of sci-fi going on these days and it’s far from fiction.

You are stuck in massive concrete and metal structure about ten or twelve miles in diameter and maybe extending at its tallest point to just below orbit? With millions other people.

and the worst part?…..

It’s deliberate. And if you listen to oligarchs, it may be necessary to save the planet from global warming/cooling/whatever.

Wokeness means control, of your ability to earn, to live, to travel, and most importantly to think. There is nothing more woke than a hive city.

The problem that the oligarchs have is transitioning people into hive cities from where they are. Actually building a hive city with distributive tasks and employment is not as simple as it sounds unless the citizens have no choice.

Two years ago, it was crazy fiction – bordering on the absurd. Today? What a difference a couple of years makes.


  1. “Imperium of Man”?
    Man? MAN? Surely not.
    Also, “Imperium” is problematic.

    As to The Hive, shades of TJ Bass (Half Past Human, 1971 and The Godwhale, 1974). As in whatever can live in The Hive will no longer be completely human. c.f. the 4-toed Nebbish.

    As a prophet, Bass failed to forsee The Hive being run by woke persons of color, and even worse, he failed to forsee the imperium (you’ll pardon the expression) of pansexual deviants of color. We won’t notice what kind of people laid down the sociocultural groundwork for the ascendancy of, and pull the strings behind, the pansexual deviants of color. Noticing is a Hate Crime.

    • Bass was a dismal failure as a prophet, but if you plug in the present Green New Deal, his vision is reborn. Adding pansexual deviants (or the Walking Dead) simply add color (green) to the whole New Deal.

      I’m not sure that the Biden appointees are wholly human, Mike. It would be a worthy effort to try and snag some of their DNA and see if they’re not a lizards wearing a skin suits. Swalwell, Pelosi and Maxine Waters need to take the first tests.

  2. Wouldn’t a hive city make for an enormous petri dish for every conceivable disease?

    As to applied science scams. Gaia may have something to say like altering the Gulf Stream or deciding to reverse the magnetic poles.

    • Feature not a bug, it’ll help keep the proles under control if they’re sick/dying by the millions while the elite keep the best care for themselves. Have you not read any warhammer 40K? The king of grimdark, although it’s starting to be corrupted by the woke.

      • WSF, the body count (whether from disease, death by rape gang, or other means) simply aids in the production of protein to feed the starving masses in the hive city. Control of food is control indeed, and that’s the end in mind.

  3. I think when push comes to shove, the world may wake up to this play for a “Utopia”. It can’t happen very quickly as the resources needed to achieve their idea of “Hive” cities is enormous, probably well beyond $90 Trillion and over a century away. Methinks, that though the elite believe they are so smart because they have oodles of money, they will do a tap dance on their privates while trying to institute this plan.

    • The only thing that gives me hope is that the progs ALWAYS over play their hand. For example, the only thing that bothers the woke is that not everyone else is woke. We point to the naked emperor and laugh and they seem to have issues with that. The fact that not everybody thinks that all men and women should swap genders, DNA be damned, keeps them awake at night.

      There is a pervasive insanity that infects the left and the pendulum will swing.

  4. The mega-city building in Oath of Fealty – I MIGHT be able to stand that…..for a while.
    I don’t like concrete walls closing in on me, raised on a farm and I need space.

    • If you can thrive on a submarine, you might do ok in a hive city. It’s just a matter of scaling up…by a million.

  5. Perhaps it’ll be like J G Ballard’s High Rise.

    Stick the old witch Pelosi in there and let the rabble have her.

    An anagram of N Pelosi is Epsilon – appropriate for her Brave New World ‘brain’, she’s no Alpha etc.

  6. My dad, a brilliant and practical man, drilled into my young idealist brain “there is no such thing as Utopia, anyone who says otherwise is after something you have.”

    Town run this morning…those two hours will be enough dystopia/utopia for me….but gotta keep the homestead running and outfitted.

    • The Dems just want you to go and live on their Animal Farm, where there is no hunger, no sadness, no envy, and everyone lives in peace and harmony.

      Whatever goes upon two legs is an enemy.
      Whatever goes upon four legs, or has wings, is a friend.
      No animal shall wear clothes.
      No animal shall sleep in a bed.
      No animal shall drink alcohol.
      No animal shall kill any other animal.
      All animals are equal…

      • Good for them, let them live there.

        Funny, the 70’s “back to nature” movement meant for those who chose that path you could pick up rural properties on the cheap, live the way you wanted, install an off-grid solar system for power, include a mini-turbine (constant whipwhipwhip noise notwithstanding), grow your own food, have a few farm animals, and be left alone.

        The other half – those who “questioned authority” – went into politics and now want us independent types to live in their urban control centers (UCC’s for short…I’m into acronyms this week).

        Control, pure and simple. Over my dead body.

        • They are your betters, and they just want you to be happy. The path to happiness is obedience – absolute obedience. And a spanking if you are not obedient. PS – you also have to think that anything that spews from their filthy sewer brains is cool.

          • In defiance I’ve got my Bimford 2021 People Processor on order, free shipping from Amazon. Be here next week. Cheaper than a backhoe for the undesirables in the even they invade the homestead. Win, Win.

            Reminds me of Aykroyd’s Bass-O-Matic, only larger…and that line from Fargo- “I guess that was your accomplice in the wood chipper, eh?”

  7. Remember Agenda 21, where they mapped off the US and created “keep out zones” so that those disgusting humans didn’t mess up the beautiful environment? The vast majority of the US was color coded as “little to no human use” or “highly regulated use” The few cities allowed were high density hive cities. You might be allowed into a national park under some sort of strict supervision, but you certainly couldn’t expect to pitch a tent and camp out. No cooking over a camp fire!

    Not to blog-pimp, but I have the map from 2011.

    If they’re really thinking of putting everyone in hive cities, it’s pretty obvious why they want us disarmed.

    • Thanks for the link. I asked the question on your blog but I’ll ask it here as well. The UN feels that it would be ideal if 95% of the human population of Earth was eliminated. I wonder who in specific they plan to kill?

  8. Interesting how the outward and visible reflects the inward and spiritual (non-material). The hive mind produces the hive city.

    Speaking of hiveminds, I see the mindless drones of the New World Order are busy dropping diversity bombs on Syria. That didn’t take long.

    Blade Runner is still cool after all these years.

    • Bombing Syria is seen as progressive. The likelihood of a US (or Israeli) warplane being shot down is not good, so you pickle the load and head back to base for surf n’ turf.

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